Saturday, June 02, 2007

I love weekends

The whole household slept till quarter after 6 this morning, then Carson and I got up and went for a run. 8K and I ran the whole way! I felt really, really good.

We came home, both had cereal, I showered and then the three of us got into the van and went garage sale-ing. We bought a used monitor, a few boys clothes, and a jogging stroller for Nadia and Sean. I already have oodles of clothes for Carson, but there were a few cute things I couldn't resist. The stuff they are selling at garage sales these days is NOTHING like it used to be. Things are rarely used, and I know when Carson is mobile and we need more toys, I'm definitely doing garage sales. Toys are super expensive, and I don't care that they are second hand, honestly the things Carson loves most are those that were handed down to me.

Carson's in bed, I'm eating lunch and then we are heading to mom and ricky's. Jeff is off to Game 3 tonight and I'm spending the day at mom's and then coming home to put Carson to bed.

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