Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Happy Birthday to me

I'm 32 today. I woke up to a wonderful husband, a smiling laughing baby and singing. I love being who I am, where I am, and what I am.

I was in the shower (Carson's asleep, mom is on her way to play with us in our garden) when the doorbell rang. I jumped out of the shower (not wanting to wake Carson up) and ran downstairs in my bathrobe (most likely a rather scary site) to answer the door where a FEDEX person was standing. They gave me a box, I opened it up and found this:

I knew right away it was from Kim, who had visited us lately and when I first saw her she had this wonderful bright pink bag and I told her how great I thought it was.

Anyone who knows me, knows my materialistic side of me loves three things - in this order

1/ Cosmetics (I'm a junkie, and my sister in law Erin isn't any help)

2/ Pink (Carson's lucky he is a boy)

3/ Bags (although these days it doesn't make too much sense seeing as I have a diaper bag constantly, but I am starting to go out more sans Carson)

Thanks Kim - love you! And we're booking our flight soon to Vancouver so I'll let you know as soon as it's done.


Amuldoon said...

Happy Birthday!! :)

I've said it before, and I need to say it again today: Your blog makes me want to pop out babies.

Alea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISTY! Hope you have a wonderful day and get spoilt rotten! :)

Sonya said...

Happy Birthday (again!). Yet another thing in common - I am bag obsessed. I'll send you photos of my crazy purse collection that makes my hubby sigh with impatience when they fall off the shelf and onto his head every morning.:-)

That beautiful bag makes me want to weep. Gorgeous!

Have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful day, mama!

malinda said...

Happy Birthday!