Thursday, June 28, 2007

The summer is flying by so fast

It's already almost the end of June!

This weekend we have Kate and LJ's wedding (I got a beautiful dress, wicked shoes and a purse and some gorgeus jewellery and my makeup will be done at MAC),Sunday is Canada Day (most likely recovering from the wedding) and then Monday we leave for PEI for three weeks! We haven't decided for sure how long we are staying, but Jeff has the whole month of July off so we definitely aren't in any rush to get back.

I have everything ready to go, just a couple of laundrys and then I can pack up. I packed up a bunch of Carson's stuff to bring to Erin and Jan, and boxes of his clothes (even though I think it's a girl, just in case it's a boy he can wear Carson's clothes!). We are SO looking forward to relaxing at the cottage for a few weeks. My parents are coming down for a week, specifically for his baptism which is on the 13th. I can't wait.

Well, Carson is just trying to decide whether he's happy or sad in his crib and if he's awake much longer I'll grab him and go to my mom's. The cleaning lady comes today so we gotta get the heck out of dodge.

(I'm trying to make an effort to stay away from shopping centers/malls and try not to spend money)

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desajair said...

Gosh, the summer IS flying by! I was totaly not prepared for how fast things are moving.

Oh, have fun this weekend!