Monday, October 30, 2006

34 weeks....

Wow - here I am at 34 weeks. I remember thinking back when I was halfway I thought I was far along, now I am here with only 6 weeks left and so much to do (or so it seems) but really, if the baby happened to make an appearance early, we would be just fine.

I love aquafit, but one of the reasons I never worked out at night was because then I wouldn't be able to go to sleep and the same thing happened last night. I was up a few hours later than normal and I slept in! Well, it was only 15 minutes that I slept in, but I never use an alarm clock and I wake up at the exact same time every day, give or take a few minutes. It's quite strange, but I like my own internal alarm clock.

So, it's Hallowe'en and I'm VERY proud to say I haven't bought any candy yet. Which means, it hasn't been sitting in my house slowly eaten away at (by me). I had to have a few Reese's peanut butter cups while at my mom's last week, but other than that I've been good.

One more thing...

Driving to work this morning in the light as opposed to the pitch black made this Monday a little bit easier to get going :)

I've never been affected by the time change, rather than noticing that it's light/dark, but it's not that I'm more awake or tired...

Nadia and I's joint baby shower is this weekend (I made Carrie tell me the day, I don't like surprises), and I'm actually looking forward to seeing everyone. To me it's all about the company (and the food!) above anything else.

Mondays come too quickly

How I would love to be at home (as originally planned but had to reschedule due to workload at work) having breakfast with my husband.

There is a foot or a hand currently pressing against belly and I'm playing a game with him. I push against his hand or foot (am I a horrible mom for not knowing WHICH exact body part it is?) and he will push back. It's amazing. I can also feel a leg or arm move across my whole stomach, and you can see it move too.

When we were at the movies on the weekend, the baby moved the whole time, it must have been the noise. He totally reacts to what I'm doing or not doing, if it's loud and I'm laughing and having a good time (which is quite often these days), he's right up there with me, moving around and just constantly squirming. If I'm sitting down of course. I'm also having Braxton-Hicks these days, I didn't know quite what they were until one of my friends described it quite accurately (thanks Jules) and yep, that's what they are. Not painful, but a tad uncomfortable.

Jeff and I are really enjoying these last few weeks as a childless couple. We are seeing movies, going out to dinner, making dinner, spending time together doing things that may be not as easy once the baby comes. I'm not saying at all that we will start hibernating, but we do realize our lives will change and our whole -pick up and go- way of life won't be the same. But, we are looking forward to the change. We are very much excited for our new lives, as a family.

This week's job - do Christmas shopping! We have 8 nieces and nephews to buy for and a few adult presents (on one side of the family, we choose names. On the other side, there is no gift exchange and on the other side (remember I come from a two set of parents family) we all buy for everyone) as well as the twins birthday is coming up at the end of November). I want to get it out of the way so I don't have to be in the malls when I'm 38 weeks pregnant, I think I may be a tad grouchy :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Yay for another set of twins!

Tammy had her two daughters last night (she didn't know the gender of each baby beforehand), Natasha and Pauly. Natasha (I believe) was 4 lbs and 8oz and Pauly was 4 lbs 6 oz. I haven't heard the full story yet, I'm assuming she went into early labour (she was only due the 30th of November) but I know that at her last ultrasound one baby was head down and the other was breech. She really wanted her doctor to be the one to deliver because he's one of the only ones in Canada that if the first baby is born naturally and the second one is breech he will go in and turn the other one around and take her/him out natually rather than a C-section. So, we don't know whether she got her wish or not.

Friday, October 27, 2006


My parents live on a street that my step-father has lived in since the 70's, and we moved into in the late 80's, so they know everyone on the street. There was a Lebanese family that lived across the street (the grandfather was 105!), they eventually moved out and were renting it until their grandson bought the house a few years ago. Him and his brother were the nicest people (good looking to boot!) so we became friends and I would go over and visit, they would come over swimming, we'd hang out. They moved a couple years ago, Fadih built a house in Manotick and Fouzy (I know the spelling is wrong, I'm going by how to pronounce it) got married and moved to Barrhaven. I've run into them a few times over the years - but not since I've been pregnant.

