Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm glad that's over!

He cried like I've never heard him cry before - he had these big crocodile tears and it broke my heart. But he's a tough boy and he is fine now. I nursed him right afterwards and that somewhat soothed him. The tempra did the rest :)

He weighs 11 lbs and 13 oz and he is 59cm long - which places him in the 50th percentile. Jeff whispered to him "that means you can beat up 50% of the other boys out there" I rolled my eyes.

Carson's first time in the bumbo!

Not looking forward to today....

Our little guy is getting his 2 month shots today :( Our appointment is at 9 so I'm giving hit a hit of Tylenol (as per doc's recommendations) just before we go. They say lots of babies get sick (run a fever etc..) from them, so the Tylenol should help control that.

I don't like needles myself so it's going to kill me to see him get needles (can I close my eyes while holding him?). I now know that my mom was being honest when she used to say "If I could take all the pain from you, I would" becuase I would take 20 needles just so he didn't have to take one.

He's really really cute right now - in a white sleeper. Jeff loves him in white sleepers, he thinks he looks angelic. I would take a picture, I actually just tried to, but the battery was dead - so too bad for you. He had a great sleep last night (7 hours straight!) too bad I had the worst sleep ever - next time I better be able to enjoy his sleeping marathon.

My mom and Ricky leave for Florida today for a whole month - we are definitely going to miss them! We went out to dinner with them last night and with Nadia, Sean and Miss Sofia and both babies slept through the whole thing!

I'll update later on his weight/percentile and let you know how the little gaffer did. Now it's time to go wake Daddy so that I can take a shower.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yay - congratulations Auntie Erin and Uncle Jan!!! Carson will be SO excited to meet his new cousin.....

He's freaking hilarious when he's getting gripe water - he cries and then stops momentarily and makes the funniest little moan/grunt

Yesterday, we had a bit of a rough day but he was so cute I took a million pictures of him

Monday, January 29, 2007


He definitely keeps us on our toes! Once we think we have a breakthrough on his sleeping schedule he throws a curveball in just to make sure we aren't getting too comfortable :)

Last night he slept from 8 - 11:30, woke up at 3:30, 4:30 and then every fifteen minutes until around 6. At least there were two fair sized chunks of sleep in there - he's back asleep now and I slept for another hour this morning, so we are good to go.

Things were a bit off yesterday in terms of his naps so I kind of expected it.

He's super cute though, so it's hard to stay angry.

And a special message to a special Auntie....

Sunday, January 28, 2007

I have the BEST


Honestly, I'm so lucky I can't even tell you.

Lazy Sundays...

Yesterday went by quickly, we had so much to do. Lynne, Dwight and Sienna came over for dinner (yum - we made a roast, garlic mashed potatoes and green beans with Jeff's salmon cakes for an appy) . Today we took our time waking up (Carson slept from 9-3:30 (longest stretch yet) back to bed at 4, slept till 6 and then back to bed for another hour), I went back to bed for two hours and now Carson is back asleep. He was so tired (the more he sleeps, the more tired he gets) and when he's that overtired he fusses for about 5 minutes and then just crashes. Like he did here, on Jeff's chest.

Today we are heading over to Mom and Ricky's, with the whole family (4 kids, their spouses and 6 grandchildren) for lunch - Mom and Rick are leaving for Florida on Wednesday, they are going for a month, so this is their 'goodbye' lunch. Then we are going to head to Home Depot to pick up blinds for the gaffer's room and then maybe to Canadian Tire to pick up a small CD player for his room too

This is Carson leaving Grandma a message this morning:

I'm getting excited as I start to plan my three trips this summer. Well, one trip doesn't require much planning, it's our annual trip to PEI (July). Jeff and I are going to Edmonton in May (my birthday weekend!) to visit Grampie and Nana and Auntie Sam. Then in August, my mom and I and Carson are heading to Vancouver for a week to ten days to visit Kim, Kara and Anne! I need to look into what luggage you can bring on a plane, I think you can bring two pieces of luggage plus a high chair/playpen etc... plus you can bring your stroller right up to the plane and they will check it for you. So if Mom and I each only bring one bag for us, then we can bring a playpen, carseat and stroller. Carson goes through lots of clothes a day, but at least they are small :) I know it's too early to start looking for seat sales, but I'm keeping my eyes open.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I just have to gush....

