Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm leaving on a jet plane....don't know when I'll be back again

Ok, so it's not a jet plane but rather a Toyota Matrix
And, I will be back around the 12th of August

So my title was a lie, but it's a great song so deal.

Tomorrow morning, 4 am my wonderful husband and I will be driving to PEI for a glorious two week vacation. I can't wait.

Everything is going great pregnancy wise, I think the day of the ultrasound I felt the baby kick. After the u/s I knew where it's feet were so I placed my hand there and I'm 99% sure I felt two kicks. Light kicks, but kicks. It made me happy and all I want is for it to happen again.

I got the whole - get up too fast get wicked pains in your stomach - last night when I got up to read the baby journal. I gave up and didn't get the book so nothing really new to report. The back ache suggestion for yesterday told me to avoid lifting heavy things in my arms, but rather to lift things at my side. Of course Jeff turned it into a - don't always pick up Ethan and Isabelle blah blah blah but he knows me, I won't stop at picking them up.

Yesterday I was holding Isabelle (see, told you I would'nt listen) and she looked at me, touched my elephant necklace and said "I love your baby".

I died.

Have a great two weeks and I hope to avoid the computer at all costs while in PEI but I may update if something important happens, or if it's raining.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I still have this freaking headache, and could barely sleep last night so I called in sick. It will hurt so bad on one side of my head that I have to close that eye, it's ridiculous. I have an appt with the neurologist on the 31st of August, so I will definitely be looking forward to that.

Back to lying down.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006



That's all I can say. Wow.

I will just keep referring to the baby as a he cause it's annoying to write he/she all the time. The baby was playing with his toes, at one point he had both feet up and was touching them. He was sucking his thumb and just moving all over the place, not flipping but just wailing it's arms and legs. It's amazing how much he's moving and yet I haven't felt anything yet. The measurements are all at about 19 weeks (they measure the femur for example and then write beside it what week that measurement corresponds to) I asked if that meant my due date would be pushed back, but D. Farrell said no, they will only push up/back a due date when you measure 12 days (plus or minus) difference. The heart rate is 149 and you can see the heart during the u/s and it's beating so fast it's crazy. The screen is pointed away from you while the technician is doing all the measuring, so for the first 10 minutes or so, Jeff could see the screen but I couldn't, it was pure torture! Finally when I saw it, I just couldn't believe it. The baby's head is down and it's feet are up, it's 300 grams. I have a low lying placenta so if it doesn't go up, I will need a C-section, but he says 98% chance it will move out of the way. Either way, if that's the worst problem I have right now, I can deal with it. What a relief to see the baby move and to know it's growing the way it should be and that everything looks good. I'm so happy.

The u/s pictures aren't that great, I wish there was a clearer one of him playing with his toes. Apparently you have to tell the technician you want pictures when you are in with him/her. We didn't know that (and the receptionist was quite rude about it) and so when we were all done, she gave us the report and then I said - what about the pictures. She said - oh did you tell her you wanted pictures? Jeff asked how were we supposed to know that and she said there are signs, sure, she pointed to one sign outside the room we were escorted into but I wasn't looking on all the walls while walking down that hallway. Grrrr... when you say it's your first ultrasound they should tell you this stuff, how else would we know? I was a tad miffed, but I got over it.

They are sending me for a consult with a neurologist because of my headaches, but the dr. said not to worry it's most likely a result of the pregnancy.

I slept like poo last night, was awake from about 1-5, watched the crazy storm though!

Monday, July 24, 2006

So excited about tomorrow...

Cause we'll get to see the little growing bean inside me!

It's supposedly 6.5 inches now, which is HUGE. Well, at least when you know there's a life inside you that big, it's HUGE. Maybe if it was a ladder, it wouldn't be so huge.

Had a great weekend, spent the majority of it at Kate's cottage, sleeping, swimming, eating, watching the fire, laughing, reading... you get the drift. Was good times.

WE LEAVE ON FRIDAY! For two weeks of the above mentioned itinerary. Maybe throw a few beaches in the mix, a bit of shopping and that's our vacation!b

Friday, July 21, 2006


Last night I came home after volleyball and had a fantastic sleep, from 9:30ish to 6:42 (to be exact). I woke up briefly when Jeff got up for golf (he was up at 5) but quickly went back to my dream.

I know I've mentioned before that I am/was a chronic stomach sleeper. Now, for obvious reasons, I can't do that anymore. So I got a body pillow (actually, my mom had held onto the body pillow I had back in university so I gave it a wash and voila, saved $14) and I sleep on my left side (as all baby books tell me), hug the pillow and put the end of the pillow between my legs. And it's comfortable.

