Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Even though I went a little crazy with pictures on my post from this morning, I am posting a link to our photo album. Not sure if it will work or not, so maybe someone can let me know if the link works?

It should be here

Well we must be doing something right...

Because Carson was an absolute angel on our trip.

We couldn't get a passport for him on time, so we had to drive to Syracuse (3 hours) to fly to Florida. Our trip started Friday morning, we left the house around 6:30am. He was perfect on the drive. We got across the border with no problem and made it to the airport in time. We took two flights to Florida and he was either laughing or sleeping the whole time. I nursed him during take off and landing to help with the pressure in his ears and it couldn't have gone better. We landed in Florida around 5pm.

Then the obnoxious lady sitting behind us offered to get our overhead bags for us. Which was thoughtful, but ended up resulting in the arm of Jeff's glasses breaking off. This in turn, started us on our tour of Orlando trying to find a place to fix them. After about 16 hours of being in the car, plane, walking (a minor Carson-breakdown around 9pm that was quickly resolved by Dwight driving around the parking lot) - we finally made it to the house (without Jeff's glasses being fixed, they are now held together by crazy glue and tape). When we woke him Carson up once we got to the house, he was just laughing and smiling at everyone. He ate, then went to sleep. That was the latest he had been up in about a month. I would have thought he'd be super cranky, but he surprised us all. Then, he slept till 5:30 am!! That was the first time I've slept through the night in almost 3 months.

The house was BEAUTIFUL! A huge bungalow with four bedrooms and 3 bathrooms (2 ensuites). This was the view from the backdoor (we had our own pool and hottub) and the big greatroom.

Saturday the boys went golfing, and the girls stayed by the pool, went for a few walks and just relaxed. Then we all went out for a bite to eat, then once again back to the house to enjoy the weather.

On Sunday, Jeff Carson and I drove Lyne, Dwight and Sienna went to Disney World. Even though we weren't going, just driving through the gates got me all excited. I can't wait until Carson is old enough so we can take him there. Then Jeff's parents came to visit. They were staying about an hour away from us, so they came and spent the day with us. The first of two breakdowns was when he awoke suddenly from a nap in the car. He woke up and just started screaming and was completely inconsolable (despite major attempts from Grammie and I) but luckily enough we were right around the corner from home, and as soon as Jeff took him out of the car and held him, he went back to sleep.

Of course, this never really happens so I used it as a photo-op. What a mean mommy. Look at those big crocodile tears!

Then once again, for the rest of the afternoon he was his happy cheerful self.

Monday, the girls went shopping at the Outlet mall (big reminder that I must lose all this baby weight!) so I channeled all my spending on Carson. He now has a summer wardrobe bigger than mine.

Then Jeff took Carson for his first swim! He loved the water, just like his mom and dad.

Then, just as quickly as it began, our trip was over. Tuesday morning we got up early and took 3 flights back to Syracuse and then a 3 hour drive home. After they lost our luggage and the lights were left on in the van so we had to get a boost - we made it home safely and our little Carson was again, amazing.

The trip was too short, the travelling time too long. But I'm happy we went, I loved having the sun on my face. It was great not having to bundle him up all the time, he loves being outdoors and is so content to look around and check out all the new things. I hadn't had a chance to use the bjorn before this trip and he loves it. I will be getting a ton of use out of it as soon as a) the weather gets nicer and especially b) when he grows out of the infant car seat.

He is starting to smile more and more and he laughs all the time. He is definitely the happiest baby on the block, and I would say, without an exageration at all a minimum of 20 different people would stop and look at him and just say what a gorgeus baby he was. Lyne and Dwight even commented on how amazed they were with how good he is. He puts up with everything and anything.

This is my new favourite sleeper on him:

He really is such a sweet little guy, he doesn't make strange at all. Not that he did it much, but he no longer cries for no reason at all. We know exactly what's wrong when he starts to cry. The one that kind of makes me giggle is when he's nursing and he's so tired he lets out this little pathetic whimper/cry and has the cutest little face, it makes my heart melt and I smother him with kisses at that point. Then he snuggles on my shoulder and I put him to bed.

