Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is what I see

If I'm not right down on the floor with him (which is almost constantly) he comes over to me, climbs up and hangs onto my leg. He looks up at me with his big gorgeus eyes saying "Hey mom, why won't you play with me?" It's super cute and I'm going to miss it while I'm sitting at my desk at work.

Wow! This morning we woke up to snow! Jeff and I were lying in bed and we heard a big truck go by and Jeff said - that sounds like a snow plow. It never even crossed my mind that we would have gotten that much snow. We woke up, got the peanut up, came downstairs and wow - it was a white wonderland out there. Carson didn't know what to think about the snow. He put a bit on his tongue, shivered and made the best face ever. He's at daycare right now (it's SO weird to be sitting at home without him!) but I'm leaving shortly to go get him. Then there will definitely be playing outside.

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annette said...

Hi there! Glad things are working out at the sitter's. Carson is such a good little guy that I'm sure she is enjoying having him there.

Love that pic of him and his daddy! The look of wonderment on Carson's face is priceless. Definitely one I'm printing off for the photo album.

Anyway, will send you a note offline and catch up more then.

Take care!