BUT (you knew this was coming) I wake up hourly and each and every time I wake up, I'm on my back! Now I've read that you shouldn't sleep on your back when you are pregnant, but how the heck do you prevent it? And I think that it's really only in the 3rd trimester that it's important you don't sleep on your back, so maybe I'm OK for now. Of course, every time I wake up on my back, in true crazy pregnant lady form, I have major rushes of guilt. I turn over, go back to sleep and then wake up an hour later on my back.

So, I'm asking all the pregnant ladies and moms out there, am I really doing any danger by sleeping on my back? I'm only 19 weeks. And furthermore, how the heck did you prevent yourself from sleeping on your back? My grandfather used to stitch a tennis ball to the back of his pyjamas so he couldn't sleep on his back, not because he was pregnant, because if he ended up on his back, he would snore and wake my grandmother up. That's love.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Very important

Only 5 more work days until a 2 week vacation.

That is all.

Conflicting Signs....

Last night Kaethe's mom put my wedding ring on a chain and held it over my belly. The first two times, it went around tracing the shape of an oval. Carol thinks it's because there were men around and they were giving off bad vibes (cause they think it's hoaky). Then we went downstairs, where it was nice and quiet and it clearly traced the outline of a circle. Two times. A BIG circle. Which means a girl.

But, I think it's a boy. So this morning I looked up other myths, and according to every myth (except the one mentioned above) it's a boy....

Myth: Carrying your baby "high" means you will have a boy; carrying "low" means you will have a girl.
Reality: Lots of factors go into how you look when you are pregnant, including the age of the fetus as well as their position, size, and the mother's overall body shape. If she is short waisted, for example, her pregnancy may look different from a woman who is long waisted. But nothing about the shape has to do with the baby's sex, says Leipzig.

Myth: Suspending a gold ring from a string over a pregnant woman's belly can predict the sex depending on the way it swings -- back and forth for a boy, in a circular motion for a girl.
Reality: "There is nothing about the gender of a baby that will influence the pull of gravity. But some folks believe that, much like a Ouija board, the direction the ring swings may be influenced by the thoughts of the person holding the string -- and they will always be right 50% of the time," says Bartholomew.

Myth: If the hair on your legs grows faster during pregnancy it's a boy; if it grows slower, it's a girl.
Reality: The logic here is that because testosterone may influence hair growth, carrying a boy -- who would ostensibly have more testosterone than a girl -- will do the same. Masch says it's untrue. "There isn't enough hormone present in a fetus to have any significant hormonal impact on the mother's body, let alone cause the hair on her legs to grow," she says.

Myth: If you crave sour or salty foods, it's a boy; sweets, it's a girl.
Reality: Although doctors aren't totally sure what causes a woman to crave certain foods during pregnancy, most universally agree the baby's sex isn't one of them. "There is nothing about carrying a boy or a girl that would influence a woman's taste buds," says Masch.

Myth: If a pregnant woman's urine is a dull color, it's a girl; if it's a bright color, it's a boy.
Reality: "The only thing that influences the color of a pregnant woman's urine is how much fluid she consumes -- if she's a little dehydrated, it will be a darker color; if she's drinking a lot of water, it will be lighter," says Bartholomew.

Ok, so maybe I'm not so sure about the last one either. I always drink tons of water, so it's normally clear. Except after I take a vitamin, then it's bright yellow. Sorry for the TMI folks.

So, just so you all know too much about me, my stomach is 'high' (actually, it seems like it's high and low to me, it's just EVERYWHERE!), my leg hair is growing much slower than usual (I just noticed that yesterday and didn't even know about this 'myth'), and my normally sweet tooth has been craving way more salty foods instead of chocolate (I actually couldn't finish dessert the other night because it was too sweet).

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mask of Pregnancy?

I was reading my baby journal this morning and it said I should notice pigmentation changes on my forehead/face that's called 'mask of pregnancy' and will stick around until after I give birth.

What the heck? No one told me about this before I signed up!

The baby has lanugo (anyone know how to pronounce this?) which is soft hair all over it's body. And if it's a girl? The eggs are present. The baby right now has as many eggs as she will in her lifetime, that's freaking crazy! I'm reciting this all from memory, the book is at home, I am at work.

Day 3 of my headache, and counting.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

One cheer

I got my hair cut, short. I love it. I don't have to stand in front of a hair dryer for 20 minutes anymore.

Will post pictures later.

Three Boos for Tuesday

1/ I'm starving and it's only 11:30. I've already eaten a bowl of cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats), an apple, a cheddar Babybel cheese thing and a handful of baby carrots. If I eat now, I will be ravenous by the afternoon and will ultimately snack on something when I get home, and hungry snacking doesn't normally consist of healthy snacks!

