Thursday, June 14, 2007

I feel beautiful!

Carson slept at mom's while I went and got my hair done (and maybe splurged on some Aveda make up that was 40% off). I don't care what people say, when you look good, you feel good. I have been feeling kind of bloated, icky, fat and ugly the past couple weeks. Now with a brand new (short and funky) haircut, some new make up and a promise to put myself together every day, I'm already feeling better!

My mom gushed about Carson when I called her on my way back from Kanata (ahh the distances we will go to get our hair done well) and said that she'd be stealing money from me if I was paying her to babysit (like, if she was a caregiver). He took a bottle when I said he would, he fell asleep when he said I would and had another 2.5 hour nap. He's happy, he only cries if he's tired or hungry (that's the complete truth) and he's content with playing by himself, he actually prefers it sometimes.

She said whatever we've done is good, becaues he's a perfect baby. And he really is. But I don't think we can take all the credit. I think babies are born a certain way and then we can only help (or unfortunately in some cases) or hinder their progress to be the person they are supposed to be. Sure we follow certain rules - like we never wake him up when he's sleeping, we get him to bed at 7pm every night (99.99% of the time), we feed him when he's hungry (we don't try to follow any schedule) and cuddle him whenever he wants (or whenever I want).

He's such an easy going baby, but Jeff and I are both easy going people so it's not really a surprise that he takes after us (we did make him after all).

I'm starting to get a bit nervous about daycare for him. Right now, I know what he does every minute of the day. If anyone was to ask me how much he ate, how long he slept, when was his last bum change? I could tell you. It's not like I'm a stickler for routine, I just mean I know exactly what he does. Well, because, I'm with him 24/7. Except for when he's with grandma. And giving up that is going to be hard. It's going to be hard to trust someone to care for him the same way Jeff and I do.

On a side note, the other day I wrote a post about how he spent the night at Grandma's and for some reason I always get a bit defensive when people tell me how little time they have spent away from their children. I feel like it's as if I shouldn't want to be away from him for that long, or that I don't love my child as much as they love yours. But I've recently found out that in some cases, they don't have someone here who they trust to leave their babies with for any amount of time. So, sorry if I went on and on about how I need time away - I shouldn' thave to explain to anyone - PLUS I probably took it the wrong way anyways. To be honest, I think it makes ME a better parent, taking some time away from Carson and it gets him used to people and keeps up his easy going nature. But different strokes for different folks - definitely! That's one thing I've realized reading all my mommy blogs.


desajair said...

Its totally good to have your own life. I think its like that in marriages, AND being a parent. I'm one of those that don't have anyone I can leave the baby with--and it really sucks sometimes! I'm VERY envious of you!

Sonya said...

You feel beautiful because you ARE beautiful, so there.

This deserves a comment of its own.:-)

p.s. I looooove Aveda. Love it. I could spend all my money Aveda products, especially their shampoo and make-up.

Sonya said...

Sigh. Your comment about being away from the baby. DH and I are going away to NYC for two nights at the end of this month. I am TORN - I will miss Raiya like crazy, and will be worried so much about her. At the same time, am I an awful person for wanting a couple of days to reconnect with my husband?

I hang out with a lot of new moms these days, and I've received a LOT of looks and comments when I've said that we're going away. In fact, I don't even publicize it anymore because I'm sick of justifying the whole trip. I also get the "Geee - I haven't been away from baby X for longer than 2 hours! I could NEVER be away for that long", or "Wow - I haven't even gone out to DINNER with my husband alone, aren't you brave?", etc, etc, etc.

I love my daughter like there's no tomorrow. My heart will break when I have to say goodbye. But it's for a couple of days, and my in-laws are taking care of her. She is going to be in excellent hands. I will think of her lots - but I also need to relax with my husband, so that we can reconnect as a couple. I don't think that's a crime.

Loooong comment, I know. I should've just said - "Amen, Christy - I agree with you 100%!".

Sonya said...

And FINALLY - daycare? Don't even get me started.

I'm working on a plan to win the lottery. Will let you know when it's all figured out.;-)

Amuldoon said...

I can't relate leaving babies, because I don't have one.

But I can say, as a child my gramma babysat us each and every day.... and as a result, I had the best relationship with her ever. When my mom passed away, she went above and beyond to fill that void. I miss her each and every day now that she's gone.

I hope Carson and his gramma develop the same bond, and by the sounds of it, its already happened! :)

PS- Do you have a daycare spot for Carson? Is it hard to find one in Ottawa?

PPS- You are a babe with your new hot hair and foxy makeup! ;)

Christy_Ann said...

Hi there. Your slideshow is fantastic. I've set one up on my blog now - thanks for the idea!