Tuesday, June 03, 2008

One point Five?

Where did the time go? All of a sudden I have a little guy who's a year and a half! I remember most of my friends saying that the 18 month + stage was their favourite. And were they ever right. He's freaking adorable. It was fun when he was a baby and completely dependant on me, but I love his little independant streak. "Do you want to go outside" "Otay" "Do you want to come inside now?" "No" "Do you want to put on your shoes?" "No" (then he gives me the pair of shoes he DOES want to put on). He knows what he wants and when he wants it. I'm sure the whole cuteness of it will eventually fade, especially when/if we are pressed for time, but I'm totally enjoying it now.

Saturday night he stayed at Carrie and Rob's and as I left him I felt this huge pang of guilt, knowing at some point he would realize we were gone and just lose it. But, he didn't. About an hour after Jeff and I left, Carrie said Carson started looking around, wandering around the house and looking out the door for us. She asked him if he wanted to go outside, he said yes, and never looked around for us again. He went to bed without a peep (well, he said bye bye as she put him down) and slept till 6 (with a brief waking at 4:45, but she just went in and whispered that it was time to put his head down and sleep and he was out). When he woke up, Carrie put some toys and books in his bed (he's quite adamant about who he wants to pick him up out of the crib, so she decided he may want to just play there for a bit). Then Ethan woke up and asked if he could go in and play with him, then Isabelle followed. God those kids all together are cute.

When I came to pick him up, Rob was just taking him outside for a walk and I went up to the door, and Carson pushed my leg away so he could get past me. Without so much as a hi, a kiss, or a smile. Which, makes me happy that he wasn't dying to get back with me, but part of me would have liked some sort of an acknowledgement.

At the last minute, we decided to head up to Grandma's trailer for the day. It was great. So relaxing. About 20 minutes after we got there, Carson decided to go walking in the puddles and seconds later, he was on his bum in the biggest puddle there. So - he wore his pyjamas for the rest of the day. Korkie and Allan came up to see the trailer too (Hi Auntie Korkie!) so we had a nice little visit and Carson loved the fresh homemade muffins.

He totally crashed on the way home and went to bed shortly after. What a long weekend for such a little boog.

(I had taken a bunch of really great pictures, but somehow they all got deleted... )

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