Wish us luck that our luggage makes it home soon!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday!! The camera is already packed, so no birthday picture wishes.

Well, we are leaving bright and early (actually, so early it will be DARK and early) tomorrow morning - will post pictures and an update upon our return. Wish us luck! The forecast looks beautiful for our sunny South destination.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

12 week weigh in

He's 2 days short of 12 weeks and he weighed in at 13 lbs and 2 oz today. He IS a big bruiser!!

Just in case anyone is wondering why I post/blog so much - I'm eventually going to print out this journal and keep it. It's much easier to type then write, and at the same time I can update our family and let them know how things are going.

I'm such a nerd. I went over the list of stores in the Orlando Outlet Mall and wrote out the name and location of the stores I want to visit. I swear - I keep telling Jeff one of the things being a mom has taught me is to be so efficient. I multi-task like it's nobody's business and I get more done while Carson is down for a nap then I would ever do in a whole day or weekend. So, knowing I will only have a few hours to shop before I have to get back to nurse Carson, I thought I'd concentrate on the stores I know I want to visit.

Congrats to Phil and Nicole who just had a baby girl on Monday, Mirabel. What a beautiful name, and her picture is absolutely to die for.

Crisis averted

Yesterday I had a blocked duct and was worried about the possibility of mastitis (only really because we are leaving on Friday and I wouldn't want to be sick on our trip) but just as the books say, it seemed to have worked itself out.

Carson's face in this first picture makes me giggle.

Carson had a 5 hour nap yesterday to make up for his missed nap on Monday. Today? Packing. Laundry. Barrhaven Drop in Center with Nadia to weigh the babies. Tomorrow? Cleaning lady - must vacate the premises so maybe a movie?

Our bank account looks sad after we bought the van yesterday.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Packing to go away with a baby is stressful. I have about 3 lists on the go. I wouldn't be as stressed if we were going to visit someone, so I would know what stores are around in case I forgot anything - but I don't know what we will be near in Florida. Ok ok, I know there will be stores, but this is my first time travelling with him - it's to the States, and somewhere I've never been.

And yesterday, I noticed his nose is a little runny so I knew it would eventually happen but PLEASE Carson don't get a cold right before our trip! Today it didn't look so bad so I'm hoping it was just something in the air.

I'm going to try and squeeze in a shower while he's taking his morning nap, then off to the bank to get a bank draft for our new van, drop off some baby and maternity clothes (don't worry Julie, not yours!) at the women's shelter drop-off, go to Jeff's work to drop off the bank draft and home again to make sure Carson gets his afternoon nap. Yesterday he was a bit off schedule and only slept 3 times for 20 minutes each time instead of his 3.5 hour nap and it made for a cranky baby come bed time.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Just cause I love him....

We went to Dino and Alexis' this morning to visit with the whole family (sans Mom and Ricky who are still in Florida), then we came home and Carson crashed from about 2:30 until... (he's still sleeping and it's almost 6:30). He was awake more during the days this weekend then he normally is so I think he's just catching up.

I just look at him and think he's so frigging cute and I want to eat him all up. That's why I take so many pictures, I think almost every minute of his life is picture worthy.

5 days till Florida!

(I don't know why certain pictures post sideways and don't have the time to figure out why)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Yay for Saturdays

It was SO nice outside today, Jeff and I ventured out to Westboro. We stopped and had lunch at a fantastic restaurant (Milagro Grill). Carson was awake the whole time and in a great mood. He got a tad fussy just as we were leaving but as soon as he was in the stroller, he was happy as a clam. Here he is at the restaraunt with Daddy - and throwing out smiles like they were free:

Here he is all cosy, ready to go walking in the fresh air!

We took a walk around Westboro, made a stop at MEC (of course) and we bought a stroller dashboard for our new jogging stroller (to hold a water bottle etc..), made a quick stop at Julie and Tim's, a quick stop at Shamil's to pick up a golf travel bag (to hold Jeff's clubs for our trip to Florida) and then to Carrie and Rob's for a nice long visit.

