Sunday, November 30, 2008

Despite his cold

Carson and I got bundled up yesterday and went to the park. We had a great time (until I forced him to put his mittens back on, and then he lost it. Jeff went outside to see if he could see us and heard Carson screaming so got in the car to come find us in case I needed help).

Carson's sick with a cold now, he slept in till 7:30 this morning (and this kid does NOT sleep in) and I think today there's going to be a lot of cuddling and giving into his every need.

I took the day off tomorrow, we are spending the day together on his birthday. Can you BELIEVE he's going to be TWO tomorrow? I think I'm still in shock/denial.

Last night he wolfed down asparagus, he's really coming around with his veggies. He wasn't so in love with the fish (he normally loves fish) but he ate lots of his asparagus (again, thanks to Jeff) and he's eating clementines like there is no tomorrow. So as much as I love to complain about my son, the one who doesn't like to eat, I figure things could be worse then him eating fish, asparagus and oranges for dinner.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Go Carson Go!

Last night.... Carson ate.... (drumroll please).... broccoli!

And I didn't have to disguise it, puree it, blend it in pasta... he knew it was brocolli, called it broccoli and was convinced by his Daddy to eat it!

We had beef and broccoli stirfry and as always, Carson only wanted the beef part of it (meat Mommy meat). But Jeff convinced him to try the broccoli and he did. A couple of times!

Very very proud parents (sure, it may not seem like much to be proud of, but if you saw the way Carson ate, you would be ecstatic too!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Nono

I must say, I LOVE having my family here in Ottawa. Let me correct that, I love having a lot of my family here in Ottawa. I wish my Dad, Arlene and Sam lived here. I wish Jeff's parents lived here (really, who can actually say they wished their inlaws lived in the same city, don't most people wish their inlaws lived elsewhere?), I wish my goddaughter (err and of course, her parents!) and my nieces and nephews lived here. With me, it's the more the merrier. I would even house a family dinner every weekend.

But I digress.

I love that Carson is growing up with cousins, aunts and uncles and grandparents. He's a little shy at first (except with Grandma, she sometimes comes before me!) but then he gets right into it, chasing everyone around, playing with the cars (my sweet nephew Grant knows how much Carson loves cars and always takes out all his cars for him to play with), yelling, running, dancing and laughing with them all.

We all went over to Dino and Alexis' last night for a surprise birthday party for Nono. We had a great time. Carson was up past his bedtime and it was so worth it to not have to rush out of a party and he got so insanely funny it freaking hilarious. I was laughing at him, and then some, last night.

Anyways, here are a few pictures.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Super cute cousins!

Nadia just sent me some pictures from a sleepover this summer and the last one is from a few weekends ago and I think I have to get it printed.
And thank you ladies for your re-assuring words that it's a phase and all kids go through it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Definitely not used to this!

Really, Carson's been quite the dream child. Except for maybe his eating habits (as in, he doesn't like to eat) he's pretty easy going. He always does what we told him (except eat), he's happy go lucky and I know what to expect from him.

Until this week.

He doesn't want to leave the house. It's a fight to get on his jacket and shoes. Then he doesn't want to come home. Picking him up from daycare is a nightmare. He screams, kicks his feet, lies on the ground and does NOT want to get ready to come home. When we're at home and trying to get him to go somewhere, we can take more time and convince him - reason with him - talk him into it. But leaving daycare, we kinda gotta get the show on the road quickly.

Everything you ask him, the answer is no. Before you even finish your question.

Going to bed takes longer (we've been quite spoiled, it used to be 10ish minutes of reading books and then into bed with a wave and a "see you in the morning") and now it takes about 20-30 minutes and he keeps trying to convince you of one more book, to sit in the chair while he's in his crib, and then after you leave he keeps calling you back. All new to us.

Besides all this, of course, he's the cutest thing in the world. And I forever want to squeeze him so tight cause I just can't stand it!! He wants to count and do the alphabet all the time. His number counting is hilarious, he gets stuck on a few numbers every couple of days. Today it was 11, 13 and 18. If you start at 1 he says no, and immediately starts at 11. The alphabet... he has after "o" pretty down pat. The beginning of the alphabet isn't as good and he just keeps saying f g f g f g - I suppose his favourite letters.

We've started the switch to cloth diapers, all thanks to a good friend of mine who's daughter grew out of the ones that fit Carson perfectly. It's all new to us, but I really like it and it's not harder than disposables. I don't know if Jeff is convinced yet though... it may take him a while.

Well, Jeff just came down from putting Carson to bed (he's way better at it then I am, I get suckered in to easily!) so I'm off to snuggle with my husband.

Here are a few pictures of Carson in the bath last night.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Tuckered out

You know some nights when you look forward to your children's bedtime? Tonight is definitely one of those nights. We've had a long, busy, activity-packed weekend. Carson was so tired, he went to bed with a good-bye and love you to Dad.

Saturday morning was rainy and cold so we went to an indoor playground - Carson had a blast and at the end was so tired he was falling asleep while talking to me.

Carson had a sleepover with Ethan and Isabelle, here we are reading books before bedtime:

Soooo tired

Can we say TWINS? Their same hands are in the same position!

The next morning in between making a cake and being crazy!