Friday, September 29, 2006


Ok, so all plans went out the window last night. Jeff and I went out for dinner because I was craving chicken fingers, we went home, watched Kidnapped and I was in bed by 8:30 and asleep seconds afterwards (for the record, I TRIED to read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child) and slept just about straight through till 6. I got up probably only 5 times during the night, which is not very often for me, so I feel rested today, I feel fantastic.

It's Friday!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sleepy eyes....

I look tired today. I'm not really, I just look it. But with a bit of make up I don't look like I'm still asleep :)

We biked to Kaethe and Peter's for dinner last night (yum) and I was having girl thoughts yesterday, but then when I saw Justen I just had the same feeling I've had for the past 7 months, that it's a boy. Damn he's cute. He's at such a great age, he's just about 7 months and he's making little noises, squirmy as heck and full of smiles.

Re: bike ride. It's funny how my stomach sometimes gets in the way now. And I get winded now, which I NEVER used to get before, even when I was running up to 20km. I'm not used to it and I can't wait to get right back into things in the winter. I always prided myself on being in shape and my blood pressure would never go up, I'd never be out of breath and I could go for hours. Now I have to realize that things are different and I just can't do it the same anymore.

I'm off shopping tonight, Jeff is going to a pre-season Sens game (asked me if I wanted to go, but I politely declined) so I'm off to look for crib bedding and a few odds and ends for the nursery. I can't WAIT till the border goes up so I can go to town on decorating.

**Edit** Was just invited to Lisa's for drinks with the girls tonight, so a quick shopping trip after work and then I'll go to Lisa's. See what I mean about having plans every night of the week? Oh well, may as well do it all now before the baby comes :) Jeff and I are VERY much looking forward to our lives changing and staying home more....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So happy...

I think I've finally broken through my issues with weight gain and this pregnancy. I've really taken what Jeff says to heart, that all that's important is this baby and that s/he is growing in a healthy environment.

Went out for my monthly reunion with the gang from my old work, it's funny, they started talking about work and I had this huge wave of relief come over me that I no longer worked there, it's always re-assuring to know you made the right decision.

It's Wednesday, only two more days left till the weekend. Today is going to go by super fast and then it will be tomorrow :) I think we may head up to the cottage with the newlyweds this weekend, provided we get some stuff done around the house because the painter is coming on Tuesday (SO excited, the upstairs has all the pictures taken down, huge patch holes everywhere and it's just been waiting to get painted).

I have some fantastic ideas for the nursery, and once the border goes up (same day the house gets painted) then I can finally get to work on it.


Ok, for all you pregnant-and-know-the-sex and those of you who have had a baby, was this chart accurate?

As legend would have it, the Chinese Gender Chart was buried in a royal tomb over 700 years ago. Recently discovered, the chart has been used to predict the gender of an unborn child based on the mother's age and month of conception.

Simply find the age of the mother at the time of conception on the chart below and then follow across to the month the baby was conceived to find the predicted gender. Although this chart is said to have a success rate of over 90 percent, keep in mind that this is solely for entertainment purposes. Enjoy!

(for me it says a girl)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The baby is nearly 3 lbs! Here's a little excerpt from

What’s Happening with Your Baby?

Her growth has begun to slow down now, but she will still gain approximately four pounds between now and birth. If she were born now, she would be almost three pounds and able to breathe, but might tire easily and need assistance. Her little eyes are sensitive to light. Keep that baby cooking! You’re getting there!

29 weeks...

That means only 11 left to go. Plus or minus 2.

- I'm feeling good.
- Still must finish the nursery
- We are both SO excited
- Very happy with Lisa and Kaethe's idea for a Friday night baby shower/potluck with yummy food and fun drinks
- Hope that Nadia will be on board with joint shower for family members (will take the attention off me, which I'm SO happy about)
- Only 10 more weeks of work left, give or take a few days
- The baby is moving non-stop, a constant reminder that there's a miracle inside me
- My friends are so generous and we've gotten SO much stuff already for this baby
- I'm going to be a MOM soon!
- Jeff is going to be a DAD soon!

Monday, September 25, 2006

A few more pictures

Can you tell that I find black suits me best?

Off to aquafit - toodles!

And the results are in....

And I'm nowhere near having gestational diabetes!

The baby's heart rate is nice and strong, he or she is active as heck and I'm a healthy healhty lady.

Ultrasound at 32 weeks (October 19th, just to make sure my placenta has moved out of the way) and my next appt with my obs. the same day. Then the bi-weekly appts start.