About how wonderful our son is. He slept from 9-3 last night, he had a three hour nap this morning and I just put him down for his afternoon nap.

He's SO fricking cute. He smiles, laughs, coos, makes a ton of noise and recognizes his mommy, daddy and grandma now. He kicks his feet when he hears one of us and gets excited. He lies in his crib and looks at his mobile while I clean up his room or do a few things upstairs.

He definitely lets me know when he's tired, he yawns, rubs his eyes and makes the saddest whimpering type noises when he nurses - he only cries for a reason so when he whimpers/cries I know he's just tired.

I love him. to bits.

Edit: it's 7:30, I gave Carson his bath at 6:45, fed him and now he's asleep in his crib (I'm taking advantage, so I crawled into bed, with laptop and a jug of water and the TV is on) It's crazy, he doesn't cry when he goes into his crib. He entertains himself and then falls asleep. I normally rub his bum/back for a bit just to soothe him, I walk away and he's happy. Now, he loves to sleep so it's not like I have to force him. It's wonderful. Again, I know better then to expect this will happen until he's 2 so I will take it whenever I get it.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Longest sleep yet?

Carson went to bed at 9 last night and slept till 3!! I'm smart enough now to know that it doesn't mean it's going to continue but I'll enjoy it when it happens.

Then he woke again at 6, fed and played with Daddy while I got another 45 minutes sleep. He's back in bed now, but making some cute little noises. I'm showered, dressed, and ready to go to Weight Watchers. Then it's cleaning lady day so I'm heading to my mom's and hopefully she'll look after Carson for a bit while I go shopping. OR if Carson stays asleep I may hit up a few stores with him.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A few trying days...

I think he's still going through his growth spurt. He hasn't been sleeping as solidly during the day as he usually does. Yesterday he only had like hour naps intermittently throughout the day, whereas normally he'll crash for a few hours at a time. Last night he slept from about 10:30 till 2 but then up every hour and a half past that to feed. Right after he feeds he goes right to bed but it's the constant eating.

Today is a bit better, he woke up at 6:30 and went back to bed at 8:30 and woke up briefly once at 9:30 to feed and is back asleep now. He's not necessarily crying when he's up and being fussy that way, he just doesn't want to sleep. I have been reading horror stories about other moms who babies never really sleep during the day so I still think we have it pretty lucky. And for 3 days out of the almost 54 that he's been alive, we are definitely lucky.

I went a tad bit stir crazy yesterday, but at least we had adult company (our financial advisor came by) to break up the day a bit. I'm waiting for Mr C to wake up and I've got his clothes laid out so I will change him, getting him dressed, put him in the car and off we go to Bayshore. I have about $500 in gift certificates for him (and some for stores that I could shop for myself!) so I want to see what's out there.

Right now I'm at the highest weight I've been in the past couple of years. My maternity clothes don't fit (thank GOD) but my pre-pregnancy clothes are too small (I didn't realize my butt got bigger!) so I need a few things to get me through these in between months. Luckily I'm not at work so I don't need to buy fancy nice stuff, and I love living in lounge clothes (even to go out!) and these are the types of clothes I love to buy, so maybe I'll pick up a thing or two for me too today :)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This is what happens when I don't leave the house

I get a little crazy and take pictures to send to Jeff

Monday, January 22, 2007

Our little gaffer

Is getting HUGE! I was putting him in his car seat the other day and realized just how freaking big he is now. I remember taking him home from the hospital and he just fit in the croook of the seat - he was so tiny. Now he takes up the majority of the seat (or so it seems).

He holds his head up for minutes at a time. When you hold him against your chest he looks up at you with his gorgeus navy blue eyes. He smiles, makes these little knowing grins, moves his head towards sound (especially voices that he knows) and can follow your movement. He loves doing his stretches (when he's lying on his back and you pull him up towards you) and he does little push ups now, it's so frigging cute.

He's growing up fast. I think he's going through a growth spurt right now (his 6 week growth spurt but because he was 2 weeks early it's just happening now) because he eats almost every hour. He's a bit fussy today, he's fighting sleep, you can see him struggling to keep his eyes open. He's been sleeping for almost an hour and a half now (he normally sleeps for 3-4 hours in the afternoon) so we'll see how long he's down for.