They called me Christmas. I can't remember them ever once saying Christy, it was just always Christmas.

My mom ran into Fadih and he asked about me, my mom told him I was pregnant and expecting in December.

He smiled and said "I'm so happy that Christmas is having a Christmas baby"


Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I've been craving a trip to the Keg for a couple of weeks now so I've conned Carrie and Rob to come with us tomorrow night. I'm looking forward to the baked goats cheese appetizer!

And then, Saturday night is the 'Feast from the East' sponsored by the Rotary Club (which Dwight's a member) and we go to every year. I had fish last week and it didn't sit well with me so I'm going to try the lobster and then whatever I don't eat I know Jeff will glady finish for me :)

Feeling a bit more normal

I got my hair cut last night and coloured it - bye bye grey. Sure, you aren't supposed to colour your hair when you're pregnant, but this didn't have any ammonia in it (which is what they are worried about, according to Telehealth) and it was just horrible looking before, I couldn't stand it anymore.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

33 weeks pregnant...

Wow. How time flies, when you're having fun.... Ok, so calling it FUN is a bit of a stretch, but I have been enjoying being pregnant for the most part.

Sleeping is becoming a bit of an issue. I just can't find a comfortable position. Every time I turn over, I wake up. And everytime I wake up, I realize I have to pee (I don't know if the baby is on my bladder or what, but it HURTS when I have to pee in the middle of the night). I'm back to the whole string of naps for the whole night, not one consecutive sleep.

I took Monday off (yay) so my mom and I are going to do some major work on the nursery (getting as close to being finished as we can before filling in the gaps after the baby showers) and on the kitchen (we got a new pantry type storage thing so now I have to re-arrange everything in the kitchen to make room for bottles, formula, bibs, baby plates/dishes etc...). Out of 5 weeks left of work, I have 2 3-day weekends. I am actually going to maybe talk to my doctor about taking 3 weeks off before the baby is here, the only reason is the darn back pain! It's at work when it all starts, and then lasts throughout the night and it's pretty uncomfortable and painful. I know it's normal, but it's getting harder and harder to deal with. If I have to stay until 2 weeks prior, I'm totally OK with that, it's not the work part of things - right now it's just my back! Hopefully it goes away :) Maybe that's wishful thinking, but I'm going to hope!

Monday, October 23, 2006


And tonight I will sleep. I love aquafit, I love how light and flexible I feel when I'm in the water.

Good night.

It's snowing...what does that mean?

Carrie called me yesterday afternoon and told me that it was snowing outside. Ethan, Isabelle and Carrie were looking out the window at their house and saw it snowing. Carrie tried to get them all excited for Christmas and said "Look kids, it's snowing! What does that mean? It means Christmas is going to come and who will be here? (implying Santa)". She said Isabelle got all wide-eyed, and ran over to her full blast and said very very excitedly "Christy's baby will be here!". Then her and Ethan started jumping up and down and saying "Yay, Christy's baby is coming" Then Isabelle (being the teacher like girl she is) said "wait wait wait, we have to be careful because the baby is going to be little".

God, I love those kids. I should have figured that would happen. Whenever I talk to them about the baby in my tummy, we always say the baby will come when the snow is here (at that point, the winter seemed SO far away) - so I should have known that the first day it snowed they would think the baby would be here. Kids are smarter than you give them credit for.

Kids better be allowed in the hospital after this baby comes, it would break my heart if those two couldn't come in and see our new baby.

Friday, October 20, 2006


And apparently my due date is now Dec 12th, which is funny because whenever I sign up for pregnancy sites online and have to enter my LMP, it would always come up with a due date of the 12th - then Dr. F said the 14th which confused me, but whatever... now the EDD is Dec 12th!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Let's try this....

<----- full view of his or her face

<----- side profile

<------ another full view

Our baby is already perfect....

Dr. Farrell said mommy and baby get an A+ today.

