Monday, May 12, 2008

A tad anxious

For Jeff to call and let me know how drop-off went this morning. We've been home with Carson for the past week and a half and today is his first day back to care.... keep your fingers crossed!

Update #1: In true Carson fashion, he was fine when Jeff dropped him off (although a tad shy with S)

Update #2: S just called, Carson woke up after his 2 hr nap and was crying. Lots. He cries as soon as she leaves the room. I think it's just him getting used to being at care again. It kills me to be here though, I want to leave and go pick him up! But that won't really help the situation, he has to get used to being there again. She was taking them to the park, that always makes him happy.

Update #3: When I walked in to pick him up, he was putting together a block puzzle (which he did, on his own!) and was in no rush to come to me. S said as soon as she suggested the park, Carson ran to the front step and sat down to get his shoes put on. He never cried again.

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