Friday, October 31, 2008

Cutest little spider ever

Carson had a great Halloween last night! I didn't think he would put on his costume at all, and I will admit I had to do a little convincing (if you put your spider on we'll go outside for a walk, he will do anythign to go outside) but he put it on and kept it on for the whole time. We went out and walked up and down the street, he said hi to everyone (I think he had chocolate-courage), went up to the scariest house on the street but shyed away when anyone tried to give him candy. He's in love with our neighbours cat, and he chased it all around the yard, even onto their porch. They're a really cute couple (with no kids of their own) so I think it made their night. They would call him over whenever the cat was brave enough to come back. He even helped Daddy hand out candy!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy (early) Hallowe'en!

Carson showing mommy all his artwork. He likes telling us what each one is. The other night he brought home the one Hallowe'en one and he wouldn't let it go all night.

He picked up a few new trains from his sleepover this past weekend, Ethan passed along Thomas' old trains. They just keep getting passed on through the cousins. Anyways, he just loves them. He's probably playing with/talking about/looking for these trains 90% of the time he's awake at home.

Here's Carson in his spider costume. He's the cutest little spider EVER.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Being passed on...

Kate and LJ found out they were having a boy (yippeee a lifetime friend for Carson) so I went through the boxes and boxes of baby clothes, toys and accessories and gave them to Kate over the weekend. I opened up a few of the boxes and looked at the little sleepers, the little outfits, the little undershirts. I can't even remember Carson being that tiny. I look at him now and he's so big, so tall, talking up a storm, wanting to do everything on his own... he's going to be TWO in just over a month.

I saw an old friend as I was out walking last night, him and his wife just had a baby boy and I wanted to pick him up, snuggle him and take him home with me.

I think it's fair to say I'm jonesing for another baby!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Long weekend

And despite being sick (Jeff passed his cold onto Carson and I), we're having a great long weekend. Yesterday we weren't sure what to do in the afternoon and then we remembered that The Paquette's were having an open house, so we went over there for the afternoon for some long overdue visiting. Carson met Jack for the second time and it took them a while, but then they warmed up to each other.

Then a quick stop off at Grandma and Nono's, where Carson fell in love with an apple sauce and wouldn't let go of it, even when it was time to go home. He carried it the whole way home, and only finally let go of it when it was time for bed.

First thing this morning, he asked for applesauce though. He's sick, so I'm only happy to give him whatever he wants.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Dinky cars Dinky cars

Are invading my life!


I opened my sock drawer this morning, found a dinky car
I walked downstairs to the basement, found two dinky cars on the stairs
I put my water bottle on the counter, it landed on top of a dinky car
I went to put my cell phone in the cupholder in my car, there were two dinky cars in there
Walking to work, I put my hands in my POCKETS, what was in there? You guessed it. Two dinky cars!

Ahhh such is the life of being a mom to a little boy!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Thank you S!

Our caregiver knew we were looking for a toybox/shelf and her sister had one she was looking to get rid of, so she passed it on our way.

It's way nicer than I was anticipating... and most importantly, Carson LOVES his new piece of furniture. All his cars are already lined up on one shelf... he spent 20 minutes putting them there, and then re-organizing them. I think it's a hit :)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Trip on the bus!

Yesterday Carson, Grandma and I took a trip downtown on the bus. Knowing Carson as well as I do, I knew he wasn't going to love it right away. He was a little unsure of the bus, with all the people on it, sitting on benches and moving. But, as we showed him the sites and what we were passing, he ended up loving it (which I also knew would happen).

We went to Rideau Center and he was having so much fun riding the escalators and running around that when the time came to leave, he threw his first temper tantrum with me (probably lasted 90 seconds) and was screaming and on the floor NOT wanting to put his sweater on. But as soon as it was on, he was fine and we went outside to get on the bus to come home.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Daddy is SO proud

On Sunday, I was trying to get supper ready and Carson was attached to my leg, so Jeff brought him downstairs to the basement. And of course, it being Sunday and all, the football game was on. Carson sat beside Jeff (and when he sits beside you, he keeps shoving his bum over till he gets as close as possible) and watched football for over half an hour.

Now, Carson asks every day "Daddy, downstairs, football (which sounds like guckball)"

Every time he asks, Jeff gets the biggest and proudest grin ever.