Monday, May 21, 2007


What is exciting to me now is not quite what was exciting a few years ago, but I'm very happy to report that Carson now flips from his back to his front. It took him almost 6 months to do it (except for that one time he flipped over in his crib, but there was no one to witness it) but he's doing it. Repeatedly.

Only thing is, Jeff hasn't seen it yet.

He flipped over for me twice yesterday morning and then 4 times in a row while mom was here last night. So yay!

The race track/casino was fun. None of our horses ever won, I think Rob was the big winner - winning $50 and change on a $12 bet. But then. Then we headed downstairs to the slot machines. Julie, hitting the high traffic areas (apparently those are the machines to play) won $500! Holy crap! Way to go Jules!

Carrie gave me a beautiful hand blown tea light holder/vase with a beautiful card that made me cry. She's good like that. I meant to take pictures of all of us out last night, but forgot my camera. Poo. Carson apparently was wonderful for mom. He didn't cry once (Carson rarely cries) and went to bed at 10 to 8 and slept till about 7 this morning. I love that type of night. I even slept longer, till about 7:30.

Not sure what today holds, probably not a lot. Maybe making my garden in the backyard and if Kiddytown is open, getting a new carseat for him.

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