Wednesday, September 15, 2010

School days are upon us

You know the little boy I've been blogging about since the day he was born? Actually - since I was pregnant?

That little boy, my friends, started school today.

He was a little hesitant about going. But he didn't cry, he didn't whine, he walked with his mommy and daddy to school and stood on the orange line. The teacher came out, he put his knapsack on (although it was too big, but that problem was rectified tonight, I went out and bought him a new one) and he went inside without looking back.

I cried.

Then I went shopping, to ummm... distract myself :)

Then we came back, he smiled the biggest smile when his teacher walked him out. He waited until it was his turn and then he ran right into his daddy's arms.

We are so proud of our little junior kindergartener.

Here he is with daddy:

With mommy....
Waiting in line
Heading in!
Beckett waiting for his older brother!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I hate goodbyes

I first started writing this blog because I loved to write, I had entered a new stage in my life (pregnancy) and I wanted somewhere to remember it all.

As time went on, I told people about it (mostly family) and soon more people were reading it, I knew my mother-in-law, mother, sister-in-laws, cousins, brother in laws, siblings, friends, would comment, send me emails about what I said, talk about the pictures I posted, it made me happy to know people were reading it.

My mom's best friend who she's known since she was 17, my Auntie Korkie, LOVED reading it. She would check it first thing in the morning. Every time I talked to her, she'd say "Oh Christy I just love your blog, I love hearing you talk about your kids, I love seeing the pictures". My mom would say to me "Oh Auntie Korkie just loves your blog, she reads it all the time".

My Auntie Korkie got sick. Then she got better. Then she got sick again.

This morning my Auntie Korkie passed away. I said goodbye to her last night, I told her I would update my blog for her. Whenever I write here, I will think of her and know that I can just talk to her about my boys and she will hear me. When I think of her and look at my kids, she will see them.

I love you Auntie Korkie and you will be greatly missed.


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bad bad bad mom

Has it really been more than two months? Yikes! The summer just FLEW by!! Wait, that last statement assumes that the summer is over and there's still time, isn't there?

I've kind of been putting off updating this blog becuase I've missed SO much that I was intimidated by the amount of things I would have to talk about and pictures I would have to post.

Ok, so end of June we went to Halifax and PEI for summer vacay! We had a great time visiting Uncle Mark, Aunt Annette, Zach and Alex in Halifax. Then we moved onto PEI for about 10 days and had wonderful weather, spent the majority of the time at the cottage with Auntie Erin and Petra. Carson was loving having Grammy and Grampy there every day and waking up to a new day with family and fun. Beckett loved the beach, more specifically he loved eating the sand. All of my PEI pictures are on Jeff's computer so I will have to come back and post them one day.

Beckett turned 1! We spent his birthday in the hospital (the first time Ive had to take a child to CHEO) because our otherwise happy baby was NOT happy for about a 12 hr period. I know every parent probably says it, but seriously? Beckett is the happiest baby around. I'm not the only who thinks so either, everyone tells us that. He has this smile that just lights up the room. He's gorgeus, he loves to cuddle, he loves people, he plays with other kids well, he's smart as a whip too (he feeds himself with a spoon? At 13 months?), he's quick like a bunny (not walking, but open a door anywhere in the house and see him try to escape!). Whoops, I got totally side tracked there, so when he wasn't happy I felt something was wrong so I took him to the hospital. It was a long visit, but we were well looked after the whole time. He was having problems breathing so we were given a few different steriods (through masks) and then finally sent home with a puffer. The next day we found out he had a chest and nose infection. So his first week into year 2 wasn't super great, but he bounced back quickly and was back to his old self after a couple of days.

So we may have not had a birthday party on his birthday, but we have so many people who love him that he had a few mini celebrations.

Starting off by a party in PEI....

A surprise party (for him as well as us!) by our friends Lynne and Dwight...

And a final one - the last birthday party at Grandma and Nonno's house

There has been cottages, BBQs, day trips to the farm, to the museum, friend's houses, swimming, soccer - it seems every other day we were off with something to do. It kept us busy, happy and smiling.

And I suppose most recently our biggest events included the boys starting daycare and mommy going back to work. I loved being home with my two boys for a year, I really did. We had so much fun together. But I'm in my element when I'm a working mom. The job of being a stay at home mom is definitely harder than my job, but being a working mom is more difficult. Balancing it all. Feeling fulfilled by both is hard. You have to be super organized by having lunches for working parents made, laundry done, groceries done - all on top of being at work for 8 hours a day. Plus, the most important thing? Spending precious time with your kiddies when you are at home.

I found an absolutely wonderful caregiver. She used to look after kids before she became a kindergarten teacher. Then she had two kids (the same age as ours!) and decided to stay at home with them. Lucky for us! We had actually met at the park when Carson was born and we've just talked lots while at the park over the years. I tracked her down last winter and asked her about daycare, so she held two spots for my kids for when I went back to work. And the kids LOVE it. They have been there two full weeks now and Beckett hasn't cried ONCE when we left him there. He cried ONCE while he's been there because he bonked himself on the side of the playgym (yes, she has a playgym in their living room for the kids, how awesome is that?). Their house is set up perfectly for kids, every day they play new games, read new books, dress up in a different costume, sing new songs - it's wonderful! And we've already noticed a change in Carson - specifically with numbers. He's counting EVERYTHING. ALL.THE.TIME. It's cute (except if you are trying to go somewhere quickly and he's trying to count the sidewalk steps).

