Thursday, July 12, 2007

I feel guilty...

But a little part of me wishes Carson would sleep like half an hour longer. He's waking up around 6am here, which is fine, but that means it's 5am Ottawa time. We've kept him on Ottawa time (goes to bed at 8 here, 7 in Ottawa) so 5am is just a tad toooo early.

Maybe when we go back home he'll sleep a tad longer.

I feel guilty wishing for it, like I'm going to jinx everything good about him. I'd rather him wake up early then not nap, or cry at night, or wake up during the night, or just about anything actually. See? I'm just being greedy.

1 comment:

desajair said...

Silly girl! You shouldn't feel guilty for that at all! 5am IS early!