Sunday, December 31, 2006

Busy busy bees....

Wow - this weekend has been crazy busy! All day Friday I spent grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and overall just getting ready for our visitors.

My parents (Dad and Arlene) flew in from Edmonton and came straight over to see Carson around 4 on Friday. Carrie and the kids came over too and then Jeff's parents showed up around 6 (they left PEI at 4am that day and drove straight here). Then Jeff's brother and his wife came in from Toronto. It was a long night with lots of food, drinks, laughing and great company. Carson didn't have the best night, I either jinxed myself by saying what a great sleeper he was, or he was just too wound up after so many people passing him around.

Yesterday was a bit more relaxed, I stayed home most of the day - afraid to take Carson out because once he gets in his car seat he falls asleep for HOURS and I wanted to keep him awake for as long as I could yesterday. Then Micheal and Olivia came over and made us a wonderful dinner - lamb, tomatoes and green beans. Each dish was probably the best I had ever tasted, they always have amazing recipes.

Then Carson ate forever between 8 and 12 but then he slept till 4am! Got up and only ate one side for like 15 minutes and then went back to sleep till 7am - I couldn't believe it. Of course I had to get up to pump or else I would have exploded but I think the little gaffer was just overtired, so he caught up on his sleep last night.

Today we are going for Dim Sum at 11 and then to Carrie adn Rob's for New Years. My aunt and uncle and grammie (from NB) are in town for the weekend and we are all celebrating the new year together.

Now it's time for a shower and then a bath for the gaffer before we head out for lunch (everything always takes 10 times longer now)

Happy New Year everyone - I can't wait to see what 2007 has in store for us.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Friday, December 29, 2006

Carson and his cousins

Last night Carrie, Rob and the kids came home from Durham so we had a little Christmas-exchange-presents night and ordered in Chinese - Ethan and Isabelle are in love with Carson.

We got home around 8pm, I fed Carson and then I went for a nap at 9. Jeff gave the gaffer formula around 10:30 and then he slept till 3am! So that was a 6 hour sleep for me, wow. We introduced formula last week, he gets one bottle at his 9 or 10 hour feeding which gives me a bit of a break and to get rested up for the night time. Honestly, he's a pretty good sleeper. As soon as he's done eating I put him in his crib and he may make a few grunting noises but then calms himself down and goes right to sleep. I know they say before 6 weeks it's too early to set a routine for a baby, but we've tried to introduce him to the day and night. At night, the lights are off, we speak quietly and don't try to entertain him. During the day, the lights are always on, we don't try and be quiet around him or anything like that.

This little guy sleeps ALOT. Yesterday he basically slept from 11am till 8pm - with feedings throughout the day. He's like his mommy, he loves to sleep.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post-Christmas post

Christmas this year was very low key, but wonderful. Rather then facing the crazed shoppers on Boxing Day, we stayed home with our new son. Then we ventured out to Julie and Tim's for a bit (and acquired a baby swing on our trip!) Yesterday I took Carson out and met Jeff and Peter for lunch, my first time in a restaurant since Carson was born. It felt great to be out and feel "normal" again. Then we went to see Nadia and Sean with Linda and Paul and my mom and Ricky - poor Nadia is still pregnant and wishing/hoping that she goes into labour soon. I never got that pregnant and know how I felt when I was just 37 weeks so I can't even imagine at 39 weeks how she feels.

Carson is sleeping through the night (sleeping through the night is technically defined as only waking up to feed) but then he goes right back to sleep - sometimes for an hour, sometimes for two or three. I don't want to jinx ourselves but he's a pretty good baby so far.

Today Stella comes (our cleaning lady) so Carson and I must vacate the premesis (I have no idea how to spell that). Even if she wasn't coming, him and I have gone out every day, staying inside for a full day makes for a crazy Christy, and nobody needs that. I think we are going to go to KiddyTown and Costco.

It's a very exciting weekend, tomorrow Grammy and Grampy Gallant (from PEI) are coming for the weekend on their way to Florida. AND Grampie and Nana Walker (from Edmonton) are coming tomorrow and staying till Wednesday (but not staying with us) so Carson will meet 4 grandparents for the first time this weekend.

The little munchkin is happily in his Baby Einstein chair listening to Raffi and looking around - it's book reading time! Ciao.

Monday, December 25, 2006

A few pics....

Home by 7pm on Xmas Day - boy times change when you have a baby

Carson and Daddy are both taking a nap, so I decided to put up a few pictures. Our first Christmas together was perfect. Carson made out like a bandit, and so did Mommy (even though Daddy broke the price limit!!)

I hope everyone has/had a wonderful Christmas!!!!

I've created an account with imagestation so I'll be putting most of the pictures up there.... the link is here

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas Eve!

