Saturday, November 10, 2007

So frusterated!

This mini vacation (aka shopping trip) is coming at the perfect time.

The past week or so, Carson is not eating. I make all his food. I made probably 10 different recipes this week and only at one meal, he ate what I made him. Chicken and apple balls. That's it. He'll eat: toast, yogurt, apple sauce, fruit, squash and peas. That's it. No ham, potatoes, pasta, tomatoes, cheese, chicken... nothing else I try to give him! I'm stuck in the whole - should I just give him one of the 6 items listed above at every meal so he at least eats something? Each meal I introduce something different, I keep thinking maybe he will like it. But he literally spits it out. It's frusterating. I suppose I am doing the right thing, by introducing something at every meal and I konw he's too young to try and reason with (have one more bite and you can have something you DO like) - so what to do? Do I keep as I'm doing, try new things but then have his faves on backup and give them after he refuses everything else? I'm worried he's not getting enough protein.

I hear about children doing things at daycare they don't do at home. I hope he eats at daycare! Maybe a new face is what he needs. Maybe he's tired of his routine, tired of me and needs a new change of pace. That's like me, I can feel myself itching inside for a change. It's coming, in three weeks now. I'm starting to get a bit anxious, I had a few problems yesterday just thinking about having only weekends as "full days" together, not seeing him after every nap, being the one to see him do his "firsts", playing, laughing, crying... but I'll be OK. I just need the first week under my belt, I always get anxious just thinking about change, but as soon as the change happens, then I adapt quickly and it's all good.

About his sleeping - he slept for 3 hours this morning, and is on his second hour of his afternoon nap. Sleep more at night Carson and less during the day!!! For some reason I always feel like I have to justify myself, but I'm an early riser - I don't mind being up at 5:30, but he's not happy at all. Then he has to make up for it by sleeping all day and we could be having so much fun!


desajair said...

What does he do in the morning? Is he awake awake, or is he just hungry/wet? On days when Kailey gets up too early (for her) I just feed her and put her straight back down and she usually sleeps another 1.5 - 2 hours. Of course, that might just be Kailey. 8) She needs 13 hours a night to be a happy baby during the day.

And I think you're doing the right thing on the food front. How much formula does he get now? Is he just not hungry and is holding out for his "favs"? I dunno, just a thought, but all my books say to do what you're doing and eventually they'll get it.

desajair said...

oops, sorry, I didn't know there was a post below this about Carson's mornings--disregard my above. Totally only a Kailey thing I guess.

Raiya's Mum said...

R has started doing the same thing - it's almost like, the more variety I introduced to her diet, the more picky she became!

If you try making something new, and he spits it out - do you mix it with some of the "fave"? Like, if Raiya spits a new veggie out at me, I mix it up with some yogurt and can get her to eat a few more spoons. Also, since she prefers fruits to veggies (hmmm - wonder where she gets her sweet tooth from?!), I usually alternate between the two in the same meal, so that she finishes all of her veggies. So, one bite of fruit for every couple of bites of veggies. I have to be tricky, lol.

I wouldn't worry about the protein factor - how much formula are you giving Carson? At his age (close to a year), he should probably have 3-4 bottles at 6-8oz each. Plus, if you're giving him yogurt and stuff, he'll be just fine.:-)