Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sorry Carson

I was reading someone else's blog this morning and they were not feeling well and going to spend the whole weekend in bed. I got all nostalgic for a minute and thought about the days where we could do nothing for the whole day except watch movies and laze around. Sometimes, I miss those days.

Then, Carson crawled over to me, pulled up his blankie and laid his head on my lap. The longing thoughts disappeared in a matter of seconds as I snuggled and loved my little boy. On a side note, he LOVES his blankie these days. Luckily it's not any one single blankie, we have about 12 of these ones (I think gagou tagou?) that are soft, and on the smaller side (not the ones used to swaddle). When you get him from his crib, he always reaches down and grabs his blankie. He carries it around with him, getting frusterated sometimes as he's trying to crawl, but he's on top of the blankie. When he's going up or down the stairs, he takes the blankie and puts it on the next stair, crawls up - grabs it - and puts it on the next step so it's there waiting for him. It's absolutely adorable. The other morning I went into his room, he was standing up with the blankie in his mouth (not holding it at all) and when he saw me he smiled, the blankie fell out and didn't know what to do. It made my heart melt.

He wakes up so early (betwen 5:30 and 6:30) and he's so tired, I try feeding him and putting him back to bed but he's awake. An hour later though (read: 7:30 this morning) he's ready for bed and has already been sleeping for 2 hours without a peep. He's tired when he wakes up. I wonder when he will clue in that he should sleep longer if he's still tired.

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