I just opened a present from Carson to his mommy and daddy and it was new camera!!! I'm not sure how he made it all the way to the store, but he bought us the Canon PowerShot SD 800 - so I'm just clearing out the memory stick for our old camera, with a few pictures we took of Carson in the bath this morning and sucking his thumb - it's a pretty funny thing to see.

I'm very excited about our new camera, this one was taking blurry pictures and is about 3 years old so it's just getting old. I'll be sure to post new pictures of Carson's first Christmas in the next week.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Eve Eve

I can't believe it's the 23rd of December today. Where has the time gone? We didn't put up a tree this year either so it really doesn't feel like Christmas. We've just been so busy with everything else, it really snuck up on us this year.

But - already I can see how kids end up with so much stuff! Carson has been spoiled over and over again and it's not even Christmas yet. He got two Christmas packages in the mail that are safely under Grandma and Nono's tree for Christmas morning. I have to wrap presents for his stocking (as well as finish wrapping Daddy's presents) for his first Christmas. I was a tad emotional yesterday and called Jeff saying - I can't believe we are spending our first Christmas together as a family - my husband and new son. It's crazy, but I am so excited.

Jeff's out finishing up his Christmas shopping and doing the groceries. Our neighbours from across the street just stopped by with some presents for Carson and we had a nice little chat. It's horrible but I can't remember his wife's name , I keep telling Jeff he has to ask Sal her name but Jeff always forgets to ask. It's gone on too long now and it's a little ridiculous.

We went to Kate's annual Xmas party last night, Carson was a hit. We ended up staying at mom and Rick's house cause it was freezing rain and we didn't really want to risk driving home on the skating rink. It was Carson's first fussy night, he slept from like 11:30 - 3 but then just on and off for the rest of the night. He was a little stuffed up (so he kept snorting), he was probably over stimulated by the party and just wouldn't sleep. But then he slept for a bit today so hopefully he will catch up and not get overtired.

He's just lying on his turtle mat now looking at the fish hanging from the ark, he's looking a tad drowsy so I am going to try and put him down for a nap.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Just cause I think he's the cutest thing ever...

I had to post a few more pictures. But it's my blog and I can do with it as I please.

I'm looking forward to Jeff being home for 4 days :) I just gave Carson a bath all by myself - normally Jeff and I had been doing it together but Carson was happily awake so I figured I'd see how I would fare. We did pretty good - I had been using our towels to dry him before and I forgot we had got some cute baby towels, so I yanked those out.

Carson got an adorable Baby Einstein outfit last night from Ethan and Isabelle for Christmas and a teething ring. He just got his first package delivered to him today, but we are saving that to open Xmas morning (thanks Auntie Annette and Uncle Mark).

Well Carson's starting to let me know he's finished playing on his turtle mat and needs some loving.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

I love the sun...

I don't know how I could have made it through the past couple of weeks without the wonderful gorgeus sun. Carson and I just went out for a little walk and soon we are going to pick up Daddy and head to the hospital to see the lactation consultant for the last time.

I want to try the cross cradle position for breastfeeding and I tried it myself a few times but was never really shown how to do it so I want to learn the tricks of the trade as I think it will be a better position for me - especially as Carson gets bigger. Plus, we get to have him weighed and I'm excited to see how much he weighs!

We are having a problem with him wetting himself. I'm sure we are putting on the diaper correctly (I've done it a million times) but his back always gets soaking wet! I don't know if the diaper is leaking or what, but I'm going to have to figure out what we are doing wrong. Yesterday I changed his clothes 5 times! I don't mind changing him, or doing the laundry, I just don't want him to be sleeping in wet clothes, how uncomfortable is that?

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hanging on my turtle mat

Carson is hanging on his turtle map, listening to Raffi (thank goodness for Max Trax Treehouse!) and just looking around and smiling (sure, you say it's gas but as a mom, I say it's a smile)

He's such a good boy - he has a fussy time around 8-11 at night but the rest of the day he's a really really good baby. When he's awake he's calm and just looks around and chills out, when he's hungry he cries, he's a good eater and he's so fricking cute.

It's hard, as parents, to know what's right and what's wrong. You don't want to instill habits in him but he's also only 3 weeks old. He takes a soother, he LOVES his soother, but we only give it to him when he gets fussy or can't calm himself down. He doesn't like getting his diaper changed cause he gets cold, so we just make sure he's nice and warm and then it isn't so bad. We gave him his first bath (in the tub) last night instead of just a sponge bath and he was so good! He slept in his crib last night for the first time (during the night). I can definitely hear when he gets up to be fed, but I was having issues sleeping through his little grunting and moaning when he was in our room, so he's moved now. I kept the bassinette in the nursery too just in case...

