Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stand tall

I've caught him a few times standing by himself for only the briefest of seconds, but tonight he was standing up - sticking a ball in his mouth with both hands and he was standing on his own for close to 45 seconds. It was amazing! The room was a disaster from Ethan, Isabelle and Carson playing for the better part of an hour and I was looking to see what he was leaning against or toward. And he wasn't. Then I got excited, and yelled for everyone to look, and he saw me looking at him, dropped to his knees and crawled over to my lap. Go Munchie** Go!

Tonight Mom, Rick, Rob, Carrie, Ethan & Isabelle came over for dinner, and Carson loved (as always) following around his older cousins.

Seconds later, Carson leaned over and kissed the rubber fish lips

Props to his cousins:

Mayhem ensued:
I got lots of snuggles tonight...

** Munchie is probably the nickname I use the most. I must have a million names for him, among them are: Pumpers, Jumpers, Pumpernickel, Bean, Buddy, Boog, Muncher, Munchkin, Pumpie, CarsonWarson, Woog ... I'll spare you.

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