It's a tad freaky when they start listing symptoms saying "if this happens, go to the hospital at Labour and Delivery". My blood pressure is slightly higher than usual, but I normally have really really low blood pressure so it's not that it's high, just higher I always take my blood pressure when I go to the gym so he said if I notice it over 150/90 (which would normally be accompanied by swollen ankles) to go to the hospital. Today it measured at 123/80 so he still said I'm fine. Also, the glucose test they do every time I have an appt also checks for proteins in the urine (another sign of high blood pressure) and I have none. So I'm good.

I'm healthy, happy and I have a big old baby growing inside me. Does life get any better than this?

Monday, yet again.

Here we are, the start of another week. Overall I guess I had a pretty good weekend, dinner with Lisa, Kaethe and Jeff on Friday night (Yum, Thai!), Saturday just chilled out, did a few odds and ends around the house and then went to Nad and Sean's for a yummy dinner, lots of talking and a few games (we LOVE playing games when we get together).

Nadia is joining aquafit with us, so I'm super excited. Her nursery for Sofia is so adorable, it looks fantastic! They laid down gorgeus dark hardwood floors, the walls are painted a light purple and she has beautiful curtains and adorable little girl's clothes already hanging in the closet, I recognized a cute sun dress I had bought for Maya, I think it's so great how all the kids clothes are making the rounds through all the neices and nephews (Grant to Ethan, Isabelle to Maya, Maya to Sofia and who knows where we will be getting ours from?). So who cares if I apay $30 for an outfit, more than one kid is going to wear it!

Sunday we spent the morning cleaning up the nursery, so all that's left in there is actual baby stuff (rather than some of my pre-pregnancy clothes, shoes and other things we were keeping in storage). Jeff put together the closet organizers and I think they are going to do the job just perfectly. We kind of put the furniture where we thought it may go, but I think I may rely on my mom's advice to help finalize it, she has a good eye for that kind of stuff. I've heard you shouldn't put the crib on an outside wall, but the outside wall is the best place for us to put it, and we think that they may have said that with older houses, but it's a new house so I'm sure the outside wall isn't cold. When winter comes, we'll try and see if one wall is colder than the other.

Sunday afternoon Jeff and I went and did some errands around the city, at the top of our list to find laundry detergent for kids. My sister LOVES the Ivory Snow (it smells JUST like baby) but we have the front load washers, which use the he (High efficiency) detergent and there is no kids laundry detergent in he! Argh. There is a scent-free dermatalogist recommended one, but it doesn't smell like anything (yes, I know, scent-free). So I'm going to have to google away today and try and find a HE ivory snow type detergent. My mom picked up two boxes of baby clothes (newborn and up to 6 months) from Carrie and is going to wash them and hang them on the line (there's NOTHING like clothes that have been hung to dry on the line, they smell so yummy) for me. There is a box of boy's stuff, and a box of girl's so we'll be set no matter what comes out.

Last night Jeff made his speciality chili, Kaethe Peter Jaeda and Justen came over, we had a great visit (all h3ll broke loose as they were leaving because Jaeda realized she really did want to watch Cinderella over Dora (her earlier choice)) and Justen was freaking cute as ever, a tad fussy but they think his teeth may be coming in). Kaethe had made a delicious apple crisp, and around 9ish I was off to bed.

Today, my monthly appt at 10:45 with the results of my glucose test, hopefully hear the little guy's heartbeat and then after this I think my appts start every 2 weeks...

I've written much too much, it's not just a pregnancy journal it's all all-purpose journal, don't feel obligated to read it :)

Oh, and two more possible names for a boy: Lucas (Luke) and Hayden. Jacob and Max are outsies. Possible middle names: Charles, Jonathon and Reid.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


I've been told I have to post pictures, that's the only reason these are up here!

The side view of me looks funny cause this shirt kind of sticks out at the bottom rather than going down straight.

I can see the weight gain in my face, which I'm not concerned with but it reminds me of when I was fat, so it makes me a little sad.

Friday, September 22, 2006

And like I knew it would...

Our short boy name list has been scrapped.

Back to the drawing board.

Could it be...?

Last night, I had my first ever dream that this baby was a girl. In the dream, labour was a breeze and in less then a few minutes I had a new baby girl in my arms. I remember telling everyone who came in to the room that I couldn't believe it was a girl - they had told me it was going to be a boy (this part of course is not true, no one has told me it's a boy) and we were just so not prepared for a girl.

It's funny, I'm so utterly convinced it's a boy that I never have any thoughts about what it would be like to have a girl. But really, it's a 50/50 chance. They say that about 70% of the time when the mother has a gut feeling about the sex of the baby, it's right. But who is they and how did they come up with that statistic? So today I'm all confused, my mind is racing about the simple fact that we don't know if it's a girl or boy and now this new possibility has entered my head, I can't stop thinking about it.

