Sunday, March 29, 2009

We knew it would happen one day

This morning at 7 am I hear bang bang bang bang on his bedroom door. Now, is it so wrong for me to love that he can't open doors yet?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


The way Carson says crocodile tears. I have to get it on video. Last night I thought he was saying "I go downstairs" and it was right before bed so i was thinking to myself - like heck you are. But then he climbed into bed with a book and seconds later I realized it was his Crocodile Tears book and then he said mommy read crocodile tears. Although when he asks me to read it, he doesn't really want me to. He's very into reading books himself these days. It's hilarious. He flips through the pages and says a few random words from the page (no, I'm not trying to say he's reading, I know it's from memory). Anyways, all that to say I love the way he says crocodile tears.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Gammy Gampy

Are here!

I worked a little late so Jeff went to pick Carson up from daycare and brought Grammy and Grampy with him. Apparently Carson refused to get in the car with them and especially without me. So Jeff sat him on his lap and Grampy drove home. We only live about 500 m from their house so it wasn't a big deal. By the time I got home 10 minutes later he was happy as heck with them. It may have helped they brought him a John Deere truck (when we peeked on him before we went to bed he was holding the two trucks and snuggled right into them). As the night went on he loved them even more and more.

This morning when I went to get him the first thing he told me was that Gampy gave him his trucks (Grampy seems to be getting all the credit) and then asked where Grammy was. He was having such a fun time with them this morning (especially reading the flyers with Grampy) that he put up quite the stink to go to daycare. I had snuck out so he wouldn't have a meltdown when I left, but when I talked to Jeff later Carson was NOT happy to go to care. I talked to my caregiver later on though and he was having a grand old time and even sharing his new trucks.

We were all going to take the day off together, but something came up at work (boo!) and so Grammy and Grampy are getting their passports today, doing some running around and we'll take Monday or Tuesday off before they leave!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


The term "mommy's little boy" sums up the way things are going in our world right now.

And it's hard. It's hard on both of us. This morning, he was screaming because he didn't want me to go. Two nights ago when Jeff put him to sleep he cried for 30 minutes because he wanted his mommy.

Everything these days is "mommy do it. No daddy do it". If it's just the two of them (without me in the house) things are fine, but if Carson knows I'm around he just wants me. It's going on longer and longer now and it's beginning to wear us down.

It's hard on me because I feel guilty leaving and feel I should be doing everything. It's hard on Jeff because the first 5-10 minutes of trying to do anything with Carson he has to get him to stop crying for me. It's just not fun.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ooohhhh I love it!

The beautiful beautiful weather that is. Ok, so it's not summer, but I think it's even better. It's the first REAL nice day since the winter. It went up to 10 degrees this morning. We met Zia Nadia, Uncle Sean, Sofia, Auntie Carrie, Uncle Rob, Ethan and Isabelle (and their friends) for breakfast at the sugar bush. Then we played for a couple of hours before heading home. It was spectacular.

Sofia pushing Carson in the bulldozer

Ethan and Isabelle on the horse wagon ride

Carson and Daddy petting the horses (or, Carson watching Daddy pet the horses)

Ethan, Carson and me! Carson was very into telling everyone that I was HIS mom not THEIR mom

Carson going down the slide (what you didn't see is me missing to catch him because I was too busy taking pictures to he landed on the bumpy ice ground, he wasn't too happy about that)

Carson on the "mighty machine" as he was calling it. The first time he didn't last too long on it, but apparently when Daddy took him back later on he loved it more.

Sofia and Sean

Carson and Daddy

Sofia not wanting to have her picture taken

Carson at home reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar and telling me the sausage was actually the pickle, and was quite adamant about it.

Grammy and Grampy are coming this week and we are all so excited! Hopefully this beautiful weather can keep up so we can spend the next couple weeks outside. We are loving this weather.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not sure what to do about my blog...

Up till now, this blog has been 100% Carson.

Now - do I start a new blog for baby two? Do I try to keep two up and going? With two kids? I doubt that's going to happen. I suppose it's normal for the second child to never have anything that is completely theirs so maybe I can talk about both kids on this? Sorry baby two.

Anyways, this pregnancy is fabulous compared to my first one. And this baby moves INSANE amounts compared to Carson. It makes me worried for the type of child he's going to be :)

I'll get Jeff to post a picture of me soon, I just need to face the camera (not the easiest thing for me to do when I'm GAINING weight), but I will. Our last appointment the baby was measuring perfectly and my doctor said I was one of his easiest patients. Still trying to decide on a vbac versus another section - I think I'm coming closer to a decision, but I don't want to hear other people's opinion (unless I ask, I've spoken to some very reliable people who I trust) and I think I'm coming around now. Anyways, you'll know once it's done (hehe I'll probably let it spill beforehand).

I have to stop googling all kinds of cute baby boy things, I never got to prepare beforehand because even though I knew Carson was a boy, it wasn't actually confirmed so I had to wait until he was born, but now that I KNOW he's a boy - ooohhh the damage I can do!

Oh, and in regards to that... I'm not sure which way I enjoyed more, knowing or not knowing. I think if/when there is a third, I will keep it as a surprise again. Anyways, the pregnancy-tired stage has set in, so it's almost bed time for me.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Carson is going to have a little brother!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Getting anxious for spring

I'm at home today with Carson, who has a fever of 101. Nothing too high, but hot enough to keep him home. His mood doesn't seem to be any different so I'm thinking maybe it's just teething (honestly I thought that would be done at 27 months! but he' sstill waiting for his last two molars).

We've been keeping ourselves busy, mostly playing with Sofia, Ethan and Isabelle, as it seems all his other friends are sick.

Here's Sofia trying to kiss Carson..

At an indoor playground...

This is how Carson sleeps at night. He has to sleep completely on his pillow, I guess my plan to get rid of the body pillow and replacign it with a regular one isn't going to happen anytime soon.

And just a close up of my beautiful little boy.

We have our next ultrasound on Wednesday and I'll happily report back whether Carson will be expecting a little sister or brother. If anyone remembers, we didn't find out if Carson was a boy or girl, so this is new to us. I think part of it is that I was convinced that Carson was a boy the whole time I was pregnant so I didn't need for someone to confirm my feelings. This time around I haven't a clue what I'm carrying and I'm anxious to know. Hopefully number two will cooperate and not be coy.