Friday, May 02, 2008

Getting there...

Today's a bit better than yesterday.

Last night, before I posted, at 6, I gave him a bath (he was in no shape to take a bath, but being all contagious and stuff I have to keep him clean). Minutes later (yes, his bath lasted a few short minutes) I put his PJs on, put his eyedrops in, picked him up from my bed and walked to the washroom and saw him in the mirror... and he was asleep. In like less than 30 seconds. Without his milk. I put him in his crib, and he woke up 13 hours later.

Carson's eye is way better (I put the drops in while he was sleeping... I had read that online, so your trick worked Christy!, then I put them in again today in the corner of his eye like Tarrah had read online, and was the same recommendation from Sal, our neighbour!), he still has a nasty cold and cough, still attached to me, but had some big laughs with Grandma this morning, we went for a walk to the grocery store, watched the garbage truck (he was totally mesmerized) and then went to sleep without a peep.

I got a new camera, yay!

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