Other than that, I love my husband. He's truly the best out there, he knows me so well. He's been so incredibly wonderful during this pregnancy, he treats me like a queen, and just always puts the biggest smile on my face.

A conversation we had last night:

Me: My fingers still hurt (background: I was making sugared almonds for our salad and when taking them out of the pan, one of them stuck to my finger and b/c of the hot sugar is burnt really, really bad)
Jeff: Is there anything I can do?
Me: I think ice cream will make it better
Jeff: Do you want to go to Dairy Queen
Me: (After a two second pause) No
Me: But that was very nice of you to offer (DQ is nowhere near our house)
Jeff: I knew you were going to say no anyways.

See, that's how well he knows me.

And it's Friday, which makes me happy. I think I slept on and off for 9 hours last night, these days it doesn't seem to matter, come 3 oclock I could have a nap! It's funny, they say you start getting tired again during your third trimester, and I swear it's only been this week that I feel I could sleep for days on end. Again, who is they? but I assume they know more than I do.

This weekend? Dinner with Nadia and Sean tomorrow night and so far those are the only plans. I know, we haven't had only ONE plan for a weekend in ages! I think we are going to finish patching the walls to get ready to be painted (next week), finish the closet in the nursery. Arrange the nursery, choose fabric for the curtains (that Nadia has agreed to make for me!) and maybe make a trip to Babies R Us. I still haven't decided if I want to register or not. I would (obviously) rather not, but I have people from out of town asking where I'm registered and friends of the family etc... so it would be easy for THEM if I was registered. But we have all the big things, so it would be mainly for bedding, blankets, nightshirts (onesies is apparently the word?) and just all small stuff. So it seems kind of pointless but I'll run it by Carrie and see what she thinks. I guess I could always register for a highchair, I know I don't need one for a while, but if I'm registering I may as well.

I just had the most tasty oatmeal with baked apple muffin

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'll have a little dose of reality with a few tears on the side...

After about 7 phone calls this morning, I was informed that indeed the hospital had received my blood work results so my 10am appt was a go! Went to admitting, got a shiny new hospital card and confirmed that Jeff would make any medical decisions if I was unable to and went to the childbirth center.

Whoa. There were seriously pregnant women there, walking around (trying to induce labour?), husbands on their cell phones calling parents saying "Trish is in labour now, her water broke at 4am...", babies being wheeled around in the clear plastic basinettes all swaddled with their pink or blue bonnets on with their little noses and hands near their faces, a few babies crying, new moms walking in the hallway (this helped to mentally make a list of items to pack in my hospital bag), and the best was a proud new daddy sitting with us in the waiting room cradling his new daughter, Sara-Anne. After about 10 minutes, he slowly got up and put his precious new baby in the basinette ever so carefully. He even made a "I hope I'm doing this right" face as he did it, and then smiled at us (I said congrats, she's beautiful) and walked back to see the new mom. I looked at Jeff, and god bless his heart his eyes were all red and welled up.

We just sat there, in awe, thinking that in another few months, this would be us. I wasn't scared, I was excited, I wasn't thinking oh no, I was thinking yipeee. And after seeing the new dad make the "I hope I'm doing this right face" just reassured me that no new parent knows what they are doing. We all have little bits of info, suggestions, advice, maybe first hand experience. But really when it's YOURS, it's all different. It's your first, so no matter what your experience or knowledge you are really starting out on your own.....

Then, we went and met with a nurse, gave her some more details (they asked for the name of the baby-to-be's pediatrician, something I've never thought about...?) gave only Jeff's name to be allowed in the delivery room (no one else needs to be there, this is special for my husband and I), got a needle in my butt and that was it.

We signed up for a tour of the hospital on November 11th, I can't wait!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

When I was 13 weeks pregnant

I just found this picture on my camera and never
had downloaded it. Jeff's brother got married this spring (Michael and Olivia are on their honeymoon in New Zealand right now!) and I was 13 weeks pregnant (and apparently the wine was REALLY good!)

Trying to remember

What it was like to be skinny.....

Annoyed yet again....

I think I've posted a few times about my issues with some of the staff at the places I have visited so far through this pregnancy. When I went to get an ultrasound I had to deal with a complete biatch (not the technician, the lady working reception), then I got totally confused a few times when leaving my obs office (information overload and things not explained clearly). It's like they think I've done this before so I know when and where I have to do everything. You know what? I don't. This is my first time.