He or she is measuring 32 weeks and 2 days, which is exactly what I am today.
He or she scored an 8/8 for the Biophysical Profile
My placenta has moved out of the way (now it's anterior)
The baby is NOT breech
My cervical length is perfect
My placental grade is 1

The ultrasound was amazing. It's so different this time around because the baby is too big to get the whole body in at one shot. So as she was moving the wand around you could see this huge amazing body parts (no, not THAT one). He or she was kicking one of their legs alot and just to see it on the monitor was amazing. Then towards the end, she turned the wand and we got a full look at our baby's face. Wow. The eyes, nose, lips... it was a face. A cute sweet baby face, not alien looking at all. Then we saw the profile (I told Jeff he or she had our nose, just for fun) and then the ear... a perfect little ear.

The baby weighs 1855g - 1919g (about 4.09 - 4.23 lbs) and it's spine is back down. I think I want the spine up and not down, so apparently spending more time on all fours will help that. Supposedly it helps the birth process.

So I'm a happy camper. Especially because I only gained 2 lbs in the past 5 weeks, but who's counting :) Truth be told, a few tears were shed while seeing our baby's face, it was truly... just.... wow.

Next appt in 2 weeks (November 2nd) and we'll see if she or she maintains their 'perfect' status :) I think I already know the answer to that though.....

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What was I thinking???

My hands were swollen when I woke up this morning, some days they are fine and others they are pretty swollen.

What do I bring for lunch? A Lipton's Hearty Noodles bowl of soup - I just checked the nutritional ingredients, 910mg of sodium! My hands will be blown up surgical gloves in an hour or so.

I slept! (for the most part...)

I don't know when it's going to happen, but I can't wait for us to have one night where we have nothing to do. Where we can sit on the couch, watch TV and not have a TO DO list looming over our heads. After all, now is when we SHOULD be taking advantage of these nights, for we won't be able to soon enough. On the same note, I'm quite happy with all that we have been doing, so I can't really complain (but I find a way to anyways, eh?)

Last night after doing a gazillion things, I finally took a bath at around 8ish, read a good chunk of Happiest Baby on teh Block (I am really digging this book), and then got into bed at 9. I turned the lamp on to read, but I don't think I even read a paragraph and I was out like a light. I woke up at 3:30 to go pee, and then... and then... the baby decided to put on a dance party in my tummy. Honestly he or she (can't remember if it's a boy day or girl day) was moving like mad, I've never felt s/he like that in the middle of the night before! Around 4:30 s/he settled down and I got back to bed, straight till 6.

I had mini wheats for breakfast but they felt a little too sweet for me, back to Corn Bran for tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Christmas clothes...

How fricking cute are these?

Thanks Jules :)

(the Baby's First Christmas looks orange but it's my camera, it's a beautiful red colour!)

Jeff still looks at all the baby clothes and says it still hasn't sunk in that we will soon have a little son or daughter to fit in all these clothes, sleep in the crib, be changed on the change table etc....

I will sadly be returning the cute lamp I bought this past weekend. I tried putting it in different places around the nursery but it just didn't really fit anywhere. It was frivolous (aren't half my purchases frivolous?) and I will be returning it :(

32 weeks!

What’s Happening with Your Body?

Your expanding uterus is pressing against your diaphragm, and you may find it more difficult to catch your breath. This will get better once the baby "drops" (usually about 2-3 weeks before delivery). Try sitting up straight, and try sleeping in a propped up position.

It's funny, but over the past week I've caught myself inhaling deeply once every hour or so, I just need to get a really deep breath every once in a while.

Swelling of the feet is normal in advanced pregnancy, but if you experience facial swelling, severe headaches, abdominal pain or nausea, contact your doctor immediately. You may be suffering from pre-eclampsia.

Nope, none of these, thank god.

What’s Happening with Your Baby?

A baby born now would have an excellent chance of survival, with the right care. He has grown to about 16 inches in length and weighs approximately 3 and a half pounds.

I'll find out just exactly HOW big on Thursday at my next ultrasound.

Hi Dad and Arlene and Sam!

I posted a picture from when I was just over 3 months pregnant (I think about 16 weeks) just in case you guys forgot what I looked like before....these were taken this morning just before I came to work.

Monday, October 16, 2006

In spirit of 'girl thoughts' today

I think she's performing a dance recital in my stomach.