2/ My headache is back, since yesterday afternoon. Leading me to have a horrible sleep, waking up every hour in pain

3/ 5 (count 'em, 5!) bleeding noses last night during the night, apparently common during pregnancy?

So yes, I'm in a wonderful mood today. Can't wait until 4 pm so I can go home.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Friday, July 14, 2006

It's Friday!

And it's hot. Damned hot.

Last night was hot, therefore we spent the night in Mom's pool with the exception of an hour and a half beach volleyball game. Our friend stepped on the sand and it was so hot it burnt his foot. I thought he was putting me on, it was a blister the size of the bottom of a Coke can. I had nightmares about it, that I was covered in those blisters all over my body.

Then I dreamt Jeff was hitting on Carrie, totally unimpressed I woke up immediately and forced the angry thoughts from my head and went to cuddle with Jeff (who had gotten up in the middle of the night, and gone to the other room cause ours was too hot apparently. Which I figured, becuase the fan was turned on. Jeff hates the fan, so I knew it must have been hot for him to turn it on!) but he was still sleeping so I left him sleep and just got to work super early.

I'm feeling good today. My skin has started to go back to normal (not breaking out) I'm wearing a cute maternity top, it's Friday, I'm going out to lunch with Kim and Carrie and my mom, and ... it's Friday! I'm going to see if I can make a hair appt, I need to get it cut. Short. Funky, and hopefully the frizz will go away.

OH and Arlene gave us her vacuum cleaner! Jeff and I bought a relatively cheap one when we moved into the house and have known for a while we needed a new one, but I got a phone call last night saying she left it at her house in Ottawa for us, so all we need to do is call Angus, go over and pick it up. That IS exciting for me, think what you want about me. If it makes me a bad person, I don't want to be right (just had to throw that in there, it's one of Jeff's favourite lines).

Bring on the weekend!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Bring on the paperwork....

I just put in a call to my compensatory advisor requesting an appointment to go over all the paperwork, pension options etc for maternity leave. The biggest warning I have received from friends who are on maternity leave with the gov't say get it done as soon as possible, even then it's not guaranteed that you will get paid as soon as you go on mat leave. So, I want to get it out of the way soon.

2 more weeks until vacation! That's 10 more day of work, I can do that, can't I?

Volleyball tonight.

Still waiting to feel the baby kick, starting to think that what I felt at the funeral last week wasn't the baby kicking, just my insides being tossed around because of my emotions that day. All literature points me to believe I should be feeling it soon - come on baby, MOVE!

Pppssttt - Christy, Oliver was on our list. GET OUT OF MY HEAD! :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

18 weeks and counting!

So I'm 18 weeks + 1 day now. When we leave for PEI, I will be halfway there - holy smokes! With a to-do list as long my front walkway, I am feeling a tad overwhelmed. Jeff and I made a promise to start on the nursery when we get back from vacation. Spend a few weeks on that, and then we can move onto different things.

I was tired and sick yesterday, Kaethe came over while the maid was at her house, with her two children (one's almost 3 the other 4 months) and cleaned MY house. How wonderful is she? I came home, said to Jeff - wow, look at you cleaning up for your wife. He said, it must have been Kaethe cause it wasn't me. So then I cried. It seems to be what I do best these days.

Tonight I'm tackling the upstairs, it's not like it's that bad, we just haven't been home AT all to do anything in the last month or so! Tomorrow night it's volleyball, then it's the weekend that's jampacked with things to do, so the cycle starts again.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No pictures...

I asked Jeff to take a few pictures of me this morning, I thought I looked fantastic. Wrong. I look horrible! Maybe it's cause he was still in bed so he was taking them from a lower angle (looking up) but for whatever reason, I looked bad so I'm not posting them.

I normally wear loose shirts, to hide the belly. After looking at Nadia the past couple days, she wears fitting shirts, to show off her belly. So I decided that is what I was going to do too. I thought I looked fabulous, and I just look fat. Boo to that.

I think we decided on a girl's name though - Anika Rose. Anika means "very beautiful/graceful', Rose means 'a flower' (pretty obvious). I really like Anika and Rose is a family name on Jeff's side, so I threw that in there so I could be assured he'd love it :) And I must admit I like the way it sounds together. Boys names are still being tossed around, but we both really like Finn. It may be Phineas or Finlay, not too sure yet. Maybe just Finn. Jeff wants it to be Phin like Phat - cause, well, he's Jeff.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Once again, I miss my drugs!

I was absoloutely drained last weekend, some crazy family stuff (my family's not crazy, this was a strange occurence) and a funeral, and I was too exhausted to come into work on Friday. Then over the weekend, I got sick. A cold, runny nose, head cold, headache, sore throat, you name it, I have it. And what can I take? NOTHING. I miss my Advil for Cold, my Sudafed, my Contact C. I used to take it all. I know nothing gets rid of the cold, but alleviating my symptoms makes me a happy girl.

