Saturday, May 31, 2008

Garage sale goodies

A little Coupe car, a box with 50 little compartments housing 50 little cars (hotwheels), and 4 big trucks, an umbrella stroller and a car that you wind up with a key and it races... for $14.

It was pouring rain (and I mean pouring) so we did the drive-by garage sale-ing, so I'm sure we missed out on a ton of goodies (i was looking for a basketball hoop and a water/sand table) but I'm happy with what we got.

Of course the sun is out now....

Carson is taking a nap (when told it's nap time he says otay, takes two cars (one for each hand) and walks over to me with his arms up. I pick him up and he immediately puts his head on my shoulder) so he'll be ready for playtime when he gets up - we are heading over to Carrie and Rob's where he's staying for a sleepover!

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