Her movements have changed from more kicking, to actual movements. Like maybe an arm moving, she's turning around, not quite the jabs she'd been doing in the past.

I'm getting excited for our ultrasound this Thursday, keep your fingers crossed my placenta has moved, so a C-section doesn't need to be scheduled.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Last set of pictures

I've directed a few family members towards this blog, which is why I'm posting these pictures, so the rest of you can just ignore as it has nothing to do with pregnancy (except this bathroom will eventually be the kids bathroom so I know I'll have to change it a bit then, but hopefully we will be in a new house by that point anyways!)

I had wanted to paint the medicine cabinet the same colour as the wall, cause I don't like medicine cabinets, but apparently that's Jeff's favourite part of the washroom? So it stays :)

Guest Room + bathroom pictures

TOTALLY not pregnancy related, but these are the two other rooms we've touched up recently. This is the guest room, you can see the walls are pretty bare but I'm keeping my eyes open for some art to put up. I really like this room, I love the window. It would have been perfect for the nursery, but it would be pretty hard to find a blind/curtain to cover the window and I've heard sometimes the bedrooms above teh garage tend to be a little bit colder and even though we haven't found that at all, it just helped our decision to make the other room the nursery.

I need a new lamp for this room, the red one just isn't cutting it anymore.

Nursery Pictures

You can see on the bookshelves hanging on the wall that we still have to putty a few of the holes and cover up with paint, but that's where they are going to stay. You can see on the bookshelf with the word "Sweetie" on top, that's where the light saying 'Lights Out' is sitting (beside the Curious George book that was our first baby present, from Kerri).

Yesterday we went out shopping and I bought a really cute lamp that has a blue shade with yellow stars on it, and the base of the lamp is a yellow moon and a yellow star. I'll have to take a picture. We also bought a small white ceiling fan for the room, it was pretty cheap, so just instead of a light we decided to get a fan.

Pictures, pictures and more pictures

Here I am, at 31 weeks + 5 days. I definitely have gained in all parts of my body and not just my stomach. My legs have taken a beating, but I'm not too worried about that since I'll be running again in the winter/spring.

I love my belly now (except when it gets in the way of things) but I feel it, rub it, touch it all the time. I love figuring out where the baby is, in what position he or she is in. I don't even mind people touching my stomach! Last night I had about 4 different peopel touching it, and I was proud of it instead of ashamed of it. It's wonderful.

And I had a dream that we had an ultrasound (most likely because I do have an u/s scheduled for Thursday of this week) and we decided to find out the sex and it was a boy. So, there you have it. It's really just as good as at the actual ultrasound.

Friday, October 13, 2006


It was a really cute table top lamp, it's cylindrical and the shade is an off whiteish colour with the "Lights Out" words sticking out, all over the shade. It's SO cute. And it fits perfectly on the shelf of the bookshelves that Ricky put up last night. I would take a picture, but we can't find the battery charger and of course the batteries for our camera are dead. I will be searching for it this weekend, so hopefully pictures will follow after the weekend. So, the nursery is almost done. Well, all the furniture is in, the shelves are up, so now it's just decorating time, which is the easy/fun part so I'm not stressed anymore.

Dare I say I've gotten my energy back? I feel pretty good these days, and I get about 7 hours sleep a night (only waking up to pee but I fall asleep pretty quickly afterwards), and I'm not really tired until it's bed time. I hope it lasts.

Weekend plans include a movie tonight (Jeff and I NEVER go see movies, but I want to see the new movie I think it's called The Departed), a twins sale that's taking place tomorrow (Carrie is part of the multiple birth association so she gets first dibs at the sales, and she's bringing me tomorrow!) so I can look and see what's for sale and maybe buy a few things, then I'm taking Ethan and Isabelle for the day/over-night because it's Carrie and Rob's anniversary, then an early start over to Grandma's so the boys (err men) can help Ricky clean out the garage and then dinner with friends Sunday night.

