Saturday, June 09, 2007

Standing up!

If Carson is holding onto the coffee table (or the side of a bucket, see below) he can stand up on his own. Only for about 30 seconds, but he can do it. My mom's holding him in the bucket below but only because it's water and if he were to topple over I'd be sick.

He can sit up for a few seconds on his own but he hasn't quite mastered that. He loves his toes too much, as soon as you sit him down he goes forward to grab his feet and then his whole body just kind of tilts to the side until he eventually falls over.

This morning after our run, we were playing upstairs and he was the epitome of cute. He was squealing, laughing, giggling - you name it, he was doing it.

Jeff left to go to Kate's cottage for LJ's bachelor party, so although it's a bit of a bummer, we had lots of time with Daddy this week, he was off the majority of it. Carson and I once again are headed to grandma's pool and I think I may have convinced the rest of the troops to join me.

Carson eating sweet potatoes:

Sitting in a bucket!
Standing up:
Looking at the umbrella

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Sonya said...

Adorable pictures. The first one of him is really cute - he looks absolutely perplexed.

Standing up already? Wowza - watch out, he's gonna be on the move sooner than you think.