Look at how wired he is!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Anyone else going to bed at 9pm on a Sat night..

Besides me?

Everyone just left, I'm giving C his last feeding before I hit the sack. He'll stay up for a bit with Daddy and hopefully he'll sleep till about 2. He slept TONS today, but they say "the more a baby sleeps... the more he/she sleeps" (likewise, the less a baby sleeps, the less they sleep) thank god ours is not the latter :)
A few pictures (can you tell I'm a picture junkie?)

Maisie and her favourite toy:

Justen having dinner:

And Tim with the gaffer:

Carson is making more and more sounds each day - he's really trying to talk to us (I wish I had a goldfish in my ear to understand what he was saying) so I made a quick little video of him talking.

Friday, January 19, 2007

7 weeks!

I can't believe it's been 7 weeks since we had Carson. He's changed so much since then and looking at pictures from when he was born, he seems HUGE now. He's getting into a bit of a routine now, he has around 2 morning naps, one long afternoon nap and he's in bed somewhere between 7:30 and 9 each night. Then he sleeps for about 5 hours. I'm sure it won't be like this forever and we'll have some ups and downs, some setbacks and some steps forward but for now we are loving the routine. It's been a bit hard for me, I've always been on the go and doing everything all he time, but with him I've had to be at home more (obviously) and try to schedule everything around him. But I'm getting used to it and it's not as bad as I was anticipating. I still go out every day (so mom and baby don't go crazy looking at the same 4 walls!) but we are both settling into a routine that we both seem to be pretty happy with.

I went to Kaethe's house today, she was having a playgroup. It was great to talk with other mom's about what's been working for them (it's made me feel good about giving him a bottle of formula once every couple days, there are some kids who won't take a bottle at 8 months!), what hasn't worked, and great ideas, tips and suggestions. Books can't tell you the same things that other mothers can. I will definitely be trying to meet more moms to get together with. All the ones from today, and my two closest friends head back to work within the next month. I do have a few in mind that I will recruit :)

Jeff got a car starter installed in my car today, which is fantastic! I've been going out to start the car to get it warmed up before I put Carson in (but it hasn't been too bad cause we've had a pretty sweet winter so far) but it's going to get colder and it will definitely come in handy.

Tomorrow night we are having the gang over for dinner, Sunday morning I have brunch with a few friends and I have to see Carrie, Rob and the kids (I feel like I've abandoned them since Carson came along) somewhere in there too.

I'm off to bed now.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


It's crazy what a difference 5 weeks makes right now, but a few months down the road and even more so a few years down the road, they are basically going to be the same age (yet in different grades).

I went to my 6 week check up appt with Dr. Farrell (no internal exam, thank God) and it took me 2 hours to get into see him past my appt time. Now, I'm fairly understanding but when you are waiting with a 6 week old for 2 hours? Thankfully Jeff came with me, and even more thankfully Carson slept the whole time, but I was quite annoyed. At least I don't have to go back there until baby #2.

Being burped by Grandma....

Being cute in his playpen....

P.S. Isn't it funny (yet somewhat annoying) that someone can make fun of you or make you feel like an idiot for doing something and then later on down the road they do the same thing? Do you say something, or just keep it in mind for the next time they make you feel that way?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Once again I was worried for no reason


I fed Carson at 8pm, Jeff put him down at 9:30pm and he slept till 3am!! I was blown away when I heard him cry and looked at the clock and it was just about 3. I fed him, he went straight back to bed at about 3:20 and slept till ten after 6.

Made mommy VERY happy.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Yucky weather...

First day that I haven't left home all day long - the weather was icky and Carson was tired (slept all day!) so we just hung out at home all day. We just finished giving Mr C a bath, and he's hanging out in his bouncy chair and babbling away. I'm worried for tonight as he slept all day so me thinks he will be awake all night. Although, the few days he's slept all day long he never was awake all night like I anticipate so I'm hoping for much of the same.

I made a thai coconut curry stir fry but it ended up being too spicy so I didn't eat it as I wasn't sure how it would affect Carson - so peanut butter on toast for me! I was kind of bummed cause the stir fry looked pretty damn good to me.

Video of Carson

This is from a few weeks ago but I was just testing out uploading videos to youtube....

