Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The apple doesn't far fall from the tree

I walked home tonight from a friend's house, in the snow, and passed a family. The mom, dad and 3-4 year old boy where dressed in jackets, snowpants, hats, scraves and gloves. The tiny girl was bundled in a snowsuit in her stroller.

That's going to be me. And Jeff (I haven't told him this yet). And Carson. And any future sibling thereof.

My mom sent my sister and I outside to play no matter what the weather. Cold, hot, wet.. no matter the weather we were outside. Bundled up with the hats falling over our eyes, the wind whipping across our face, we were outside and loving it. And my mom was right there beside us. In the spring we would be outside in the rain, with rain jackets and boots and splashing in the puddles.

I know I will be exactly the same. I've taken Carson out a few times in the snow already and will continue to do so. I love that I won't be inside with him for the winter months, that we'll still be getting tons of fresh air and learning to love the outside like I do. I love that my mom taught us to enjoy the outdoors and not laying in front of the TV or playing video games - she's the same with all the grandkids now too.

On a side note, I think it's kind of funny those parents who think that they are perfect. That they look down on other parents "Oh what they're doing isn't right, they shouldn't feel this way or they shouldn't act that way". Really? It's whatever works for you and your child. What works for me certainly will not work for everyone. I love listening to, and hearing stories about tips/tricks/advice/suggestions/success stories, I don't look down on anyone for anything they are doing. Sometimes I laugh and think - wow, I SO couldn't do that. Or Carson definitely would not go for that. But if it works for them, why WOULDN'T they do it? Heh, just a bit of a rant - I'm over it now :)

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