We never made it to Saunders Farm last weekend, so I'll see what the weather is like tomorrow and maybe take the kids, or go to the pumpkin patch.... looking after kids is a great way to keep active.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

3 choices

My mom (compulsive shopper) just called me (she wouldn't tell me from what store) and asked:

Which saying do you like better?

Now I lay me down to sleep
Lights Out
Quiet Please

I chose Lights Out, because
a) Now I lay me down to sleep was the prayer the little blonde girl said to her goldfish (or bird, whatever) as she buried him in the movie Poltergeist, so that poem always gives me the creeps
b) It won't be quiet when the baby is going to sleep, I don't want to have a baby that only sleeps when it's completely quiet, so it's not appropriate

So 'Lights Out' it is

I have no idea what it's written on, or what it is but my mom is coming over tonight so I will find out then!

Fingers and toes

Our baby's foot or hand is right above my bellybutton at this moment. I can feel the bumps. My stomach was rather alien looking last night, with the baby moving this much if you look at my stomach - you can just see it move in all these weird directions. And my stomach is HARD. Last time I had a stomach, it was squishy like the pillsbury dough boy but now it's hard.

I had a dream last night that I wasn't pregnant (not sure if I already had the baby, or if I just wasn't pregnant) and I kept feeling my stomach and remembering what it felt like to run your hand straight down your stomach and not like it's going over a basketball.

I'm wearing jeans today, sure it's not Friday, but we don't really have a dress code here and I was in a jeans mood. I love wearing jeans and love how pregnant women look in jeans.

Normally I dread the cold weather, but when I heard it was going down to 1 degree tonight, I gotta say I was a tad excited.

My parents are coming over to help us hang a few things and change some light fixtures, so I'm going to make lobster alfredo (using fresh lobster yum!) and invited Carrie, Rob and the twins over too (cause my sister would KILL me if we had lobster of any sort without having her over). I picked up some of those mini ice cream sandwiches for the kids and they are the PERFECT size, I can get my ice cream fix and I think they are only about 90 calories.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Just a few things...

I love heavenly hash icecream.

Last night I only woke up TWICE to go pee, that's definitely a record for me.

The swelling in my hands that I thought was going to stay until I had the baby is gone and my wedding rings are back on.

7 more weeks of work left.

I had another boy dream last night.

I wish my Dad was coming to visit me soon.

I've already drank a liter and a half of water and it's only 8am.

Also, is there any correlation but the actions of the baby inside the womb versus outside? Both Tammy and Nadia have been asked to monitor/journal the movements of their babies (Tammy is on high risk b/c she's having twins, and Nadia is on high risk becuase, well I've posted about that before) to make sure the baby kicks ten times a day. Well, i know I'm not high risk, but this baby moves ALL THE TIME. The majority of the time at work, I'm sitting down, and it's constantly moving. Then when I finally settle down at night time, for the first hour or so I'm in bed, again - constant moving! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE feeling the baby move but does this mean I'm in for a highly active baby? Again, I would rather an active baby then a sedentary one, I just wonder if his or her personality is already showing through....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

31 weeks....!

Long weekends always screw me up, I thought it was Monday so thought tomorrow I was 31 weeks, but it's today. 9 weeks left to go.

What's happening with mommy to be?

Things are beginning to get tight in there, and heartburn and indigestion are common. Eat small meals more often and drink lots of water. You may have developed the pregnant "waddle"—that happens because pregnancy softens the ligaments in your pelvis, allowing your hips to spread to make room for the baby. Don’t worry, you won’t walk like a duck forever

I definitely do not have a pregnancy waddle yet, thank god. For sure things are tight in there, my meals are smaller (although more frequent now), and my heartburn is actually going away rather than being more common!

What's happening with baby?

Baby knows your voice. Singing to him, talking to him, and telling him all about the world he’ll be joining soon is a great way for you and your partner to bond with the baby—and each other! His fingernails have grown and he may even need a manicure after he's born.


I was getting confused reading my different baby books about the length of the baby at this stage in my pregnancy.

My day by day journal reported around 12 inches, and my pregnancy week by week book and my online sites said the baby was about 17 inches, so I was always confused. But, if I were to pay closer attention, I would have realized in the day by day journal it refers to the crown to rump length and the other ones must be referring to the full length.

