Thursday, May 08, 2008

I don't want to jinx anything

But Carson seems to be almost back to normal. You wouldn't have recognized him this past week. He was constantly screaming, clinging to my leg, not eating, not sleeping, just an overall monster. It was crazy! The other night, for the first time since he was born. I slept on the floor of his bedroom. Holding his hand through the rails of the crib. For an hour only, but still.

He had a 5 hour nap during the day. Well, not straight. Erin and I had left to do some groceries (and maybe a quick trip to Shoppers Drug Mart), Jeff went into work and so Grammy, Uncle Jan and Petra were at home. A couple hours after he went to bed he woke up crying. Then he went back to sleep. Next time he started crying and it was a bit more serious. So Grammy went up to get him. He cried when he saw that it wasn't me, and wouldn't put his arms up and wouldn't get out of the crib, so Grammy finally left the room and kept the door open. Carson fell back asleep. The next time he woke up, Uncle Jan went up to get him. Once again, he showed his disappointment by screaming. But Uncle Jan got him out of the crib. Once on the ground, Carson ran back to his crib and grabbed onto the rails and started shaking them so Uncle Jan put him back in his crib. He yelled for a bit and fell asleep. I laughed my butt off when I heard the story when I came home! He finally woke up around 5, so it was probably the off kilter sleep that ignited his drive to stay awake for 5 hours through the night. Jeff and I took turns and let me tell you, I am SO thankful I have a child who sleeps (normally), or else a) Jeff and I would probably be divorced (once we get tired, we get cranky and snappy) or b) Carson would be sold on ebay.

Yesterday, when I spent the day with my mom, Carson was an absolute joy - they went to the park, played with some other kids, went out for dinner, had a bath and was happy (well, until we gave him a new bottle and he threw it on the ground) and slept through the night. This morning he was a bit of a mommy-suck, but I went to meet my mom again and he got along just fine with Grammy and then tonight he ate so much and fell asleep after a 20 second cry. So it's getting there, and I couldn't be happier.

And... now he knows how to give the evil eye. I'm wearing a new necklace and he keeps grabbing it, quite roughly. So I take his hand and tell him "gentle". Well he looks at me, squints his eye and his lips get real tight. I wish I had a camera each time he did it. It's hilarious. He's a little sponge these days, I can get him to say any word I ask him to. Tonight's new word is turtle. He says it totally clear too. His new sand toy has a turtle on it so he said it about 30 times in a row tonight.

He also is quite the helper these days. It's amazing how quickly they understand things. We can ask him to get his shoes, his jacket, his toothbrush, certain cars, go to the fridge, sit at his table, almost anything we ask him to. He also loves helping me in the kitchen. Today after we shared a chocolate chip muffin I asked him to put the wrapper in the garbage. He went over, opened the door, put the wrapper in the garbage and then closed the door and said all done, with a huge smile on his face. I went over and looked and this is what I saw. I laughed and had to take a picture. The wrapper is sitting on the floor of the cupboard, not quite in the garbage. The other pictures are of Carson and Petra, aren't they freaking cute together? (I'm still trying to master the indoor pictures..... bear with me)

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desajair said...

Ebay baby! Hilarious! I always say I'm going to put Kailey on the curb with a "baby for free" sign on her. Usually she's priceless, but you know, there's always just that one day... 8) ah, babies.