Thursday, July 05, 2007


Is what Carson is yesterday and today. Yesterday he had 3 two hour naps today and went down to bed at 8 after crying for a few minutes (which is not like him). He was happy just lying in bed with mommy or daddy but otherwise he was restless. Restless while eating, restless while playing, just plain restless.....

His top gums are a tad red - so maybe his two top teeth are coming in? He has a bit of a rash on his tummy and his cheeks have been flushed after his naps.

I gave him a hit of camilia, yesterday and today. He had a bath last night (which he cried for the first minute or so, which is strange because he LOVES his bath) and today it's much the same thing. We went for a long walk and he slept in the stroller the whole time, and I think he'll be off to bed again soon.

(still can't post pictures and I have some good ones!)

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Mina said...

I just love PEI (I'm originally from NB)! Have a great trip... I hope Carson finds his island groove soon.

All the best!