Wednesday, May 21, 2008


He went to bed so happy and slept through till this morning. Sure it was early, but he was so happy when he woke up he ran into my bedroom (Jeff got him up) and fell on the floor (three times) and laughed each time. It's amazing the mood he's in the past couple days even though he's running on much less sleep then he's used to.

Carrie was lined up to babysit tomorrow night (my birthday), but with these separation issues, I can't leave him alone with someone else especially at bedtime. So the three of us will go out for a yummy birthday dinner. The Keg is probably out of the picture (that's where I had wanted to go) and I don't think there's much at a thai restaurant for him to eat (especially because we like spicy dishes) so I'll try and think of a more kid friendly place to eat.

I also feel it worthy to mention that yesterday was the first day he let me know his bum was dirty. He kept saying bum bum bum. I didn't realize what he was saying until I went to change him, he said the same thing and I put two and two together. When he said it again, I said bum and he said otay.

His answer to everything is either NO or OTAY. Cracker means snack/food/ I'm hungry. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly he picks up words. Yesterday he was playing with his tractors that Grandma got him and he counted them. He said one, two. I wasn't sure if that was what I was hearing, but sure enough, I called Grandma and asked her what she taught him that day and she said they counted their tractors!

Last night I pulled out a toy he got for Christmas and it's had him occupied easily over an hour between last night and tonight. It's a small bin with a plastic top with shapes cut out. It came with 100 wooden block pieces in different shapes, that you put into the bin through the top, in the correct shape place. He loves it. And he's good at it. Every once in a while he asks for help, but for the majority he can do them all. He's brilliant. I'm not at all biased ;)

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Christy Ann said...

I agree: he's brilliant! and I'M not biased!!