Friday, May 25, 2007


We all know how much I love Fridays :)

It's hot - we've been spending time in the shade. I'm loving my garden these days, so lots of hours are spent in there. Carson loves being outside, he hangs out in the jumperoo on the deck or in his bouncy chair on the grass. Jeff put up our gazebo and it's awesome! We've had dinner outside twice, and drinks out there (on my birthday night) which we never would have done without it, so definitely a smart purchase.

Carson's flipping lots now, except he does it when we aren't around. After most naps he's on his back (he sleeps on his stomach, so he flips over when he wakes up). He's sleeping well (I think it's the heat) and he's starting to love his mommy. The mornings where Jeff gets up with him, as soon as I come downstairs and he sees me and starts to cry and try to get to me. Ok, yes it's cute. But I don't want him to become attached to me to the point he isn't happy with other people. I like the fact that he loves whoever holds him, he just loves people. So hopefully this is just a phase.

He's getting a little sleepy right now, as he attacks the star on his exercauser (which he LOVES), so I'm off to put him down for his second morning nap. We got up and went running (again, I ran, he slept) early so it wasn't TOO hot (although it's so muggy it's hard to breathe) and he took a brief nap in the stroller for about 45 minutes. This afternoon I'm packing Carson, our bathing suits, some food and sunscreen and we are heading to mom's house to go swimming. Then Jeff and I are going to somehow get Dwight's little convertible beamer over to mom's to surprise her - he's lending it to her for the week. She turns 60 next Tuesday and the only thing she's ever wanted is to have a red convertible for a week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

And Jenny and Kerri - thanks again for dinner on Wednesday. I used his new bowl and spoon for the past couple lunches. Sorry there are no pictures today, I need to charge the batteries for the camera!


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