Thursday, January 28, 2010


I've always said that Carson and Beckett simply love being together. The other day Lisa was over visiting, so Lisa, Carson and I were hanging out downstairs. Beckett woke up from his nap and Carson wanted to go up and see him. He went upstairs and I started to hear the both of them laugh.... (which, if you know Beckett, you have to work fairly hard to get him to laugh). I went upstairs, camera in hand, and this is what I caught.

Here is Carson watching this video. It's hilarious. Isabelle and Ethan started to imitate the little boy and Carson thought THAT was the funniest thing ever. When we watched the video again, together, he just about cracked a rib laughing. Here it is. (and if you haven't seen this video, you have to watch it)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Date night

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love having two kids. I love having brothers, even though Beckett doesn't really "play" with him yet, they love being together. Carson makes Beckett laugh, and Beckett just grins from ear to ear as soon as he catches a glimpse of Carson. I love chaos - so getting both of them their breakfasts, singing crazy songs, cleaning up messes, playing games, jumping on the bed... you name it and we do it. Together.

But, once in a while I crave time with just one of them. Tonight it was Carson night. After I put Beckett to bed, Carson and I ran out of the house to the car and went swimming. We had such a blast. I concentrated 100% on him. We talked, we laughed, we told stories, we sang to the music, we jumped in puddles, we swam, we went down the slide, we played catch, we swirled in circles. It was so nice to be just the two of us.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Doctor appointment today for both boys.

Carson (3 year appt)
34 lbs (50%)
37 inches (75%)

16.9 lbs (just below 50%)
26.5 inches (50%)

Carson just laughed the whole time and said "He's looking in my ears!" "He's looking in my mouth!" "He's tickling my back!"

Beckett was doing just fine until the doctor was at the end of his prodding. He made it to the ears and then Beckett just looked at me and whimpered and just wanted me to hold him. Then the nurse came in with the dreaded needles. She told me to lay him down and try to distract him. I let him play with my hair (he LOVES my hair) and he actually smiled when he got the first needle. The nurse said - wow, that's amazing. But that won't happen with the next one, it stings like the dickens. So the next one went in, Beckett cried twice (like two little wah's) and then he was done and smiling at me again. That kid is so frigging cute - he actually deserves his own post. More tomorrow.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Going so fast!

Until my wonderful friend Kerri reminded me this morning that I hadn't updated in a while, I didn't realize how long it had been. This winter seems to be just flying by.

I honestly wish I had a camera attached to my head, carrying around Beckett all the time makes it kind of hard to snap all the moments I want to.

Like I wish I had caught Carson's first time on real skates. We went up to the outdoor hockey rink and he was so excited to sit in the trailer with the other kids and strap on his skates. I didn't have a hockey stick for him, so we borrowed one from a family who had some extra. We just walked around the rink (I only held him with one hand) and he's more comfortable on his skates now, he just kind of shuffles/walks along but I figure that's the first step.

I wish I had caught him playing with all the other kids outside the school in the big snow banks. Kindergarten is let out at 11:30 so we try to make it at the same time so there are other kids to play with - it's like an accidental playgroup! We saw Naomi, who Carson used to go to daycare with so that was exciting.

I would have loved to catch on camera the fun times we had at Sofia's birthday party with a ton of other kids.

The weather has been so nice, I would have loved to catch some action shots of Carson jumping in the puddles.

If it wasn't so cold the other morning, I would have showed you Carson in his total element, standing on the street corner for 30 minutes just watching the snowplows and dumptrucks. I don't know how many of you have boys, so I don't know how normal it is, but since he was about 7 months old (when I think he held his first car) he's never let go his love affair with trucks. Cars. Trains. Tractors. Trucks. If it has wheels and moves, he's in love.

It's easy to catch them in their sweet moments in the house. Carson loving up his brother. When Beckett sees Carson, he breaks into the biggest smile imaginable and is always trying to grab for him. Carson, in return, loves his brother unconditionally (that's most likely only because Beckett can't take Carson's toys yet) and is always kissing him, wanting to hold him, telling him all the things they will do together when he's older.

It's the sweetest thing and I love seeing my boys together.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Twenty Ten

Wow, and in the blink of an eye it was over. And between you and me, I'm quite happy Christmas 2009 is over. We had a wonderful time but I'm typically quite happy when life resumes to some sense of normalcy after holidays.

And, it's hard to take a picture of two kids together! But here we are headed out to our New Year's Eve party.