Saturday, June 30, 2007

Asleep on my shoulder

It's always the smallest things that happen that make me stop and think - wow I love being a mom. I just got home from a run, and Carson had fallen asleep in the stroller. I picked him up (and he got up, looking around, a tad confused, but smiled when he saw me and stretched his arms towards me) and then he just rested his chin on my shoulder, then his head fell ever so slightly and I looked in the mirror and he was asleep. How freaking cute is that.

Honestly, it's so true. Each stage is that much better then the last. At the time you think it's the best age ever, and then the next month you realize that it's going to get just that much better every day.

I was talking to my friend Mike last night, who has a little boy Jack who is 4 months. He was talking about how amazing baby smiles are. And I realized, that's when I started to REALLY enjoy being a mom. When Carson started to have a personality, when he was able to give back to me. And the rewards just keep coming.

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