So, last time I had my obs appt, I was given a few blood requisition forms. Once was for the glucose, one for rhogam and one to check my level of antibodies. So today, I get the glucose and accompanying blood work done.

I just get a phone call from the Queensway Carleton reminding me of my appt tomorrow morning (rhogam shot). I say yes, I will be there. They ask if I've had any blood work done lately. I say yes, this morning actually. They say oh - did you have them fax us the information. WHAT? How was I supposed to know to do that? When they gave me the forms they never said anything about making sure I got something done in time so they could get the info at the hospital - am I supposed to be a mind reader? She asked me if I knew the number for where I got the blood work done, of course I didn't so I said I'd call her back. I looked it up online (hence why I'm here) and called back and I get "Can I call you back, there are about 5 lines flashing here".

Ugh. Jeff's bringing home pizza, bless his little heart.

**Update** She called back, told me my dr's office should have told me about the timing of the blood tests and was actually quite nice. So i got all worked up for no reason. I'm having a big glass of freezing cold water and thoroughy enjoying it, and hoping it brings down my internal temp :)

28 weeks today...

12 more to go!

it's funny how I just always think that it's exactly that far away, when the chances of me actually having the baby in exactly 12 weeks is only 11% (that's what they say the percentage is of having the baby on the actual due date)

It's crazy to think that Hope and Bryan has their little Ethan at just 26 weeks - besides the obvious (2 month stay at the hospital, needing to know that everything was going to be OK and the not knowing and not being able to take your new son home..) I just can't imagine how NOT prepared they would be, in so many ways! But he's the cutest thing ever now, so alls well that ends well.

Glucose Test...

So I took the glucose test this morning, the drink was nasty. I think the majority of the reason why is because I can't stand carbonated drinks, so it made it really hard to drink. But I drank it all, sat for an hour and then had my blood done.

My right arm, the vein was really deep down so she tried to get it and it hurt like a biatch so I told her to stop. She looked at my left and voila, a big blue vein just sitting there. Why wouldn't they check the other arm as soon as she saw how deep the vein in the right arm was? Ugh.

Will hear the results at my next dr's appt on Monday, and I should get my requisition form for my ultrasound at 32 weeks to make sure my placenta has moved out of the way.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Boy Names

I *think* we may have come up with a few boy names that we both like and are definite possibilities:


I personally like Max better than Jacob (but I really like Jacob too), but Jeff's friends (which I may add, we NEVER see) have a boy named Max. They just moved to Toronto, so it's even less of an issue but all Jeff's friends know this couple so he feels a little strange naming it the same.

I don't want a really unique name, I like a good strong name for a boy... it's so bloody hard!

AND Jeff put the crib and change table together this weekend, I got all weird butterflies in my stomach when I actually saw the assembled crib in the nursery. Like it kind of hit me. Holy shit - there is going to be a BABY sleeping in their soon. OUR baby. So now we just have to figure out where everything goes. Ricky is putting the moulding in this week and then we'll start decorating. I was checking out crib bedding online and found some really cute crib sheets so I'll slowly start picking up some of that.

Last night I got into bed at 7:30pm (it's great being pregnant!) and the end of Father of the Bride II was on, so I cried cause mom and daughter were having babies at the same time, and when the daughter's husband came out and announced it was a boy, it made me so happy that we had made the decision to keep the sex a surprise - I can just picture Jeff going out to announce it to whomever is there - we have a "blank". (I still am completely convinced it's a boy, so Peter says I'm setting the stage for it being a girl).

Then Cheaper by the Dozen came on, I watched the first 10 minutes, then flicked it off (so I could read Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child which I am LOVING) but because of the few minutes I caught of it, I dreamt that I got pregnant three times, so there were three babies inside of me but all due at different times. And I was upset because I would be pregnant for Kate and LJ's wedding...


I knew it, I shouldn't have come to work today. I always feel the best when I first wake up in the morning, and it's slowly going downhill. Considering it's only 7:43am, I know I'm in for a bad day.

I was up half the night coughing, it's like I have a tickle in my throat that just won't go away. Woke up at 2am and last looked at the clock at 5am, when I finally fell asleep sitting up, so when I woke up at quarter to 6 my neck was painfully sore.

Apparently there is a cold/cough/fever/flu thing going around and I think this weekend was only the intro, the rest will be following shortly. I took Tylenol Saturday night to fall asleep, and I may have to do the same tonight.

The baby has stopped doing sumersaults and now is back to kicking, last night I lay in bed for a good 20 minutes just watching my stomach, a little alien-ish if you ask me, seeing your stomach move like that, but amazing just the same :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend in bed....

