Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just off the top of my head

He cuddles. When we are on the ground playing, he'll often look at me, a huge smile comes over him and he crawls over and leans his head against any part of my body. It's most definitely my favourite thing in the world.

He loves his water, just like his mommy. During meal time, he will grab his sippy cup so dramatically. He sucks on it like he's been in the desert for a month and then slams it down, and repeats two or three times. Then he typically throws it on the ground and then peers as far to the side as he can and looks at it.

He takes after both his parents in that he loves books! No matter where he is, if Jeff or I sit down and pull out a book, he drops whatever he is doing and rushes over to us and comes just short of climbing into our lap. We could sit for hours. He only turns the page if you ask him, otherwise he just assumes we are going to do it.

He knows where the animals are on one his favourite books: Old McDonald had a farm. He doesn't quite know how to point yet, but he puts his hand on the right animal. See? Where are the doggies Carson? Where are the pigs?

He loves eating grown up food. He's eaten tofu, tilapia and meatloaf this past week. He's independent in that he wants to eat on his own. He's way better with letting us give him his veggies and the "bulk" of his dinner, but we are giving him as much as we can for him to eat himself. We were at Isabelle and Ethan's birthday party today, and Isabelle left her plate in front of him.

He loves to sleep. I know I've referred to his insane sleeping schedule before, but he sleeps on average 17 hours a day. I am being totally honest when I say I'm looking forward to him dropping his first nap (although not at all encouraging it), it will just allows us to have more fun! Especially because in two weeks my time with my little boog is going to be cut down, so the two days a week together I want to make the most of it. I figure things will get switched up at daycare, so I'm anxious to see what's going to happen.

He's busy. He's in bed and I think I will follow. Jeff out at a deepfried turkey/poker/game night, I just finished a book and now I'm going to take a hot bubble bath and then get into bed and sooo looking forward to it.

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