Monday, March 31, 2008

Tee hee

Carson and I are playing hooky tomorrow :)

He has his 15 month dr. appt (at 16 months), so I took the whole day off. I think we're headed to the museum, his appt, home for a nap and then to a kids play area. Just me and my little guy. I'm looking forward to it.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oh he's funny

Every day he gets that more communicative. It's amazing, tonight (or I guess this morning, with Jeff) he stared playing this game where you turn your heads away from each other and then slowly start to look at the other person out of the corner of your eye. He plays the game perfectly. He looks like he's trying to be sneaky, and then he laughs cause he knows he just did something funny. He's growing to be such a smart little boy. Jeff and I always laughed when I was pregnant and said - he or she may not be cute, but they sure are going to be smart!

He's getting quite good at eating by himself, and he loves sitting at Ethan and Isabelle's old white table. He'll sit there, eats his after daycare snack while I get dinner ready and then play for sometimes almost 20 minutes.

Then he had to take a bunch of his toys and put them all on one stair. Then he took each one and put it on the next step up until all of them were on the next step. Then onto the next step. So carefully, so intentional.

And really? Isn't my little guy just gorgeus? Every time I look at him I think just how freaking cute he is.

Swimming swimming in my swimming pool.....

I almost forgot that swimming lessons start on Saturday. Carson is going to be pretty excited to get back into the water. He's a water baby for sure - just like his mom and dad!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


We had a wonderful weekend in Toronto! Friday night we stayed with Michael and Olivia. It's funny how kids take a liking to certain people. Carson loved Uncle Michael. He sat on his lap for a good half an hour. Carson doesn't sit on MY lap for that long. He was just lying back against him and listening to us all talk.

Saturday we went for a walk to a farm (which was funny, we were driving along Danforth, busy street with busy side streets and all of a sudden, there was a farm). Carson loved the goats the best. It still kills me to see Carson just walking along....

Then we went on to my Donna and Ellery's house after Carson's nap. After running around the house chasing the cats and finding two baskets of golf balls (you should have seen his expression when he stumbled upon those), he proceeded to fall asleep quite early. Which left the rest of us to sit around, eat dinner and catch up. It was long overdue. The next day was Easter and Carson was lucky that his Auntie Donna Easter Bunny bought him a new Diego helicopter push toy!

Then it was off yet again to Blair and Cathy's for dinner, with the whole Walker clan (minus Dad and Arlene, Sam, Carrie and Rob and the kids). It was pretty loud there (we tried to warn Carson about the Walkers!) but by this point, Carson was a bit overtired from all the travelling and being in new places, so he stuck to his mom and dad pretty close. And of course, was comforted by his cars, trucks and trains.

All in all it was a great weekend. Carson was an absolute trooper the whole time, he travels great, sleeps in his playpen no matter where it is and was constantly happy. He made his mom and dad very proud.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A few pictures before we go

I had just taken his laundry out of the dryer and the clothes were still warm. He was beside me when I started folding the laundry and he grabbed his pj bottoms (flannel ones) and started rubbing them against his face and then was running around the room laughing and screeching because he was so happy with his "find". Then I gave him his blankie (it was still warm too) and he was in heaven. If you look closely you can see the new car that he got for his Easter present from daycare today. He hasn't let it go all night. Then we had a bath, and off to bed!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Such different strokes for different folks

Hah, it's rather funny that a woman's blog I read had a post today about parenting. She was saying how she has mixed feelings about going back to work because there is no part of being a mom that she doesn't like. She says she wishes there was a little part of it she didn't like, so she could enjoy being back at work.

I don't think I am like that. I think there are parts of parenting that I don't particularly enjoy, however I like to think it's moreso that I love aspects of working, so it's a good balance for me. I've always enjoyed being around people, challenging myself (when it comes to work), being in a work environment and having a life away from my family. Where people don't see me just as Christy, the mom. It's like a lead a double life, and it's great.

It just goes to show there are tons of fabulous women out there with so many different takes on staying at home with your kids. I honestly believe that one isn't necessarily right and one is not wrong, but in the end we all just want our kids to grow up the best they can. And as happy as can be.

NB: When I say there are parts to parenting I don't enjoy, I can honestly say there's never been a minute that I hated it, or wishing we went back to our single lives, but there are certainly times I feel the need to leave the house for a bit, to get out on my own. But no matter how brief the time I'm gone, I'm always happy and excited to get back to it. To get back to my family.