1pm on Friday and my nose starts running, my eyes start watering.

It's only the start, it gets worse and by night time I feel like Ive been hit by a MAC truck and since then I've been in bed, we went out for a few hours yesterday afternoon and then back home to bed. I honestly don't know how women who are placed on bed rest keep their sanity. I was doing my best to stay in bed yesterday morning but by 8am I was going stir crazy.

I slept pretty well last night, from about 9 - 7 but I woke up a dozen times and each time it takes me quite a bit to get back to sleep. I feel a bit better today, so I think another day of rest will do me just fine.

The worst part about it is, if it was raining all weekend I wouldn't have a problem with being a shut-in, but it's beautiful outside. Today may involve a long walk in the woods, lunch on a patio and some family and friend visits. But now, rice krispies as I didn't eat dinner last night.

Friday, September 15, 2006

I love my husband....

He just called to wish me a Happy Pregnant Woman's Boxing Day

And he brought me home a trashy mag last night (one of my fave treats!) and a KitKat chocolate bar that we split :)


There are few things I indulge on, especially when it comes to this baby. Actually, let me correct myself: I haven't actually bought anything for the baby yet. I am the second last one out of family to have kids (Nadia will follow 2 weeks later), and I have close friends who have had children too so I've been quite spoiled with getting second hand stuff which I am absoloutely grateful for. I only had to buy a closet organizer for the nursery (oh wait, then I guess I lied in the first sentence) and everything else has been given to us. I have bags of girl clothes and boy clothes, there will be a few things I will have to buy but for the majority it's already there.

I kind of started to ramble there and forgot where I was going with this. Oh yes, indulging. For those of you who know me, you will know I'm super scared and worried about losing this weight after the baby. One of my closest friends is getting married on June 30th so that's my 'goal' date. Also, I love to run. I've run a couple half marathons and it's the only 'sport' that I ever really, truly enjoyed. I tried running when I got pregnant, but my body just didn't agree with it. So it's been put on hold. I can't WAIT to start again once this baby is here. At Boomerang (on Bank St.) they have a running club, where new moms (and their babies, in strollers) meet outside the church (where Kaethe and Peter got married) and then all go for a run together. So we asked around and one of the ladies there said she has tried out a few running strollers (and she's an avid runner) and this one is the best. So here it is, the one thing I plan on indulging in. I'm actually going to check it out this weekend and then keep my eye on it in case it goes on sale.

Ha, quite the big lead up for something not so exciting to anyone but me probably.

It's Friday, the weather is supposed to be beautiful this weekend and we plan on taking FULL advantage of it.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just a few more, loving my family today.

Totally not pregnancy related...

Well, maybe I feel like I am missing my family more because I'm sad they won't be around when the baby comes?

My dad, Arlene and my little beautiful sister who live in Edmonton.

Happy Pregnant Women's Day

I really wish I could remember everything I wanted to say at once... I heard on the radio this morning that it's Pregnant Women Day, no worries, I immediately informed Jeff :)

So Happy Pregnant Women's Day to all you love preggos out there :)

The 14th.....

Almost forgot!

My due date is 3 months from today!

That's approximately 13 weeks, which means 13 more aquafit classes, 39 trips to the gym, 13 Saturdays, 13 weekends, 13 episodes of Prison Break... I figure I can stop now, I think you catch my drift :)

I've forgotten

How much I love yogurt with granola - it's now my favourite mid morning snack. I eat breakfast around 6:30, so come 9-9:30, my stomach is a-rumbling!

Last night, as I promised, I relaxed. I stayed at work late to finish up a few things, went to Mom and Ricky's to pick up something mom had bought me, and went home. Just sat and talked with Jeff for an hour and then made dinner (chili and corn YUM) - after cleaning the kitchen, I got into bed around 7 and just stayed there till I fell asleep around 9.

It was the first time during this pregnancy that my back hurt. It was the top part of my back and I'm not sure what it was from, but the only comfy place for me to be was in bed with about 8 pillows behind me/to the side of me - placed perfectly so that I was super comfy and in heaven.

Woke up bright and early (actually, it wasn't bright, it was still dark) around 4:30 so after just lying there and thinking about absoloutely everything (I'm a big thinker and have a million things racing through my mind at any given point in time) for a bit, I got up, got ready and came to work nice and early.

I'm going to miss my long showers and getting ready in the morning (I love my morning ritual)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've hit the stage where my skin, hair and nails are all PERFECT!

I can't believe my skin, I normally have rosacea (mildly) so I get blotchy with red patches (although some people swear they love it on me, makes me look healthy) but those red patches have gone away.... pure joy.