Holy Happy Baby!

Carson is about the happiest we have ever seen him today. He's been smiling non stop for the past hour. He's in bed now, he goes to sleep for about 45 minutes after he's been awake about an hour first thing in the morning.

Once again, he slept from 7:30pm till 8:00am, with a quick feed at 3:30. No wonder he's so happy.

I'm just checking out the weather network now and it's looking pretty nice so I think we may head down to Winterlude. I think we'll keep him in the stroller, I think he's still too young to be outside in the baby bjorn, I don't have anything to put him in (like a snowsuit or anything). Anyone else with a young baby who goes outside with the baby in a carrier? Do you put them in a snowsuit? This would probably be good for me to figure out. I always have kept him in his car seat, and then plunked that in the stroller so he has his clothes, a blanket over him and then the cosy (bunting bag thing) over that.

Carson knows when the camera is pointed at him and he doesn't smile. As soon as the camera goes away he's cracking the biggest toothless grin ever.

Look at his chunky legs!

He lifts his head so high up all the time and just looks around, he's like his daddy and wants to know what's going on all the time.

This bunny makes him so happy.

NB: the majority of these pictures are being taken in our basement, with the fulgiest yet SUPER comfy couches and blankets :) Please don't hold this against us.

Friday, February 16, 2007

I won't post about Carson's sleep anymore (ok ok, he slept again for 12 hours with one brief feed at 3:30am). I love putting him down for a nap. I can read him like a book - I can tell exactly when he gets tired and I put him down right away. He makes a few cries of protestation but then he just closes his eyes and he's off to dreamland. He's exactly the same at night - even though we try and keep him up an extra 15 minutes to try and get his bedtime later then 7.

Carson laughs all the time now. My heart melts every time he does it. We have tons of toys, but the two that really make him laugh are these:

It's so amazing that he recognizes Jeff and I now. If I've put him in his chair while I start to make dinner, do laundry or anything and I come back to himn - he gives the biggest smiles. This morning, I put him on the bed while I got dressed and he was just lying there laughing - happy to be in the same room as his mommy and daddy. Jeff mooned him the other night, and he laughed. If you massage his legs and move them in the bicycle motion - he laughs. If you pull him up with his arms, to stretch, he laughs. When he's lying on the couch with his Daddy, he laughs.

I know he's only going to start laughing more and more, and I can't wait. I never really have my camera around when we are doing these things, but I'm trying to keep the camera around with me to capture these moments.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Oh no!

I'm in trouble! There is an outlet mall near where we are staying in Florida.

These are the stores for kids:
Disney's Character Premiere
JM Originals
K*B Toy Outlet
Little Me
OshKosh B'Gosh
Polo Ralph Lauren Children
Strasburg Children
Stride Rite Keds Sperry
Tommy Kids

Granted, I don't know all these stores but the ones I do know - my credit card could do some major damage. Good thing for my bank account that I haven't lost all my baby weight yet or else I may be living in a cardboard box when we got home.

Blog worthy

I feel it necessary to document this. Last night Carson went to bed at 7:10 and and it's now 7:35 and he's still sleeping. He woke up at 4:00 to feed and was back in bed at 4:45 (he was super hungry). Did you hear what I said? That's 12 hours!

I still can't believe how easily he goes to bed. He doesn't cry for longer than two minutes (that's not an exageration) and maybe he needs to be comforted once about 5 minutes later for another one minute and then he's out cold.

Here is proof.

Yes, the secret is out. Carson sleeps on his stomach. I know it's a no-no, but he likes it. We grew up sleeping on our stomachs and it's funny how the more people who find out he does, the more people admit they had a kid who did as well. Anyways, we've gotten over the guilt and have accepted it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The results are in...

