Wednesday, November 07, 2007

First birthday...

So, I'm just kind of making the invitation (just evite, letting people know the time) and I'm browsing around the web looking for ideas for food (there will be lots of kids, so I'm looking for cute little ideas) and it's AMAZING what some people have planned for thier child's first birthday! I've seen clowns, napkins with the child's picture, posters, crazy invitations.... it's insane! I know when Carson gets older and starts looking forward to his birthday parties, I will put more time and effort into them, but really? At 1? He won't remember anything. And he loves having people around, so if there are kids, food and grandparents - he will be happy as a pig in (finish it yourself). I'm just astounded at the lengths some people are going to for the 1st birthday! It's definitely more about THEM then the kid, and I suppose some people just love throwing parties and maybe if I loved all that I'd be going overboard too? But I've never been the type to decorate the house for parties, have themes and worry about entertainment. My friends and family are too lowkey (don't think you aren't worth it though!) and we aren't hoity toity like that.

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