Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fun = No Nap

Most other kids, if they are out in the morning - doing things, playing, swimming, blah blah blah come home and are exhuasted and they have fantastic naps.

Not Carson. The more we do, the less he wants to sleep. We went out and played in the play area with Nadia and Sofia today for 2 full hours. Carson almost fell asleep in the car, but we made it home, upstairs for a quick change and to bed. He played/talked for about an hour then proceeded to lose his junk.

By 5:30 he was laying on the floor playing with his cars, head on the ground... so tired. Tomorrow we were supposed to have another playdate, but I'm going to cancel. He needs at least one afternoon nap this week!

On a side note - tuna? No go. Fruit Pear Muesli? No go. Apple and Chicken balls? Can't get enough.

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Anonymous said...

Chicken balls. That's awesome :)