Can I go back to sleep now?

I'm caught in a vicious cycle. I get tired around 3pm but by the time I get home, I have so much energy that I go go go until around 10 - hit the sack, am dead tired the next morning (I wake up at 6) (due to my night of naps strung together, not a solid sleep) and it just keeps going!

BUT, this does mean that I've been making it to the gym which is always a bonus. I don't do much mind you, the elliptical or the treadmill (read: no weights) but it gets my heart rate up a bit and burns a couple hundred calories. Last night I was on the treadmill with an incline of 4.0 and I started to get twingey cramps in my stomach, so I put it down to 1.0 and just kept walking and I felt normal again.

Did some groceries (was out of carrots and celery!), made a yummy comfort food dinner (Jeff is at home sick since Monday with a chest cold/body aches/pounding head etc) - Chicken A La King and it was delicious.

Today, I'm tired. Like, really tired. The string of naps throughout the night is just not cutting it anymore. Maybe I need to nap in the afternoon? I always feel so much worse when I wake up from a nap that I avoid them like the plague. Maybe instead of doing a million things every night I will just relax and take it easy every third night.

Lying down on the couch while watching TV isn't cutting it for me either. We did a quick re-arrangement of furniture in the basement and now I have my own comfy-ass chair that's awesome for my back, and an ottoman of sorts to elevate my feet. I was in heaven while watching House last night.

I'm wearing a hand-me down pair of mat pants today (really nice, all different shades of grey stripes (including black), flare pants but I don't like the way it shapes my belly - good thing I didn't spend money on them. But, I do have a credit note at Motherhood so I may take a wander over there after work tonight (then I PROMISE I'm going home to relax).

(Can't wait for Jeff to get better. 1/ for the obvious reason, I don't like my husband being sick and 2/ so he can put the crib and change table together! But that's the selfish part of me talking)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Started last night and I really enjoyed it! Besides my chlorine skin that I quickly scrubbed away as soon as I got home, it was fantastic. It feels so much better to move like that in the water than on the elliptical. The baby was moving like crazy all night last night, every time I woke up (which was OFTEN because I drank a liter of water before bed) I swear you could see the covers moving because he or she was kicking so much.

It was nice to see other pregnant ladies, and it brought me back to reality, knowing that I'm not the biggest pregnant woman out there. There were a few that were not as far along as me, and bigger, so I felt better. And today I feel really really good, my skin is good, my hair is good, my clothes look wonderful (thank you Julie and Jennifer) and I feel happily beautiful pregnant. It doesn't happen often, so I tend to hold onto the days that it does.

27 weeks today! 13 more to go! God, that scares me.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The nursery...

Is almost there! Ok, far from it but last night we got the crib and Jeff is going to put it and the change table together this week. I'm so excited so I can arrange the furniture and figure out where everything is going to go. Then the moulding will go up hopefully next week, and then we can start with the stencilling and hanging the pictures/stars and moons and then washing all the baby clothes we have.

Oh yeah, darn, I forgot I have to clean out the closet. I took all my pre-pregnancy clothes out of my room, put them in the closet in the nursery. I have to find a new home for them (to the guest room?) - it's actually quite sick the amount of clothes I have, and I even went through and gave 7 bags to the women's shelter.

I start aqua-fit tonight, and it sounds silly but I hope we don't go underwater. I am an avid swimmer and have been my whole life (was lucky enough to grow up with a pool), but I find swimming in indoor pools takes a toll on my hair - they put SO much chlorine in those pools my hair gets brittle and just overall horrible.

I have to call my obs. office today. I have 3 requisition forms they gave me at my last appointment. 1 is for the rhogam shot (for Sept 20th) and I'm pretty sure I know which form is for that one. The other one is for my glucose shot and I don't even know what the other one is for. I think just regular bloodwork? And I remember the nurse telling me I had to call ahead to make sure the clinic had ____ for one of them (my glucose shot?). I wish I would have cleared it up while I was there, but they gave me a million forms and were talking about so many things - now I have all the forms in front of me and can call them and get it straightened out.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I love kids....

So, as we know from yesterday's post, I had the kids overnight. I took 'em around 1, we went to grandma's house and had our nap, got up, got into our snazzy new clothes (there were so many sales yesterday, I went into Please Mum and got the cutest camaflouge skirt for Isabelle and a little racing jacket for Ethan) and went to the surprise party. My sister has done an amazing job at raising her children. They sit at the table while eating, not running around like all the other kids, they use their napkins to wash their face and hands and they don't scream and cry and all that nonsense.

