Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Even though

I chose to show cute pictures from the weekend, I purposely didn't post the ones of Carson crying, screaming, kicking his legs and not wanting to be with anyone else but me. If I'm not there, then Jeff. It's insane. I think it's just too much at one time for a little boy. First pink eye, then a cough, cold, three teeth... and nothing besides the pink eye has gotten any better.

And it's super sucky when you have visitors and they see this insane cranky little boy, instead of the sweet adorable little boy that we know. They understand, of course, that he's going through alot and they are doing a great job at entertaining him and loving him, but if I'm around then it's all over (which is why I'm hiding downstairs while Grammy is looking at all the cars and planes with him). Auntie Erin is doing puppet shows, singing songs, making cars of out kleenex boxes and doing everything she can to get him to smile.

I brought him back to the dr's yesterday, hoping there was a reason for all this, but his chest sounds fine, his ears are clear, his mouth is good - it's just a cold Mom, stop worrying! I've been keeping up a vigorous schedule of Advil and Tylenol, he's shoving his hands into his mouth nonstop and just wailing in pain. His top left eyetooth has finally broken through (it's a sharp little bugger) and the other two are right below the skin. Painful little buggers.

And because I'm sick, I can't cuddle and snuggle my gorgeus little goddaughter, she's just precious and has the cutest little mohawk-perfect hair. I want to eat her. But I can't even touch her.

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