Saturday, May 29, 2010

Live is life

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine and we were just talking about life in general. I said something to the effect of how our life isn't perfect right now, we are still working out a few glitches and working towards something.

But after a weekend like today? How can I think that?

I start the morning off by snuggling two of the cutest boys ever. My boys love me, they love each other and they LOVE to snuggle. Once we come downstairs from all waking up, we often get together on the couch and have full blown on family cuddles. Mommy, Daddy, Carson and Beckett.

After a quick breakfast, I loaded up the car and we took off for Grandma and Nono's house by the lake to surprise Grandma on her birthday! We had a visit, ate some timbits and then loaded up for a boat ride. Carson is obsessed with swimming in the lake. It's what he talks about morning noon and night. Even though this is only his second time, and that he's only 3, he was ready to jump in as soon as we made the decision to swim (it was quite cool out, and we thought maybe they would only be dipping their toes in, but as soon as we sat on the edge the sun came out so Carrie and I made the executive decision to go for the gold). Uncle Rob had to hold him back while I dove in and swam back to get him. He was just dying to get in and as soon as he jumped and went to get him he said "No mom, don't touch me, just let me swim". Ummm... ok?

After the trailer, we came home and when Beckett went to bed, Carson and I took off and biked to the water park. We had a popsicle picnic and then went nutso in the water.

As soon as we got home from the water park we hopped in the car and went to Julie and Tim's for a BBQ. Carson loves their house, they have a tire swing, the best play kitchen, tons of outdoor toys, a bubble gun, their tree swing - it's a kid's dream. As soon as he hears we are going over he tells me everything that he's going to do while we are there.

I love getting together with my friends and their kids. I love their kids. My friends are my friends that I've had since highschool, so obviously I've known their kids since the day they were born and it's just amazing to talk to them as little people. Anyways. Love them.

Got home, both kids were on overdrive and didn't fall asleep the way I thought they would. But now they are both asleep and I'm sure excited to see what tomorrow brings.

So a day full of family, friends, my kids and my husband? Sounds like I'm pretty darn lucky. I need to remember that more often. Life is pretty good round these parts.

Oh, and just cause he's cute. Here are some picture of Mr B showing off his new chompers. Really, he's this happy all the time. It's crazy.

As soon as any door in the house opens, Beckett makes a total beeline for it. He loves the great outdoors (term coined by Auntie Erin). He also loves eating wood chips.

Carson loves helping his Mommy and Daddy do. No matter what we are doing, he just wants to help. The other morning wasn't too hot (we have had some scorchers around here) so Carson and I did a bit of gardening.

Beckett loves the backdeck - can you tell?

I told Carson to get ready to go for a bike ride. He came out decked out in his winter hat, shades and his goggles. I wonder if this is a sign of his fashion sense...? If so, yikes!

All set to go for a bike ride. It's our favourite mode of transportation these days. Beckett doesn't love his helmet, but it helps when Carson points out his helmet and how much fun it is to wear it.

Now I'm one tired mommy so I'm off to bed!

Monday, May 24, 2010

May Two Four

Was the PERFECT weekend.

Saturday, I turned 35 (WHAT? THIRTY FIVE?) and we had a wonderful lunch on the patio, my boys and me, dinner at Peter's house and it was all topped off with ice cream cake. Very successful birthday!

Sunday we met friends and family at the new water park near our house for a BBQ picnic. It was tons of fun and a great way to celebrate the long weekend and the hot weather.

And to top of an already excellent weekend, we met Nadia and Sean and Sofia at Grandma and Nono's trailer. The kids took a trip around the campsite in their new wagon and said hi to all the neighbours.

After lunch we took the maiden voyage on the new boat! We gathered all our stuff and headed down.
Carson's ready for take off!
Daddy and Beckett getting ready too
Momma and her boys cruising down the lake
Poor Beckett was tired and needed a nap
Sofia and Carson checking out the water
And it was such a hot day that we all jumped in the lake and swam. And Carson did awesome - he was swimming on his own (well, with a lifejacket and pool noodle of course) but Daddy and I were so proud.

It was an absolutely perfect weekend!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My boys

It's certainly summer weather here in Ottawa! We spent the day at "Grandma's Park", the boys and I. We spent lots of time in the shade. It's so hard to keep Beckett's skin away from the sun!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My baby is 10 months old

While I was looking at the calendar yesterday, it dawned on me that it was Beckett's 10 month birthday. 10 months? Seriously? Already? How did that happen?

We went from a deliriously happy with one child family to a family of four with two little boys who bring so much love and happiness to Jeff and I.

And here's another litle video of my happy happy little guy. Seriously, this is him all the time. He just giggles. I love him to bits and bits and bits

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

As I sit here, wanting to write what Mother's Day means to me, I'm having trouble putting it into words.

My boys are my life. They have transformed me with their laughter, their eyes, the way Carson fits perfectly into me when I pick him up - his head on my shoulder, his legs wrapped around me. The way Beckett beelines to me when he's crawling around and spots me. His legs start to thump, he starts laughing and he keeps looking up at me to make sure I am still there - his smile reaching from ear to ear.

They are always at the forefront of my mind. I can't think of anything else without thinking of them first. Will they want to do that? How will this affect them? Will they have fun? They are the epitome of my life, without them I wouldn't be half the person I am today. They've taught me to look at the world through a child's eyes, and let me tell you it's a beautiful world out there. They love me unconditionally, something I think all us adults could learn from. Every day they teach me something new and I love them more for it, every single day.

Your mommy loves you boys so much.