I'm going to go sing to him a little more now (thank god no one else is around to witness this) then we are going for a walk, and then to Babies R Us to do a few returns!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

A few thoughts...

Breastfeeding is getting easier - I'm going back to the lactation consultant tomorrow to get them to show me the cross-cradle hold, I was shown the football position at the hospital and that's what I've been using. I've tried the cross cradle a few times, but I want to know all the tips and tricks to get it done right as I think it may be the right hold for me.

I think Carson is going through a growing spurt right now, he's eaten about every 2 hours today (as opposed to every 3 for the first two weeks)

The playgroup in Riverside South is closed for the holidays and opens again on January 8th.

He'll get weighed at the lactation consultant, I can't wait to see the scale as I'm hoping he's past his birth weight.

I didn't get any presents wrapped today, we went to mom's instead and took a nice big long walk to the bank (well, long for me since the surgery), I think it's good for the baby to get some fresh air. I know how cranky I get being inside the house all day long so I'm sure it feels good to him to get out too.

He LOVES his car seat - as soon as he gets bundled up in there to go somewhere he falls asleep immediately, and stays asleep for so long! We're supposed to take him out of the car seat and put him on a flat surface (says the public health nurse) but I've been told by so many brilliant mothers - never wake a sleeping baby!

Daddy and baby are sleeping right now, I find it hard to sleep, I always have one ear open to hear him cry and always have a million things running through my head that needs to get done. Wow, to be a mother, you never know what it entails until you are one.

Daddy went to work this morning so Carson and I are hanging out by ourselves. We had a busy day yesterday - we went to mom and ricky's for lunch and the whole family was there. Ethan kept asking me why baby Carson was biting my boobies - pretty damn cute.

It's hard typing with one hand so i will update later - now we are going to wrap some Xmas presents. I can't believe it's just a week away!!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Back to my baby boy...

Carson was 7 lbs 4 oz when he was born - his discharge weight was 6 10. He's having steady weight gain now and at our appt on Wednesday he was at 7 lbs 1 oz - so mommy and daddy are very happy with his growth so far!

He is a very good sleeper (most often sleeps for the most part during the night, waking only to eat and then going back to sleep) and he's just a tad fussy around 8 till 11pm when he's with his daddy (and mommy is taking her pre-nighttime nap).

Breastfeeding isn't easy, I can tell you that. Especially when the little gaffer (his daddy's pet name for him) falls asleep after eating on one side. Normally we'll change him between sides to wake him up a little. Oh - and he fills his diaper lots of times during the day, another good sign that he's eating lots and getting what he needs.

He's upstairs sleeping right now, so I had time to do a load of laundry, tidy up a bit and just have some time to myself. Jeff went into work today, after the public health nurse left, I need to start getting used to having Carson by myself, I've had help all the way through so far.

Oh - and any of you ladies having babies, I encourage you to take the public health nurse up on her offer of coming by for a vist within the first few weeks the baby is here. Our nurse was wonderful, she even came by again today to check up on me because as I hinted in my blog, I had been having a bit of a rough time. I'm doing better, each day seems to get a bit better and after talking to so many people I realize that I'm normal and lots of new moms go through this.

Sorry this post was all kind of random thoughts, but I wanted to let you all know how our little guy is doing as well as mommy and daddy. So now, I leave you with a few pictures. The adorable penguin outfit was from Carson's Zia Pina - she came over to mom and ricky's yesterday while I was there to see the newest little Gallant!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thank you...

Thanks to everyone for your e-mails, phone calls and words of wisdom. I haven't had a chance to get back to everyone but every little word helps :)

I'm feeling a bit better, the crying episodes are not as frequent or as long as they were earlier in the week. I constantly have a lump in my chest, a feeling of dread or something - I can't exactly pinpoint what it is, but I have a fantastic support system and my friends and family have rallied around and are definitely helping the situation.

I'm off to take a nap now

Sunday, December 10, 2006

And now it sinks in...

Jeff and I are opposites, that's why we work so well together. I am the romanticist (living often in my own dream land) and Jeff is the logical half. The whole time I was pregnant I was thinking about getting my little guy dressed in little outfits, celebrating birthdays etc... Jeff was thinking about the every day life. Now that we are parents, it's sunk in. We are responsible for this little guy for the next 18 years, and let me tell you, it's overwhelming.

The past few days I've been crying non-stop and just wanting to stay in bed and not talk or see anyone. It's brutal. If anyone asks me how I'm doing I burst into tears. I am completely overwhelmed, the only thing that consumes my thoughts are Carson and when he needs to eat next. I just feel like a milk machine and that's all I'm here for. It's hard. I never thought I would have these feelings, and sometimes I feel like it's wrong. But, I think (or at least I hope) that alot of new parents have these same feelings.

