Sunday, May 18, 2008


Poor little boog is still having problems sleeping. Last night he cried every hour or so, finally at 4:30 I just went and slept on the floor until he woke up, about 5:45. I know I should have done the comebackevery5minute thing, but I was tired and not at all ready to deal with it. So I took the easy way out.

Today, we went to Kate's cottage (pictures to follow) so he slept the whole way up (about an hour) from 10:30-11:30, then we had a GREAT day and he slept on the way home from 4:45 till 5:15. We got home, he was pretty tired and cranky, we had a quick bite to eat, cleanup/brush teeth, bottle and then bed. He said bye bye and assumed the position, his eyes half open, and then.... 20 minutes later the screaming. Oh the screaming.

So Jeff, again, went up and stayed in the chair in his room until he fell asleep, after 25 minutes later. We're pretty sure it's separation anxiety, it kills me to think he's crying because he doesn't think I'll come back.

Update: He slept through the night, woke up crying at 6. I went in and he wouldn't even come to me right away, I had to talk him into it until he finally started smiling and laughing - then as normal, as soon as we come downstairs he's happy as ever.

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