Thursday, November 22, 2007

Day 3

He's there for the whole morning. I'm kind of walking around in circles, not knowing what to do with myself! My plan was to do some running around this morning, but it's snowing and we haven't gotten winter tires put on yet, so I just stayed at home. I'm picking him up at quarter to twelve and now I'm counting down the minutes. I have this weird knot in my stomach and can't wait to see my little boog.

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Sonya said...

OMG - I felt the same way today. I left R at daycare for just an hour today (following your plan, actually - which is SO helpful)). Anyway, the hour felt like eternity - I couldn't wait to see her, and I practically ran back to the centre when it was time. Oh, and it felt amazing to have her in my arms again. Sigh - to be a mom.