I have absoloutely no appetite, I've been drinking ensure to make sure I have at least something in my stomach. I get hot sweats, I am anxious and I'm just all around sad. And I'm never sad.

Sorry this is such a blah post, but just in case any new parents are reading this and maybe feeling the same way, you aren't the only one. Don't get me wrong, I look at Carson and my heart swells, I love him so much. I just am really struggling with all these other feelings. I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow just to be re-assured that I'm normal.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Just a quick picture

Jeff couldn't resist taking this picture of Carson tonight while he was sleeping.

We have gotten into a little routine, at least for the past couple nights. I take two naps between his 4-5 pm feeding and his 8-9pm feeing. Then I stay up through the night with him and Jeff gets a few good hours sleep. No point in him staying up through the night, he can't feed him!

Jeff has been absoloutely wonderful, demanding I take my naps and doing mostly everything around the house.

We keep looking at our beautiful boy and just can't believe what we've done. It's amazing. He's gorgeus and already has his own little personality, which I know will only keep growing and changing daily.

We have our first pediatrician appt tomorrow morning and I am visiting my family doctor to have him check my incision, the right side is feeling a little funny and I want to get it checked out. I'm a tad stressed about taking him out for a few hours and when he gets hungry - where am I going to feed him? I don't think I'm comfortable enough to breastfeed in public so maybe we will just get back in the car in between appts, and I will feed him there (read: the car is PARKED, not while driving just in case some of you think I've lost my mind).

I'm a tad emotional these days and will just be looking at Carson and will burts into tears and just consumed with so much happiness I can't contain myself.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Forgot to add, he was 7 lbs, 4 oz when he was born. He dropped down to 6 lbs, 10oz before we left the hospital so he's hopefully going to start chunking up from the formula.

Recovering from a C-section is definitely harder than I thought it would be, I was telling the nurse that taking care of a newborn would be much easier if you didn't just go through labour.

I don't know how or why anyone would do it without an epidural, I like my drugs too much.

Ok, Carson is up and is a hungry hippo.

You honestly don't know how much you can love another human being until you look your new son or daughter in the eyes, it's absoloutely amazing.

And they say Christmas doesn't come early....

For us it came 11 days early and we couldn't be happier.

On Thursday I went for a nice long walk, did a few squats and at night sat on an exercise ball for an hour (thanks Rob) and the next morning at 6:45, my water broke! I wasn't sure that was it at first, but then Jeff said - what else could it be?

We took showers, packed our hospital bag (see what procrastination does?) and headed to the hospital around 8. I was hooked up to the fetal monitor and just kind of hung out for a few hours. I wasn't having contractions at that point so we were just kind of waiting. Around 11 they hooked me up to IV for oxytocin to start contractions (it doesn't induce labour because technically I was in labour because my water broke). They came on shortly and just got stronger and stronger as the day went on. I wasn't dialating though - around 6 I was finally dialted 1 cm (I was SO happy to hear I finally was dialating) and was told the hardest part is getting to be 4cm dialated, so I figured we would be there a while.

The rest is pretty much a blur, I got the epidural around ten to 8 ( Jeff said I didn't stop talking about the epidural and I remember wanting to buy everyone I knew an epidural and give them out as stocking stuffers, I think I told the nurse that) it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I kind of dozed on and off and around 10 they noticed the baby's heart rate was quite high and they were concerned. 10:30 comes and the doctor isn't liking the heart rate at all so they tell me a C-section is required. When they tell you your baby is in distress, you don't care what needs to be done, you are willing to do it. I was wheeled into the OR and at 11:15 Carson was born. As soon as Jeff said it's a boy - I said, of course it is!

After my surgery was over, they wheeled me into the nursery (in the pics below) and was allowed to hold Carson for a few minutes. They I didn't see him again until around noon the next day. Jeff was able to go and see him in the nursery but I was recovering from the C-section so I couldn't. That was the hardest part, not being able to see my little boy.

I finally got him for good Saturday night around 3 in the morning. I started feeding him from then on. His weight dropped during our stay and got pretty close to his 10% weight so he's being supplemented with formula right now.

Anyways, I was so anxious to come home (he fed STRIGHT for 7 hours on Sunday night and I wasnt' anxious to go through that again in the hospital) so the wonderful nurse let us come home last night. It was SO much better to be in my own home, we are all doing well. I'm sure I am leaving out a million things, but he's sleeping, I'm eating my breakfast and trying to get a few things done around the house.

I'll post again when I can, but this whole thing is pretty new to me, so who knows.

Thank you everyone for your e-mails, I'm sure you will understand that I won't be getting back to you anytime soon.

Proud parents, Christy and Jeff