I won't keep you waiting much longer - he woke up from his nap around 5:30 and was falling asleep by 6:30 but we gave him a bath, fed him and put him down at 7:30. Then the little gaffer slept till 3:30! He got up for a quick bite to eat, was in bed at 4 and slept till 5. Needed a little pat on the bum and slept till 6:30. It may just be a coincidence but I'm going to try keeping two afternoon naps and see how that goes.

Non-baby related:

He's back in bed now, when he wakes up, Jeff and I are taking the Civic to get the door fixed (rust spot that's been there for the past 4 years, Peter kept telling me to get it fixed, I didn't, it's worse...) so that we can sell it. Because yes, Jeff and I have bought a mini van. The Civic was nearing the end and we needed to get another car, so we figure no time like the present to take the plunge.

I'm a bit sad, the Civic was the first (and only car) I've ever bought. It had a mere 8km on it when I drove it home 8 years ago. It's been good to us, I haven't put a cent into it and we are still going to get most likely about 5 grand for it and it's been paid off for about 5 years. I loved that car. It's taken me so many places and through so many things. But, it's not practical to put a car seat in. It's had it's run and now it's time to move on.

So now we are a total Toyota family - Jeff and I will probably fight over the Matrix (I LOVE my Matrix) but I'll happily take the Sienna. I know I'll enjoy more space, even though the Matrix is bigger inside then you would think it is. The van will be great for our annual trip to PEI and Jeff's friends are looking forward to having a van to cart all the guys around for their golf trips. It will also be better when baby #2 (and maybe #3) comes along.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Run #2

I did it - went out again today. I'm taking it slow, my legs are pretty lazy and it's bloody cold outside.

So Carson slept from 12:30 till 2 and he went back down at 2:45 and is still sleeping (it's 4:30) I'll let you know what time he makes it to bed (cause I know you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting to hear the results)

Trying something new....

In hopes to get Carson to sleep at 8 instead of 7, I put him down earlier for his afternoon nap. What I'm hoping to accomplish is he will take two afternoon naps - waking up around 5 instead of 4 and maybe going to bed at 8 instead of 7.

It's probably all wishful thinking, because whenever I try and manipulate his schedule, he puts me back in my place and lets me know he's running the show :)

I know I shouldn't complain - and it's for selfish reasons that I'd like him to go to bed later, so I can get a bigger chunk of sleep... but I'm hoping we can come to a compromise.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Non baby related (well, for the most part)

Tonight I went for my first OUTSIDE run of the year. Actually, the first outside run in about 9 months. And it felt fabulous. Utterly fabulous. I didn't go far, maybe 4km. But, I ran the whole time and only walked about the last 100m, to cool down. I came back in, made a salad to go with the steak Jeff was BBQing, nursed Carson, ate dinner, took a bath and am now settling down for bed. I feel the most Christy-ish I have in a long time. It's wonderful.

Most people I know with young kids are having trouble getting them to bed early. Us on the other hand, are having trouble keeping Carson up. He goes to bed at 7, barely a minute later. I am very adamant about getting him into his crib when he shows signs of drowsiness, I know I hate being overtired so I don't wish it upon him. I wish he went to bed around 8 so he'd sleep in a bit later, but if he's up at 5... let Daddy deal with him :)

Monday... again

I think we'll head to Boomerang today and look for some 3-6 month old summer clothes to bring to Florida. I can't wait to walk outside with him in his Bjorn and not worry about the cold.

I called the airline yesterday and they said I can only bring a stroller for him - no baggage - so we can only bring 4 pieces of baggage in total (for the three of us) so it looks like Jeff can't bring his golfclubs because we need to bring a stroller AND a annoying is that???

Friday, February 09, 2007

Picture Day!

Carson had a bit of an off day today. He wasn't really cranky, he just would only sleep on ME. I would put him in his crib and he did not want to be there at all, I didn't want him to get overtired so I let him sleep on me. It's really the first day he's been like this, so I figure I'll let the little bugger use and abuse his mom :)

So - we didn't go out anywhere, rather stayed at home, played, slept and I took pictures (71 to be exact!) Lucky for you, I won't post them all here.