Saturday, May 17, 2008

Carson's friends

I just had to make sure I wrote this down. Peter, Jaeda and Justen came over for dinner tonight. Carson was pretty happy playing with the kids. He wasn't shy, he didn't hang onto me, he shared his golf clubs with Justen, and he kept saying Jae-da.

Then the two older kids wanted to go downstairs, and Carson went with them. I came downstairs to turn the TV on (Justen wanted a moo-ie) and Justen ran right over and sat on the couch. Then Carson went over, stood right at his feet and started talking jibberish. It's like he was trying to convince him to come play. Then Justen turned, patted the seat on the couch next to him and told him to come up. Carson climbed up, and sat beside him. Then Jaeda wanted to be in the picture too so she could make faces.

Carson lasted about 5ish minutes, there was not a scream, a yell or a yelp. He just came upstairs, and it happened to be his bed time so we went upstairs and two seconds later he was dreaming... probably about going to about Kate's cottage tomorrow.....

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