Our caregiver makes all her food, nothing processed, she feeds them tons of fruits and veggies and really yummy healthy food. Beckett has had regular naps every single day there. He's started reaching for her when Jeff drops him off in the morning. And Carson? He LOVES it. Her little boy and Carson are the same age and they have so much fun together. The other day when I picked the kids up, she told me that while she was giving Beckett a bottle her son was stroking his head singing "Im so happy you are here Beckett, I love you" while her daughter was chasing Carson around trying to give him hugs and kisses. Seriously? Could I have asked for a better solution? I dont' think so!

I think I've caught up, I'm sure I have forgotten something. We just got back from a cottage (Carson LOVES cottaging and he falls asleep in wahtever strange bed, floor, tent, mattress we put him on, he's wicked! And so does Beckett in that respect, he went ot bed and his nap without a peep when he was right in the room beside where the rest of us were hanging out!) so I'm in bed and anxious to turn the computer off and shut my eyes.

Hopefully it won't be another two months until you hear from me again.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Typical second child

Getting processed sugar before he's 1. I bet I won't make the Top Ten Moms of 2010! But it was a nice day. And Carson was having a popsicle and Beckett was trying his best to get a bite, so I gave him mine.

Carson finally got the pedalling thing down a couple of weeks ago. Sure it's on a tricycle, but still, this is very exciting for him! Hoping to move onto a big boy's bike in a few weeks. And you should hear him squeal when you tell him you're taking him to the park and he's riding his bike there. We are super proud :)

We hadn't been to our "blue park" in ages so we went this morning.

Does it seem that I am favouring one child over the other? At least in terms of who I am taking pictures of? I feel the need to explain it's because Carson turns his head every time I go to take a picture now. I can sometimes catch him in the middle of doing something, otherwise, if he sees me? He runs away as fast as he can.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

First day of Soccer

Carson has been looking forward to this morning for quite a while now. It was his first soccer practice!

Whoops, we went to the wrong field - we have two fields, one behind us and one at the end of our street, we assumed it was the one behind our house but it was the other one. This is why you will see pictures of him in two different jerseys. The right class is better though because two of his friends, Nate and Cameron are in that one!)

He had a ton of fun although he did find the class a little too long. When there was about 10 minutes left he was ready to go. It doesn't help there are parks surrounding the field and after he did his soccer thing he just wanted to go play. But it was definitely a success and are looking forward to a fun-filled soccer summer.

And I caught a little video of him kicking the ball around, he shows promise, doesn't he?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Boys will be boys

The other morning I left the boys out back to play on the deck while I was getting snacks ready.

When I came back out, I saw this:

Just in case you forgot, this is what he looks like clean:

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Live is life

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and we were just talking about life in general. I said something to the effect of how our life isn't perfect right now, we are still working out a few glitches and working towards something.

But after a weekend like today? How can I think that?

I start the morning off by snuggling two of the cutest boys ever. My boys love me, they love each other and they LOVE to snuggle. Once we come downstairs from all waking up, we often get together on the couch and have full blown on family cuddles. Mommy, Daddy, Carson and Beckett.

After a quick breakfast, I loaded up the car and we took off for Grandma and Nono's house by the lake to surprise Grandma on her birthday! We had a visit, ate some timbits and then loaded up for a boat ride. Carson is obsessed with swimming in the lake. It's what he talks about morning noon and night. Even though this is only his second time, and that he's only 3, he was ready to jump in as soon as we made the decision to swim (it was quite cool out, and we thought maybe they would only be dipping their toes in, but as soon as we sat on the edge the sun came out so Carrie and I made the executive decision to go for the gold). Uncle Rob had to hold him back while I dove in and swam back to get him. He was just dying to get in and as soon as he jumped and went to get him he said "No mom, don't touch me, just let me swim". Ummm... ok?

After the trailer, we came home and when Beckett went to bed, Carson and I took off and biked to the water park. We had a popsicle picnic and then went nutso in the water.

As soon as we got home from the water park we hopped in the car and went to Julie and Tim's for a BBQ. Carson loves their house, they have a tire swing, the best play kitchen, tons of outdoor toys, a bubble gun, their tree swing - it's a kid's dream. As soon as he hears we are going over he tells me everything that he's going to do while we are there.

I love getting together with my friends and their kids. I love their kids. My friends are my friends that I've had since highschool, so obviously I've known their kids since the day they were born and it's just amazing to talk to them as little people. Anyways. Love them.

Got home, both kids were on overdrive and didn't fall asleep the way I thought they would. But now they are both asleep and I'm sure excited to see what tomorrow brings.

So a day full of family, friends, my kids and my husband? Sounds like I'm pretty darn lucky. I need to remember that more often. Life is pretty good round these parts.

Oh, and just cause he's cute. Here are some picture of Mr B showing off his new chompers. Really, he's this happy all the time. It's crazy.

As soon as any door in the house opens, Beckett makes a total beeline for it. He loves the great outdoors (term coined by Auntie Erin). He also loves eating wood chips.

Carson loves helping his Mommy and Daddy do. No matter what we are doing, he just wants to help. The other morning wasn't too hot (we have had some scorchers around here) so Carson and I did a bit of gardening.

Beckett loves the backdeck - can you tell?

I told Carson to get ready to go for a bike ride. He came out decked out in his winter hat, shades and his goggles. I wonder if this is a sign of his fashion sense...? If so, yikes!

All set to go for a bike ride. It's our favourite mode of transportation these days. Beckett doesn't love his helmet, but it helps when Carson points out his helmet and how much fun it is to wear it.

Now I'm one tired mommy so I'm off to bed!