Monday, November 26, 2007

I love

Having such a happy go lucky kid. I'm glad that Jeff and I have introduced him to so many people, different scenarios and environments, that he is taking his transition to daycare like he does everything else in life. He loves it. Every day he is less and less frantic to run over to us when we go pick him up (the first few days he heard our voice, dropped whatever he was doing and couldn't crawl fast enough to ge to us). I love how she writes so much every day about the things he does and what he eats, so I know exactly what's gone on. I know it won't be such a full report every day as time goes on, but it's right now that it's really important to me.

He's officially dropped down to one nap. It's a tad early, but I'm just following his leads. Even if he doesn't sleep twice a day, he does have quiet time twice a day. And I couldn't be happier! So long as he is the one who made the decision, I am more than happy to follow his lead. We can actually go out and do things that take longer than an hour. And he's not even grumpy come time for his regular nap, he's happier. Then ever? Does that make sense? I think it's also cause we are getting closer to the one year mark.

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