It just clicked yesterday. I could blame it on the baby brain, but I think I'll chalk it up to reading too fast.

I can really start to feel the weight in my stomach now, if I get up too quickly or lean forward too much I can just feel this weight in the front that I've never had before.

It's amazing how quickly I get winded now, this morning the fire alarm was going off at work and when we could get back into the building, the elevator wasn't working so I walked up the 6 floors (which I must note, I walked up all the time before I got pregnant and for the first 5 or 6 months) and I was out of breath by the time I got to the top.

For the longest time, all the people I know who had a baby recently were all late (couple days, a week etc...) but now all I've been hearing is babies coming early. Alexis was just telling me that Grant was 3 weeks early (which I probably knew at the time, but have since forgotten), which would mean about 6 weeks away for me... crazy! So, just to be prepared, we have a deadline to have the house all ready in a month (which is an easy goal, we don't have much left to do) just in case the little guy decides to make an early appearance. I know it's not likely, but I'd rather be prepared than not.

(I've found a boy's name I LOVE but Jeff isn't going for it because of a stupid football player's name... Payton... I love it!!)

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I LOVE the nursery! Jeff went golfing (insert joke here) so I came home and started finishing putting things together, moving the furniture back (paint is dry!) and it's so cute. I put the cutsie clothes in the drawers, I put all the blankets/crib sheets etc away and it's so exciting! I just need to put pictures up, get my mom to finish some canvasses, get the mattress cover for the crib so I can make up the crib and dare I say we are ready to go?

The guest room looks pretty snazzy too. The espresso furniture looks beautiful, the paint is gorgeus and as soon as I find some art to put on the wall, it's ready for visitors. I love my house - maybe I don't want to move?

But for now, I'm on a break so I am checking out think I'm crazy yet?

It's 9 am...

On a Saturday morning and already: the molding in the nursery is painted, the window frame and closet frame are painted, the baseboards in the second bathroom are done, the curtains are hung in the kitchen and the nursery, breakfast has been eaten, laundry has been done and now I'm off to pick up some more paint, some new knobs for the dresser, my pants (which were hemmed by my wonderful mother), and then off to Saunders farm with Carrie/Rob/Ethan/Isabelle and Rob's parents... it's a beautiful day and I need to get outside!

Friday, October 06, 2006

I swear, it's me

Every hockey game I go to, they lose. I think I will impose a self-ban on myself to not go to any more this season.

It was a great time though, we got quite a few looks as we would get up from our seats and walk out, three mucho pregnant women. The two other girls look fantastic! Monique is due November 5th (this is her 3rd child) and Tammy is due November 30th (she's having twins). None of us have found out the sex and we are all having pretty wonderful pregnancies. It's really funny to hear other people's birthing plans (epidural vs no epidural, thoughts on C-sections, circumcision etc...), I never think my ideas are right and theirs are wrong, it's just really interesting to hear another opinion when I am so sure of my idea on certain things. Like, if we have a boy (I don't want to be cocky and say when we have a boy) we are getting him circumcized. Without a doubt. Lots of people think it's cosmetic surgery and they are pretty anti-circumcision but for various reasons (the last few being that my brother in law's dad had to get circumcized last month when he was 60, and Jeff knows someone who had to get it done when they were 21, and my friend from work has two boys who have both had infections on and off..) we have decided to have it done. So it's not funny but just interesting to hear people explain why they won't have it done. But, like I said, it's not like I think everyone should, I just know it's the right decision for us.

And the epidural? Yes please.

What's happening with the baby:

Good news — at this point your baby's lungs and digestive tract are nearly mature, meaning she'll do much better in the event of premature birth. Researchers also believe your baby can actually see now, in utero, but no one knows exactly how much she can make out. She's also becoming more cramped in your uterus and less able to move so freely, although when she does move, you're sure to notice it.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Call into Dr's office...

I have this weird numbing-almost-pins and needles type feeling at the top of my stomach and while I'm quite sure it's probably normal, the bottom line is I don't know because I've never felt it before. I put a call into my dr's office and hopefully will hear back from them soon.