We left around 8, went home, we cleaned up (brushed our teeth, washed our face etc) and then got into our king sized bed. I love nighttimes with them, they say the most adorable things while we re-hash all we have done that day, they ask all kinds of questions about the baby (they know he or she will make his or her appearance when the snow comes) and they are all cuddly and snuggly.

I left them in the king sized bed and I went into the guest room into our old queen bed (which now seems so small) then at 6:30 I heard footsteps coming towards my door and Ethan just looked, smiled and said "hi". Now we are watching Dora and going to take a bath shortly.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

I love Saturday mornings....

Even though I'm always up at the crack of dawn, today I did something I haven't done in months, maybe years. I stayed in bed. For 2.5 hours. I read, I talked on the phone, I checked the weather network (yes, we are one of those horrible TV lovers who have a TV in their bedroom) and then I watched 'Vanished' from Monday night (it was PVR'd).

Then I got up, had some Rice Krispies, threw on a laundry and came here to check a few things.

I'm having a great morning so far.

I think I'll head into my mom's to see how the garage sale is going (It's the Ottawa South Garage Sale today), then quickly head over to Bayshore to wander and maybe buy a few things (I want a pair of black maternity dress pants for the surprise party I'm going to tonight).

I'm happy, I feel good, I look good, I love my belly and I love the little bean who's constantly kicking and moving (and he responds when Jeff talks or sings into my belly!). Yesterday at work, I spoke to three different doctors (who I work with) who all said they see blue in my future. I become more and more convinced every day that it's a boy. So I am checking out the baby name book again, there are a few names that tickle my fancy but I have to wait till my husband is home to see what his take is on them.

This two lb munchkin inside me is becoming more and more real every day. I talk to him, I sing to him (only when I'm alone), I think about him & us every day and how much our life is going to change come December and I get tears in my eyes becuase I am so excited. I love him or her. No matter what he looks like, no matter if he sleeps well or not, I am just going to love this baby to death.

Friday, September 08, 2006

I love my husband....

Jeff left this morning for a golf weekend in Tremblant with the boys. Although I will be happy when he comes back on Sunday, I am looking forward to a "me" weekend.

I got in the car this morning to come to work and there was an Annie Lennox song "Little Bird" playing in the car. I was so excited, thinking it was on the radio. But then I looked at the stereo and saw that it was on CD. So I flipped to the next song and it was another Annie Lennox song.... I ejected the CD and saw that my wonderful husband had made me an Annie Lennox CD. I had mentioned a few months ago that I couldn't find her CD and I was bummed, cause I loved it.

He's the best.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I think I'm a horribe person...

Ok, so we all know I seriously struggle with weight gain during this pregnancy. Today, I think I look perfectly pregnant. The jeans I'm wearing make me look great and the T-shirt perfectly conforms to my belly, making it look like a cute little preggo belly. I want to show everyone what I look like today. (Must remember to take picture tonight, but by the night time I never look as good as in the morning, but anyways, this isnt the point). The point is, when I'm feeling fat and ugly and just have the pregnancy-ugs, I often find myself reading blogs about people who are struggling to get pregnant, reading about their desperation to get pregnant and know they would slap me silly if they heard me complaining about a 20 lbs weight gain.

Then I realize how (#*&$(&#$ lucky I am to have a 26 week old baby inside my stomach and so far this pregnancy has gone perfectly as planned.

I use other people's nightmares to my advantage, how horrible is that?

I don't know... I just don't know if this is a normal way of thinking, I think I'd like to find other ways to get me out of my slump than compare myself to others less fortunate than me.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm a what???

So, I need new bras. I know this isn't a fun post but seriously, I do. I didn't realize your RIBCAGE grows! Mine are uncomfortable now, so off I go tonight to shop. And it's not fun cause I'm not looking in La Senza for cute, pretty, sexy ones. I'm looking for support and comfort. I got measured, and although not willing to post what size I am now, it's bigger than I was even when I was at my highest weight! They shrank quite a bit when I lost all that weight but now I'm back up and bigger. And I don't think there is any slowing down in the near future. I just about died when the lady told me what size I am now (ok, it's a 40D, I've NEVER been a D and never been a 40!)

Last night mom and Rick came over for dinner, we measured the nursery for moulding, chose colours for the rooms we are getting painted (probably within the next 2 weeks!) and had a big discussion on how we are going to renovate the basement. We are going to get an architect in (a friend of Ricky's) because drain pipes etc need to be moved, and he will hopefully give us some good ideas. I think the plan is to start renovations in the spring, hopefully when the bebe, me and my mom are in Vancouver. Currently, half the baesment is finished (our TV room) and the other half is unfinished and is storage/laundry. We are going to make a den/office/guest room, a TV room, a laundry room and a bathroom down there. And when we re-did the bathroom this year, we saved the counter/sink from the ensuite so now we have it for the basement bathroom.

