Friday, November 02, 2007

God I love that kid

He's going through a super snuggly stage. He snuggles in if you ask for a kiss, if he sees someone he doesn't know, if he's tired or if it's as simple as he just wants to snuggle. We've been seeing new people for the past week or so, so he always gets a little shy at the beginning but if they start playing with him, put him on their lap or whatever, he's OK in seconds. He LOVES books. He can sit on my lap and read books with me for half an hour. I catch him sitting by himself reading books too (or just chewing on them...). He isn't walking yet (that last picture may have looked like he was) but we just lean him up against the wall, trying to get him used to standing up while not holding onto anything.

I just can't get enough of him.

I've also met a really wonderful person at the park, who is just starting a daycare and I would have sent Carson to her in a second if I hadn't already found my caregiver. I am getting her # though, it's always nice to have a backup. For now, we have our daily meetings in the park with her two little boys (one is hers, the other is her friend's) and Carson has a grand ole time. I think I need to buy/find some sand toys though - he always steals Nate's (although he's OK with that), but I think he needs his own. Sometimes we are the only crazies in the park.

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Raiya's mum said...

Soooo cute!!!!! Raiya loves "Barnyard Dance" too, and all of her books. In fact, it was a book that first motivated her to crawl.

Where did you get that "ball tent" thingy? It looks really neat!