It's been happening since yesterday morning and I decided to give it 24 hours before making a call...

Update: It's normal, I'm crazy.

Another dose of reality?

I had a VERY vivid dream last night about the baby. It was a boy, we named him Payton. The dream seemed to last so long, I can remember him being in the car seat and I kept going to check on him. I remember holding him and putting him to bed. It was crazy. I was a little bit sad when I woke up and realized it was just a dream. He was perfect. Just when I'm trying to convince myself not to get my hopes up for any particular sex, I have this dream. I will try and think girl thoughts all day today.

So last night Carrie, my mom and I went to Babies R Us. Mom took E&I and went off to play in the store while Carrie helped me register. It's done. I'm happy. It was a good idea to go with someone who's been through it, I would have never thought to get a humidifier. (I remember the humidifier we had in our room when I was kid, I used to love the smell! It had orange plastic on it...)

We also went to Winners and I was looking at all the newborn/first year baby stuff. It's unbelievable how fricking cute baby clothes are. I didn't buy anything, because I have enough generic clothing, and I know once we know the sex I'll want to pick up either some boy clothes or girl things so I practiced restraint. Then at Home Outfitters I got this star pillow with little blue gems on it, it's almost the exact colour of the room (well, it's the same tone just darker) and it was on sale for 7.50, so really, how could I say no? Found cute white sheers for the nursery, so now I just have to get the faux wood blinds (there's nothing in there now) and I'm all set. Well, far from it but it just seemed like the appropriate thing to say.

Normally, if I need to prepare for something I overshop and buy way too much and end up not using half of what I bought. It's taken me 31 years but I think now I finally realized that if I need something later on, I can pick it up then, I don't need to have everything right now. So, I didn't go overboard on the registry, plus I still have to go through a few boxes of stuff that Carrie gave me to see what I have and then I can figure out what I need.

I had posted yesterday about how great my house looks painted but apparently I didn't. It looks great. We are having a few issues with the ceiling fan so I think it's coming down and we are going to get a new one (the stupid string pully thing snaps off, it can be snapped back on but it shouldn't snap off in the first place). It seems that with everything we do to the house to improve it, it results in a to-do list that's longer than before we started. Like the guest room, it wasn't painted so we just kind of threw a bed, TV and dresser in there. But now that it's painted and looks fabulous, I had to buy a new night side table, we have to paint the dresser and get new knobs for it and I have to get something to hang on the wall to make it look cosy. The second bathroom simply needed the paint, but I have to hang everything back up (and maybe paint the medicine cabinet the same colour of the wall so it doesn't stick out, but Jeff likes it like that so stay tuned for who wins the battle). The nursery molding needs a final coat of paint now that it's up and a few places on the baseboard and frame for the window and closet need to be painted.

I am loving the oatmeal baked apple muffins they have downstairs. I'd actually rather have it then a chocolate chip muffin, and those who know me, know that I rarely pass up chocolate :)

We went out for dinner after registering last night, and I know I talk about them enough as it is, but I can't say enough just how fricking great my sister's kids are at a restaurant! Besides Isabelle biting Ethan on the cheek (not out of anger, but she kissed him on the cheek and then it turned into a bite) but Ethan looked at us and said - it's ok, I'm allright now. I could just squeeze both of them until someone finally told me to let them go.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oh and yay....

I'm going to the Sens vs Maple Leafs hockey game tomorrow night! Rob got tickets and had another work/party/function thing to go to so Carrie called me and asked (Jeff was a tad jealous)

There is 4 of us going and 3 of us are pregnant... I think it'll be quite funny and I'll try and remember to take pictures :)

No more HE talk....

My sources were wrong, there is NO baby detergent that's High Efficiency.

Apparently I can use just less of the regular baby detergent (Yum Ivory Snow!) and put the extra rinse cycle on when I was his or her clothes. So bonus, I don't use as much detergent and I get baby smelling beautiful clothes.

I was getting borderline obsessive about this stupid detergent, so that's one thing I can cross off my list.