You know what?

I love being a mom. I really really do. If I'm in any type of situation where someone asks if I have kids, I'm so happy when I say yes.

Sure some people may think I don't love being a mom as much as they do, just because I like my balance of work and being at home. Or because sometimes I scoot out and let Jeff put him to bed on his own because I want to meet with the girls for coffee. Or maybe because sometimes on the weekend I head out to shop or meet with friends while, heaven forbid, Carson is awake and it's important to note, happy at home spending alone time with Daddy.

I'm quite happy that when I go away for a weekend in April, I have no doubts that Jeff will be just fine and him and Carson will get along swimmingly without me. I can't imagine being the only one who could care for Carson. The only one who ever put him to bed at night, got him out of bed in the morning - what good is that for anyone involved?

I think having some Christy time is important for all of us. It helps Jeff to become more secure and comfortable in the daddy-role, it helps Carson learn to get along without me, and it helps me be a better mother, wife and all around person.

Carson is growing up to be a kind, generous and happy boy. He's shy for a few minutes when he meets new people, but then quickly shows off all his tricks and wants to play with everyone. I like the person he is, the child he is... I'm quite fond of him. And there couldn't be a prouder mother out there.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Carson's latest and greatest thing is his 5 favourite vehicles. His bus, police car, bus #2, truck and car. He'll very carefully and methodically put one at a time on the kitchen chair. Then, one at a time, he moves them to his little table. Then from his table to the other chair... and again. And again. It's the cutest thing! He LOVES his little table and chairs and will sit there forever just playing with his cars.

Winter boots weren't such a hit with him. So I tried rainboots. Much easier to put on and I figured not as heavy. But, same as the boots, he won't move with them. He'll stand there and as soon as he wants to move, he'll let me know (see picture below) he'll only move if I'm holding him.

This kid loves anything on wheels. The other day we went for a walk and he stood on the street corner and just pointed at each car as it went by. He could have stayed there for hours!

Here we are!

He'll run from the living room into the kitchen and then come back and try to scare us. He has this new toddler laugh/screech thing when he thinks something is really funny. Even Auntie Carrie said his laugh sounds more kid-ish and less baby-ish.

My stupid camera wouldn't take the picture fast enough. Sofia and Carson shared a little kiss, but this is the only picture I got.

A family picture!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Waiting for daddy to come home:

He has this thing now where he walks with his hand on the bottom part of his back:

With Daddy's Eagles hat on:

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now I'm not so sure

That it was his teeth.

Not one scream yesterday. Happier than usual. To the point we joked about our caregiver giving him drugs during the day to make him so happy.

And I looked in his mouth and nothing looked different from the day before, so it's not like they finally poked through or anything.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More teeth, what's new?

So Carson's molars are coming in. He had the two back teeth beside the incisors (is that what they are called?) come in during our horrible trip to Florida. Now the molars are coming in. I can see one white bump representing each of the molars, so I know it's not supposed to be painful after the teeth break through the skin (why, have they asked a teething 15 month old if it hurts?) but this week he's been absolutely beside himself.

Carson's normally a pretty happy go lucky kid. Nothing really phases him. He's certainly a mommy's boy, but does quite well on his own and is happy to play and entertain himself for the most part. Well not lately. The other night, I had to make a salad for dinner and he stayed in the exact same spot and screamed for a good 10 minutes. If it wasn't so sad it may have been funny. He didn't move his feet. Towards the end he started to squat, but still didn't move his feet. Yesterday when Jeff dropped him off at care, he kept turning towards Jeff and looked at him with his big beautiful eyes - as if to say, why are you leaving me here? But then when I picked him up, S said he was perfect and two seconds after Jeff left Carson was happy playing with the kids. He had a great day. Last night started out great, we went for about an hour walk in his sled (my arms are paying for it now) and about 10 minutes before we got home he started wailing again. Then didn't stop for about 25 minutes after we got in the house. I was doing everything I could - he would not stop. I put him down to go to the washroom and then came back out and sat in the living room (he was by the kitchen table) and was trying to convince him to come over and read a book with me (his favorite book!) and he would take 2 steps - then scream for 5 minutes. Then another two steps - and scream (it wasn't crying so much as screaming?). Finally we gave in and went and got him.