">Shifty Gallant

Last night Mr C slept from about 9:30 till 3:30! I was FLOORED. I kept waking up, worried that I had slept through his cries, but nope... he was out cold. I fed him at 3:30 (back to bed at 4), at 5:30 (back to bed at 6), at 7:30 (back to bed at 8:30), 10:00 (back to bed at 10:30) and he's still sleeping! Each time he woke up I tried to engage him, to see if he would stay awake (well, the times he woke up after 7:30) but he was so tired he kept yawning and would just fall asleep - so now I'm assuming that he just needs to sleep. So, sleep is what he will get.

The playgroup starts at 12:30 today, so if he's awake, we will head over the community center and if he's still sleeping I may just let him sleep.

There is snow here in Ottawa, and alot of it. I think the trip to the Aveda store is delayed and I'll be staying in Riverside South today.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I still don't like Sundays....

When I was working, I didn't like Sundays because it was the start of a week and I knew I had to go to work the next day. It's not like I didn't like working, I just like my weekends better.

Now I don't like Sundays because I know Jeff has to go back to work tomorrow. I am fine on my own, and enjoy Mommy-Carson time but I much rather prefer having family time, with the three of us.

Tomorrow morning I'm picking up pictures I had developed today, going to an Aveda spa to pick up a few things for Jennifer (as a thank you present to Jennifer, who lent me a whole crapload of maternity clothes) and in the afternoon Kaethe and I are going to a playgroup up at the community center here.

On a totally unrelated topic - we went to see an open house here in Riverside South and the house itself was nice enough (nothing spectacular) but the decor made me laugh (out loud, I had to hide my face). This couple was totally stuck in the 80's, the duver cover was that purple and grey paint splashes, there were VALENCES of the same colours, there was WALL PAPER BORDER in one of the bedrooms, there were the most horrendous wall decorations that were purple glass faces with purple feathers sticking out of them. Fake purple plants, gold picture frames... I could go on and on. I just don't understand some people!! (rant: over.)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's never too early....

To turn your son into a hockey fan. You can't see, but he had matching Senators slippers/shoes on (thanks Bryan and Hope!)

We just got back from mom and Ricky's - we went over there to have dinner with Nadia and Sean and baby Sofia. She's an absoloute doll (if you don't believe me, look at the pictures below). Right now, I'm enjoying a half of a glass of white wine and a Cadbury Thins bar. Carson is up in his crib sleeping, Jeff is watching the hockey game and I'm just enjoying doing my own thing.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Laughing for Grandma

I had to vacate the house again today (cleaning lady, yay!) so my mom and I went to Weight Watchers and then I spent the day at her house. It gets easier and easier to make Carson smile and it's definitely now a social smile, he's not just practicing smiling.

Our dream house that I last posted about already sold - these houses are selling like hotcakes I tell you. I was pretty bummed about it, but the perfect house will come along at the perfect time. Might be kind of tricky moving with a baby anyways :)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I just had...

The first bath I've had since I was about 7 months pregnant (past that it wasn't easy getting in and out of the bath). It was perfect and so relaxing. That's why we've made a bath part of Carson's night time routine. If he's anything like his mom he'll be more than happy to go to bed for hours after a bath!

I've realized (and Jeff always encourages me to do so) that I need some "Christy" time away from Carson - then I can come back and be super mom all over :)

A few pictures

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What a great idea!

What a freaking fantastic idea - any new Ottawa mommies interested in seeing movies on Thursday??? I can't get the link to work, so go here:

Seriously, I think it's a great idea and will definitely be going.

Next house on our radar is here

Tuesday Schmeusday

Definitely overpriced. It's a nice house, they put alot of upgrades into it (especially the kitchen) but I think they are trying to recuperate the costs and they just aren't going to get someone else to pay for their upgrades. They are asking 360K and we've compared it to other houses up for sale and it's overpriced for sure. If they were asking 310, we may consider it but not at the current price.

We tried Huggies on Carson the other week and they leaked and were horrible! So I returned them and bought Pampers, we are always lucky with Pampers.

