Tuesday, July 31, 2007

8 months old today

He's growing up so quickly. His personality is developing so much, every day. He's not at all the baby he was last month, he's changed in so many ways. Everyone told me how each stage in a baby's life got better and better. And it's true. I loved him last month, but god I love him that much more this month. I get thinking I have it pretty good, and then the next day I wake up and he surprises me again. He does something he couldn't do the day before, and I think - I can't get much better then this. But it does!

He's moving like mad now. We put him down on the floor in one room, and minutes later he's clear across the room coming into the next. He loves it down there. Sometimes it's hard to put him on the ground sitting down, he either wants to stand or to be on his stomach so he can move. I think trouble is right around the corner.

He knows his mommy and daddy and gives us a both a huge two teeth grin and turns us into gushing idiots. Before we would have to work at getting a laugh, and now we know exactly what to do to make him squeal!

He's wonderful to be with. We go on little excursions, little adventures and he never disappoint us. He flashes smiles at anyone who wants one and he pays attention to everything now. Just yesterday he was following an ant crawling on the ground at Grandma and Nono's! He loves the water. He's been in the pool LOTS, he's been in the ocean and the water park, and he kicks and squeals every time he gets in the water. Thank goodness - his mom and dad love the water just as much.

He's incredible and we love him to death.


Anonymous said...

I think you meant He *never* disappoints us...but you put *never fails* :)

Christy, I love your updates...especially the milestone updates. I get warm fuzzies at how he has changed your lives and how much you both adore him!

Kristen said...

Carson is adorable and you both look so happy, I love it :).

desajair said...

Happy Birthday Carson!