Friday, November 23, 2007

It seems like Carson IS ready to drop his morning nap. This morning, no nap at daycare. Jeff picked him up at quarter to twelve and by noon he was at home, in bed, dead asleep. It's 2pm and we haven't heard a peep. In my communication book, she said that she put him down at 9 and he talked until about 9:30 and she finally got him out of bed so they could all go out to play.

In my head I have that he should drop that nap at about 15-16 months. This is because of what I've read and from what I've heard from others. But if he's ready, why not let him drop it? Why do I feel the need to compare him to all the other kids I know or have read about?

I'm going to try for another couple days to see if he really is ready and then I will make the decision. Or rather, let him make it for me.


Chantal said...

Hi, hope you don't mind my commenting. Both my kids dropped their morning nap close to their first birthdays. I would just go with your gut. Every child is so different. My 2 and half year old has been hinting he is ready to dump his afternoon nap... That has me scared, I need that break! LOL

desajair said...

Ya, for sure let him decide. And could be it was just a one-of kind of day.