Carson's definitely getting pudgy, he has the cutest double chin. He slept last night from 11 till 3:30, then on and off all day as usual. When he's awake, we do our best at keeping him awake by reading books, singing songs, playing in the chair, the mat... whatever makes him happy. We try not to over stimulate him and when he displays signs of drowsiness we try to put him down for a nap. I think he's starting to recognize night versus day time - we're trying our best to establish some routine and we must be doing something right cause he's pretty good at nighttime.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to Julie's for a playgroup and then maybe Kerri will be stopping by for a visit. Then Thursday morning I'm joining Weight Watchers again, and hoping to be as successful as I was the first time around. My mom's joining with me too, it's a parents and tots meeting so I won't feel so bad if Carson gets fussy or if I have to feed him while I'm there.

Everyone always told me that 6 weeks was a big milestone and you would start to feel like your old self and it's true. Breastfeeding is going the best it ever has for me, I don't feel tired and I'm truly having fun being a mom. He'll be 6 weeks on Friday, I can't believe we've had him for this long. I can't locate the camera at the moment so I can't take a picture of our little porker, but trust me he's getting big!! I wanted to take a picture when he had just finished eating, he had the drunken look with his eyes half closed, a little smile and a bit of milk on his lips. I laughed for a few minutes and he kept smiling....he's such a little monkey and I'm so in love with him.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Quick update

Had the gaffer weighed again today, he's 9 lbs 9.5 oz, that's 5 oz in 3 days!

Went to the lactation consultant today, she got me all worked up over his tongue tiedness - said we had to get it fixed. I'm going to wait until we see Dr. McConville at the beginning of February and see what he says. I wish we had just gotten it clipped at the hospital but the doctors and nurses there talked us out of it. Argh.

Did some running around (including Walmart, Madison Spa and the mall) Bought a new Aveda exfoliating face wash and am quite looking forward to trying it out. Took Carson to say a quick hello to his Daddy at work (to show off his overalls)

Came home, made a yummy dinner (I love that we can BBQ in January!)

And most exciting, made an appt to go see a house in Riverside South tomorrow! It's really nice, the website is here It's right across the street from Kaethe and Peter, which is a bonus.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow which I'm also quite excited about, I'm getting it cut off. It's not long enough to tie back yet it's long enough to annoy me. Bye bye hair. My mom is coming with me so she can take Carson walking around the mall and back to see me if he needs to feed while I'm there. Which he will (did you not see I said he gained 5 oz in 3 days?)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

For Auntie Erin and Uncle Jan

He was in his 'bah humbug' outfit today and with his navy hat that was a tad too big he looked like a drunken sailor, so my mom, Jeff and I all had that song stuck in our head today. I didn't have the camera when he looked like the drunken sailor so I don't have pictures.

Went out to breakfast with Kate, then a quick stop to mom and ricky's to feed him and then came home for the rest of the day. Unlike yesterday (where he slept for a total of 22 hours!) he was awake for longer spurts throughout the day. Which is good, we like playing with him. It is pretty tiring though.

I was afraid that last night would be brutal because he slept so much during the day, but I fed him at 9, 11, 2:30, and then 6. So I got a pretty good sleep - it's not quite the same as sleeping straight for 6 hours, but from experiences I have heard and read from new mothers, I have it pretty good (yes, I am knocking on wood right now).

The three of us took an hour long walk this afternoon, the weather is absoloutely incredible. Who would have thought we'd be out walking in our running shoes, spring jackets with the little guy in the middle of January? I love getting out, the fresh air is great for him (and us). He's had his bath, he's had a bite to eat and now he's taking a nap. Hopefully his witching hour won't be too bad tonight for Daddy and he sleeps well again through the night.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Saturday morning surprise

I had some visitors this morning. Carrie and Isabelle came over while Rob and Ethan were at Ethan's 'gym class' and then Grandma showed up - then Rob and Ethan came over after class was done. We had coffee, juice, donuts and Timmy's breakfast sandwiches (delicious, my first one!) and had a really good visit.

Why was Jeff not there you ask? Let me tell you why, because on this day (January 6th) my husband is out golfing! Can you imagine? Who would have ever thought they'd be out golfing in JANUARY in OTTAWA? It's pretty wet out there so I don't know how much fun they are having, but it's all really so they can say they golfed in January.

10 things everyone should know about Carson

1/ He sleeps through the night since we brought him home (except two nights where he had an hour or two where he wouldn't go back to sleep)

2/ He makes the loudest squeaking noises when he's feeding (example: my mom and I were shopping the other day and I was feeding him in the Bay (ha, in the furniture section!) and she went walking around and she could hear him clear across the store)

3/ He gets the hiccups alot

4/ He loves when Jeff and I sing to him, and I got my first REAL smile on Wednesday.

