Monday, May 26, 2008

New words from the weekend

Definition: the thing with wheels that makes lots of noise that the man next door pushes to cut his lawn. He said this over and over and over last night - even for Grammie and Auntie Erin!

Definition: The round parts of a car. I'm surprised he hadn't said this earlier, but yesterday morning he just started pointing to the wheels and saying whee

Definition: puddles, mooney's bay, the leftover rain on top of his picnic table outside. We didn't even teach him this, he just started saying this

Definition: the things moving on water (or on TV when the weather network is on). Yesterday at the lake he kept looking at the boats and saying boa boa (I think this comes from his book with all different modes of transportation.

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Christy Ann said...

Hey there! Thanks for the compliment! I look like a natural read-head thanks to all my "geckles"!!! xx