Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Welcome back mom!

And I missed you so much, I'm going to wake up at night to say hi :)

Last night Carson was up from about 10 till 11:30. I think this has happened once in the past 8 or so months. Eek! I hope it's not a new trend. I was thinking it was teething (really, is there anything else we parents blame night wakings on?) but I don't see red or swollen gums and nothing peeking through. We'll see.

After about an hour of him crying and us unable to settle him, I gave him a hit of Motrin. I was sitting in the recliner with him, trying to calm him down and then he started to laugh, touch my face and giggle... so I knew the meds had kicked in and I put him to bed. Then I laid on the floor in the dark to see what was going to happen. I was laughing at myself, I've never stayed in his room before like that and I thought I was being overly protective or worried. I finally snuck out. It was really because I was being lazy and didn't want to be going from room to room. It was probably the first night I realllly wanted to go to bed too, I had been shopping straight for two days and travelling by car and all I wanted to do was sleep!

I just talked to our caregiver (I still totally love her) and I'm bringing Carson in for day 1 of our transition period on Monday. That's 6 days away! Holy crap! I'm starting to make lists of what I'm going to be bringing, putting his name in his clothes, and so on. I can't believe this is happening so soon!


Christy_Ann said...

Hi there! Thanks for swinging past my blog and for the nice compliment - much appreciated.

I had to laff about the teething excuse re: night waking. Another famous excuse - especially amongst the older generation - is "wind". My MIL is very fond of using that one!

desajair said...

Darn--that's the first time you've done that? Lucky you. I spent alot of time on the floor until we finally got a single bed in Kailey's room.

Mina said...

how was the border crossing? long wait? my mom, and aunts are off to Rocherster NY this weekend for our annual shopping trip.