5/ He loves his baths

6/ He loves sleeping on his stomach (which we experimented with for one night but then we decided no, we are keeping him on his back)

7/ He punches the little animals hanging down from the arc in his turtle mat

8/ He sticks his tongue out at you if you do it to him first (he's tongue tied so his tongue doesn't stick out all that far... yet)

9/ He loves his car seat and immediately falls asleep when we put him in the car

10/ He is a very very very good baby and we love him very much.

This is a picture of our little gaffer as he sleeps happily beside me as I type!

Edit: Ok, so we may put him on his stomach for a nap once in a while (only when supervised, of course)

Friday, January 05, 2007

Well she's 5 days late

But princess Sofia decided she had had enough being inside her mommy and came out this morning at 8:38! She weighed in at 7 lbs 4 oz (same as Carson). Nadia, Sean and Sofia are all doing well - she's really really cute and keeps on sticking her tongue in and out and she makes little squeaky noises. Here are some pictures of Nadia, Sean with Sofia, Sofia and then Auntie Christy and Uncle Jeff holding her. It's funny cause I don't realize how much bigger Carson has gotten since we brought him home, but to see Sofia who weighs now what he weighed when he was born she seems so tiny next to him. I had said yesterday he was 9 lbs and 10oz, but when the public health nurse was here yesterday she weighed him in the buff and he was 9 lbs and 4.5 oz. Still a weight we are VERY happy with.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Go Carson!

If I was worried that Carson wasn't getting enough from breastfeeding, those fears have been squashed as I went to a Well Baby Drop-in Clinic today to get the lil gaffer weighed and he's 9 lbs 10oz! Actually, probably a bit less then that, he had always previously been weighed with nothing on and today he had his diaper and his sleeper (I couldn't bear to wake him up to get him naked) so I'd say he's probably around 9 lbs 2oz, but I was just happy to see him over 9 lbs. So that's about 2 lbs he's gained since his birth weight which makes his mommy VERY happy.

The public health nurse comes again on Friday, which is good because just as breastfeeding had gotten much easier and not painful for me, in between feedings I'm throbbing and burning and the latching process is bitterly painful (which it hadn't been before) so I'm worried that I'm getting thrush or even worse, mastitis. I asked the public health nurse about it today but she asked if there were any white spots on me or Carson (in his mouth) but there isn't so maybe it's just in the early stages or maybe it IS a latching issue (but because of the burning in between feedings, I don't think it is).

I DID jinx myself and last night and this morning Carson was fussy. Last night he wouldn't go to sleep as he normally does from about 10 - 1 and he was fussy. I'm going to start keeping a food diary as I'm wondering if it was something I had eaten that made him fussy? He just wouldn't sleep and he would cry and whimper and just had to be held and walked around, which is totally unlike him. Then again this morning for about an hour he just was crying and waving his arms, he just wouldn't or couldn't settle at all. I think he was a bit overtired too, so he's now been sleeping since about 1pm (it's quarter after 3 now) so I'm hoping he's catching up on his sleep.

We are really looking forward for Daddy to come home, we are going to have a yummy BBQ for dinner and our first night home alone in a LONG time - can't wait.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hurry up baby Sofia!

Nadia and Sean are now one day overdue - Sofia was due to come out yesterday. The doctors originally told her she would be induced between the 11th and 17th of December but when they measured her that week she was only about 5 lbs 12 oz so they thought they should leave her in there and let her gain some more weight. Because they told her that, now it feels like she's 3 weeks overdue because they were so sure Sofia would be here before Christmas.

I just spoke to Nadia and they are getting a tad impatient - even though it doesn't help at all I told her to enjoy these last few days. There won't be many days in the near future that they will be able to sack out on the couch and watch a movie and nap on and off for the whole day! The first few days I really wished for a day like that, but now I've totally grown into the mommy role and it's like he's been here forever, I don't remember life before Carson.

So, I'm sending Nad and Sean 'come on sofia' wishes and thoughts - baby Carson even sent them an e-mail today of him in his new outfit they bought him for Xmas saying he wants Sofia to come so he has someone to play with.

Oh - Daddy just brought him downstairs after changing him so it's time for him to have his bedtime snack :)