This morning was the first time in a couple days he's woken up in the morning without crying. Before this weekend, he never woke up crying. Not in months and months! This morning he seemed like his old self. Jeff said he was a bit iffy going to S again this morning when he dropped him off, but we were away for almost 2 weeks so it's not totally surprising that it's taking him a while to get used to going again.

Monday, March 10, 2008

It's so easy to forget

Now that Carson is in care, I kind of assume his social activities are taken care of. He interacts with kids all day - so come the weekend, we kind of hang out at home with Carson, bring him on our shopping/errands, take him out for walks, etc. It's so easy to get so caught up in your own routine and forget about what he needs.

Finally after we got plowed out last night (aroudn 5:30), (51cm of snow fell on Ottawa over the weekend) we made it to Justen's birthday party (8 hours late, but better late then never, right?) and Grace, Jaeda, Maisie, and Justen were all playing so well together. I would go over and sit with Carson on my lap and slowly but surely he'd get up and play. I would slowly move away from the room and try to sit and just watch, but as soon as he'd spot me, he'd be over within a matter of seconds. I want him to grow up and be comfortable to be around other kids and not as shy as I was.

Ok, I know he's only 15 months. But why not start him getting used to other kids now? It can't hurt. So I'm making a mental note to have a playdate for him every weekend. Which won't be that hard to accomplish seeing as every one of my friends has kids - so we BOTH get a playdate :)

Monday, March 03, 2008

The first time

I've ever wanted a vacation to be over... I'm dreaming of my own bed and Carson is his own crib. We all have the flu. It sucks! Last night was the worst of it (I hope). At least Carson went to bed at 6:30 and slept till 4am (when I got up to check on him, he was lying in puke), while Jeff was changing the sheets in his playpen, I was changing his bum and he fell asleep while I was doing it. He went straight back to bed and it's now almost 9am and he's still sleeping. I think this is probably the longest he's ever slept in. He needs it. Yesterday he didn't go down for his nap as easily as he normally does. He'd fall asleep on your shoulder and as soon as you would put him in the playpen he'd start crying. After doing this about 6 times, I finally put him down and let him cry for a bit. I knew he was tired and needed to sleep. He went to bed about 5 minutes later - but only slept just shy of two hours, and he was exhausted. Anyways, despite being sick he's in a good mood and tries to get outside at every opportunity he can. Yesterday I saw him walk over to the front door and try to open it. And he brought over Grammy's shoes to me (which Deanna, you forgot here!) and then put them on his feet. Hilarious.

I thought I had posted this, but guess not. Carson woke up at 10 and was back down at 11:45 and is still sleeping (it's now 2pm). The whole time he was awake he was just sitting on my lap, snuggling his head into my chest. He hasn't eaten anything other than two squares of toast in the last two days. I've been giving him apple juice mixed with pedialyte out of his bottle, which I hate to do but he was sick and needed to be coddled.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Thank you for your wishes

BUT last night at 12:47 (I had just gone to bed about 10 minutes earlier) Grammy came into the room with Carson who was covered in puke. Poor little bunny couldn't avoid the inevitable. He was happy as a clam though. We got cleaned up, played for an hour and then went back to bed. We moved the playpen into our room, I wanted to be close to him in case it happened again, and it took him a good hour to fall asleep (he was just playing in his bed) and he slept straight through... till 5. So we're up, he's eating toast in front of the TV (hey, I'm working on 2 hours sleep here) and I'm waiting for Jeff to get up so I can go nap. I'm not feeling too good (but staying positive... I will NOT get sick) so a couple of hours in bed will do me good.

Carson seems fine now, he keeps burping and I can hear it all in his stomach, but he's still super happy so I'm hoping the bug made it out of his system faster then the rest of the sickies!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Oh no!

Everyone except Carson and I has the flu. It's hard trying to avoid getting the bug that's going around, but at least we are in Florida so we can spend lots of time outdoors. Erin, Jan and Petra are having a rough go. And being sick is the WORST when you are a)on vacation and b) not in your own bed. Jeff feels it coming on, but so far Carson and I are OK (knock on wood).

Grammy and Grampy are here visiting. Keep your fingers crossed that Carson and I stay healthy!