Monday, May 28, 2007


It's 9:30am and Carson is down for his second nap (I can hear him blowing raspberries and squealing through the monitor, but he's tired, I can hear him rubbing his face into the blankets). We went for a run (yay 7K in 50 minutes) this morning, he took a nap in the stroller, I pulled dandelions, we played under the gazebo. During his nap, I'll shower, we're going to go to Bayshore and pick up some Sens attire for Jeff and I (jerseys are too hot these days) and then after our afternoon nap we are meeting Rob, the twins and my mom for dinner (it's Rob's 40th today and Carrie is out of town on training). And then it's home in time to watch Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals! Mom's babysitting Wed. night so we can go to Elgin St (right now known as the Red Mile) for Game 2 - everyone around here is pretty excited about it! Jeff is going to Game 3 and we are both going to Game 4 (tickets were my birthday present and our anniversary present, they weren't cheap). Jan and Erin are coming in from PEI so they can come with us too. I can't wait to see them - they are here from Sunday till Thursday.

I've decided that during the summer, in this heat, it's much better for him and I to go out for a long walk (or run) first thing in the morning. I loved going to Strollercize, but it's at 10:15 and on those 30 degree days it's just too hot at that point. Plus, I'm an early bird so if I'm up, I may as well be out!

Carson fell asleep on daddy's lap last night

Carson ready with mom to go for a jog

For some reason I can't post video on here anymore - so here's a link to Carson eating. He loves trying to blow bubbles while eating now. While it's cute, I can see it getting really messy in the not-so-far-future.


desajair said...

oh my goodness--that video was too funny!

I'm so jealous you're back running... I jogged across the yard last night and when I stopped it took a second for my fat to catch up--then it passed me. *sigh*

Hey--speaking of Sens fever--do you know if they do autographs before/after the games? I got my brother a jersey--but he wants it autographed.

Christy said...

I'm sooo much slower then I ever was, I miss running with the speed and agility I used to have - that's SO far away from reality right now. But, babysteps I guess.

I don't think they do autographs - they just come in quickly and leave just the same. I don't even know where you could go to get autographs!