Thursday, November 22, 2007

Good and ?

He laughed for her, he slept for her, he ate for her, he did everything he should, so yay! It makes for a VERY happy mommy.

Now... the past two days he hasn't slept in the afternoon. He's been in his crib for two hours both afternoons, just talking and laughing but not sleeping. I wonder if this means he's ready for just one nap a day? Jeff keeps reminding me that he's going through lots of changes, so maybe it will take a while before he settles into his routine. I'm just so used to him adjusting to everything without having to bat an eye that I question it and analyze it and try to think of different scenarios, when really - he IS going to daycare, being woken up from his morning nap after only an hour, been around new people, chasing other kids around... so what do you expect me to do Mom? Give me a few days!

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