Speaking of lists, it seems the more work I get done around the house, the longer my to do list gets? The paint looks phenomenal, it's amazing what a coat of paint can do! But I just added 11 things to my to-do list because of it! I wish I could take the two weeks I'm planning on taking before teh baby comes off NOW instead of then, so I could quickly get my house into order, it's in a stage of disarray right now. Thank goodness for 3 day weekends :)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

30 weeks!

Wow. The ten week countdown begins now! It's funny, I always have the due date in my head (which is a Thursday, I never even knew what day of the week my due date was on) and a constant ticker, under the assumption that the baby is going to come on my due date. It rarely enters my mind that this baby could come two weeks before and up to two weeks after my due date. So really, it could be 8 weeks or it could be 12!

I'm just getting really excited to meet this baby. What does he look like, how big is he? Will he be snuggly, what will his cry sound like? I'M SO EXCITED.

I always sleep so much better the nights I have aquafit. I find the pool so relaxing and for weeks like this where I always seem to be hot, it brings my body temperature down a few notches so I can cozy up under my blankets.

I can't wait to go home tonight and see all the work that has been done on the house!

Monday, October 02, 2006


Nad and Sean went to register yesterday at Babies R Us and there was Ivory Baby HE detergent!

6.5 hours...

Until I can go to sleep.

Last night, I had probably 10 naps. In between each nap, I was awake for about 1/2 hour. The last time I looked at the clock it was almost midnight. I'm sure I would briefly fall asleep but then wake up again.

It was horrible.

I know I will be tempted, but I won't nap after work. I will go pick up some yummy Italian cold cuts for Ricky, my mom and the painter who is spending the day at our house tomorrow. Pick up a bottle of cognac for the painter (we always pay them in alcohol), pick up a few bottles of red wine for them to drink throughout the day (Italians LOVE their red wine, especially while they are working). Then I will come home, eat some leftover roast and asparagus, get the guest room ready to be painted tomorrow (read: clean out closet and move all furniture to the middle of the room), go to Ikea and return the drawers I bought yesterday (they just aren't going to work) , pick up Nad and then go to aquafit. THEN I will be able to take a nice hot shower when I get home, clean all that icky chlorine off of me (my skin is dry enough as it is) and then get into bed and hopefully convince my husband to snuggle with me for a bit.

For now, work.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


My freaking back. It hurts. I just tried to lie down for a bit and I can't get comfortable on either side, so I'll just stay out of my bed (although it's been a super busy weekend so I'd love to still be there). My stomach isn't doing so hot today (is it possible to get morning sickness in the middle of your 7th month?) so I'm just drinking lots of water and just finished a cherry popsicle.

I went to Walmart, Loblaws, Ikea and Shoppers all before 11 this morning. I was on a roll. Among my purchases:
- Adorable crib sheet I couldn't pass up (I know Kaethe, you told me not to but I couldn't resist)
- Pampers Swaddlers (it felt really, really strange to buy diapers)
- Curtain rod to finally hang the curtains in my kitchen (was waiting for the end piece to be in stock at Ikea again)
- collapsable drawers to put in the change table (not sure if this is the solution or not, but worth a try)
- Two espresso-finished book case type thing from Loblaws (all their furniture was on sale, this was regular $129 on sale for $49, how could I say no?) which will be fantastic for the office

Jeff finished almost all the painting today for the furniture and the moulding for the nursery. Mom and Ricky are coming over for dinner and helping me place the furniture in the nursery and because I STILL cant' find HE detergent (scent-free OR children's stuff) I will give her another load of laundry to do with the Ivory Snow. I went to 5 different places this weekend looking for the damn detergent. If I find it (which I know it's out there) you can believe I'm stocking up! Aren't most people buying the front loaders now? I don't understand why there isn't more a selection of the HE detergents......

AND, I am no longer Auntie Kiki to Isabelle, spent a few hours with everyone yesterday (we all showed up at mom and rick's for a few hours - Carrie, Rob (E & I), Nadia, Sean, me and Jeff) and Isabelle called me Auntie Christy repeatedly. I love hearing my real name but I will miss Kiki... at least I have Ethan still saying it.