Tuesday, May 13, 2008

When did he grow up?

Honestly, every day it's something new.

Yesterday he carried his shoes in from the car. Instead of just throwing them on the ground, he put them beside my shoes on the shoe mat. One of his flipped over, and he turned it back right side up and put them side by side.

The words that come out of this kid's mouth, too! I got a Happy Mom Day on Sunday (of course, after prompting by his Dad). Any word I say he usually will repeat it - it doesn't always sound like the word, but he's trying and that's what counts. But almost every day he has a new word and not necessarily ones that I have taught him. We went for a walk around the block last night and he chattered non stop.

He's quite sure of what he wants to. And who he wants to do it. Mostly these days it's me. We went walking around the Tulip Festival on the weekend and at one point he would look back through the "window" of the stroller to make sure I was the one pushing him. Otherwise, he'd cry and say No. Mom.

My goodness, he amazes me every day.

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