Ok, I'm done complaining.

Nothing pregnancy related to post today, feeling the same I've felt for the past 4.5 months, which is pretty darn good (esp. compared to what I read that some women go through!) - I find sleeping is not as much fun as it used to be.

Weekend was good, went camping with Nadia, Sean, Carrie, Rob, Ethan and Isabelle. Weather was beautiful. I slept a good part of the weekend. Then went to Preston Street yesterday to watch Italy defeat France in the World Cup final - it was fantastic. It was pure chaos after the win. Went back to mom's for celebratory pizza and a swim - then home to bed, was in bed by 8 and asleep by 9. Still dead tired this morning, but I think it's because I'm sick.

Jeff took a picture this morning of my ever expanding belly (known from this moment forward as EEB) but the battery died and camera shut off a second later so I haven't been able to post it yet. Hopefully soon!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I don't have much to say

Everything is still going well, I have a smidgen of a headache but nothing that lots of water and maybe sleep tonight won't help. Another not so great night of sleep, I am hoping I get to relax lots this weekend while camping, but I don't think sleeping in an air mattress will be much better than my regular bed. Although, I have been known to have some fantastic sleeps while camping - we'll see.

My bad dreams seem to have subsided but the dreams are still crazy as ever, they just don't always result in death.

My dad and step-mom leave this Saturday (boo) so I am going to say bye to them tonight, we are going camping tomorrow so I won't get another chance. I highly doubt they will return to Ottawa much in the future, I think I see lots of Edmonton in my future, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I think the bebe and I will be doing a West Coast tour next summer, so I will spend a week there after a week in Vancouver.

For shits and giggles, I'm going to check out the flights to Vancouver and see what range we are looking at.

I have a memorial mass to attend at 10am this morning, lots of kleenex has been packed.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I miss sleeping!

It seems I don't really sleep these days, I just take consecutive naps. I wake up every hour or so, completely uncomfortable with the way I'm positioning myself. I get up, go pee, and struggle to fall back asleep. Is someone up there preparing me for the lack of sleep for when the bebe arrives?

The last two days I've been so tired when I get to work that I've been indulging in a hot chocolate, after today my mouth feels a bit funny (too much sugar at 7:30am maybe) that tomorrow I am going to have to pass. I'll drink my decaf green tea and pretend there is caffeine in it.

Tomorrow I'm going to a memorial mass for Makayla and I have the kleenex already packed in my purse. Going back to my post from a few days (or maybe weeks ago) when I said that who cares how much weight I gain, as long as I have a healthy baby to show for it? Something like this happens and you really sit up and think - geezus, stop your complaining Christy.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Is booked for July 25th!

We leave for a two week vacation on the 28th, so I've allotted the task of setting up a scanner so we can show everyone the picture before we go!

Let's see if he follows through or not :)

Long weekend

We had a fantastic, yet super busy weekend.

I received some really sad news last week about a friend of mine who had a little baby girl on the 23rd of June. She was born with a rare metabolic disorder "Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia". It is caused by a very rare gene that both parents must possess in order to pass down to a child.

Yesterday I got a phone call from another friend who told me the tragic news that Makayla is no longer with us. I am absoloutely devestated for them, I can't even imagine what they are going through. They sent out the obituary this morning and the last line really hit home. We are all so lucky for what we have in our lives, please take the time today to realize it.

GRIMES, Makayla Kathryn

Born Friday June 23rd, 2006 and left us Friday, June 30th. Only here for a few days but in that short time Makayla enriched our lives greatly. Beloved daughter of Steve and Emma, sister of Ethan. Granddaughter of Norman and Tina Pogson, Bob and Sue Grimes. Niece of Allan and Nina, Andrew, Andrea, and Matthew. Cousin to Ava and Zachary. Great-granddaughter to Robert Pogson, June and Denis Hartey. Remembered by many aunts, uncles and cousins. Special thanks to David and Anne, Ryan and Jennifer for all your support.

Makayla made more of an impression on all of us who knew her in her short time than most people do in their whole lives.

Service Thursday, July 6th at 10:00 a.m. at St. Patrick’s Basilica, Kent Street.

In lieu of flowers, if friends wish, donations may be made to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at CHEO or to Roger’s House

Many thanks to the NICU and Roger’s House staff who have surrounded Makayla and our family with unfailing care, compassion and love during the past week.

Stop and smell the roses; do something kind for someone, and remember Makayla.

Yours truly,
Steve, Emma & Ethan Grimes