This is all if we don't find a new house within the next couple of months :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Jeff and I just went for a power walk around the neighbourhood and my hands and feet are so swollen! If I just hold my hands up ove rmy head I can feel them draining out. I used to get this feeling in the 30+ degree weather when training for my half marathon.....

I think I'm going to take a cold shower and hop into bed (and maybe watch the season premiere of House!)


26 weeks today....

I've been pregnant for 1/2 year!

Last night we had a huge BBQ and it was alot of fun, I told Jeff I wouldn't be entertaining that amount of people in one night again until after the baby was born, and he completely understood. I love doing it, but really, was on my feet cooking/getting read/serving/cleaning etc for 7 hours and by the end I was exhausted. My feet were swollen, I was hot as a (can't think how to end this analogy) and I was just beat. In bed by 9pm and asleep shortly afterwards.

Lyne and Dwight brought our change table, Julie brought more maternity clothes, and I got tips and pieces of advice throughout the night, which always makes me happy :)

Lyne told me that trying to reason with an overtired child was like trying to reason with a drunk, and we both know the latter never works. Lyne and Dwight have a beautiful 7 year old daughter, Sienna and you can tell that they've always spoken to her and treated her as an adult because she acts so mature for her age. You can have these amazing conversations with her. I find it's the same with Carly's Emma, she's only 7 or 8 and yet you would think you were talking to a 16 year old. I think so much of it has to do with the way they are spoken to (spoken to as an adult as opposed to a child).

I should have taken a picture of all the children last night, they were all so adorable and for the most part... really, really good.

So far, only Julie, Lisa, my mom and grandmother think I'm having a girl, everyone else is convinced (as we are) that it's a boy. Grace and Isabelle (2 three year olds) also think it's a girl but the rest of the 'kids' also say boy when asked.

Still no boy's names yet....will start a search on my lunch hour. Now for some oatmeal.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Nursery (so far)

So it's still completely bare, but the walls are painted. We are putting up a chair railing (2 inches thick) in between the two colours, to break it up a bit.

I don't know if the exact colour comes through in these pictures, but I love love love the blue colour "Serenity" by Benjamin Moore and when the room is transformed into the twinkle twinkle little star theme, it's going to look awesome!

I am in love...

With our new king sized bed. I have SO much room, I now sleep with a body pillow in front of me, a pillow behind me (so I dont roll over onto my back) and two pillows under my head... I am in heaven.

Behind our bed is somewhat boring, we don't have a headboard and Jeff won't let me hang a picture above our bed cause he'd always be afraid it would fall on his head. He's so cute :)

The green in the sheets is a completely different colour green then the walls, but for some strange reason, it works. It just makes me want to go crawl back into it :)

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lonnng weekend

I wish every weekend was a long weekend, it just seems we get SO much done when we have 3 days off instead of 2. The baby's room? Painted. I LOVE it! Just waiting for Ricky to put up the moulding next week, then the crib, change table and glider will be moved in. Looks like our deadline of October 1st (for having the nursery done) will be met.

Jeff told me yesterday he had his first feelings that it may be a girl. I was shocked. Since the day we found out we were pregnant we both thought it was a boy. I just know it is. I think it's because we had Isabelle over last weekend for a sleepover and they bonded a bit, he loves and adores her so when we spend time alone with her he loves the idea of having a daughter. Then we were at the grocery store last night (yes, grocery store on a Saturday night) and there a young boy helping his dad take some bags to the dumpster and we talked about a boy is the dad's helper and a little girl is a mom's helper. But, it's daddy's little girl and mommy's little boy. I love thinking about raising a child, I rarely think past the point of having a baby and realize we are going to have a 5 year old, a child starting school, a teenager, someone asking us for keys to the car... it's crazy and we are SO excited.

Tomorrow we are having a BBQ (started off as 4 people with 2 kids and now it's 12 adults and kids) so we are cleaning the house from top to bottom, and that always includes some type of re-ogranization, re-hanging pictures, moving stuff around yada yada. Then a trip to Costco (we are having ribs tomorrow) and back to the grocery store so I can get everything I need (I'm making a brie and onion appetizer, lemon meringue pie, and someting chocolate) - everything else will be easy those are the only thing I have to concentrate on. We are hoping to make it to a movie tonight but I doubt that's going to happen cause it's already 11:40 :)